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Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice lThor to spell words correctly and use proper grammarPerhaps this is helpful for men who hate women and thus feel that all women are out to get them and make the nice guys care for the children of the females previous alpha partners claiming women seek men purely for their financial value But for someone seeking genuine relationship advice that is not based on some pseudo scientific crackpot paleolithic conception of human relationships you should probablyook elsewhere Don t bother with these books They manage to combine some good points which are expressed far better by other authors with narcissistic self delusion emotionally abusive mind games and internet troll jargonthe overall mind games and internet troll jargonThe overall is also extremely confused One minute being an alpha man is defined by how attractive women find you the next alpha is how focussed on your En plein coeur life mission you are rather than on what women think of you About the only thing the author makes clear is that you don t want to be beta and that joining the cult of Tomassi is the only way to avoid thisFor most men reading this book isikely to make you paranoid around women always trying to second guess their behaviour rather than "Speaking Honestly And Letting Things "honestly and The Bookshop on the Shore letting things naturally Youl become even insecure and overcompensating in an attempt to game womenFor other men it will Dance Real Slow lead you into behaviour that damages you and the women in yourife emotionally by treating human beings as plates rather than real people Tomassi uite iterally tells you to break up with your wife and says women should be an interchangable part of a man s ife Last time I checked we were talking about human beings not interchangable unitsIn the worst case scenario trying to be something you re not will ruin your relationships which is the exact opposite of what the book claims to be aboutThe book makes emotional abuse unwanted pregnancy cheating and divorce seem The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life like the norm a self fulfilling prophesy in allikelihoodIf you want some actual decent advice on masculinity relationships etc try the following authors instead1 jack etc try the following authors instead1 Jack Great for earning the real core principles of being a man And if you follow Donovan s advice you WILL attract women albeit as a by product of nobler aimsI espec Must read for every man out thereMy upbringing did not do me a favour This opened my eyes to see the world completely different and my role I have to play in it I am much comfortable with myself and it improved every area in my ifeBiggest influence in the shortest time ever in my marriage Best part is that I did not tell my wife to behave differently The improvement in my marriage happened naturallyWe did not go to counselling ike before we did not try to improve our communication we did not spend time together I did not buy gifts I did not do chores in the house I had to become a ManStill some hard and dirty work to do on myself But WOWI see the results that I ove. Ve plate theory operative social conventions and the core psychological theory behind Game awareness and red pill ideology Tomassi explains and outlines the principles of intergender social dynamics and foundational reasoning behind the. ,

I first came across Rollo s work though Elliott Hulse and if Hulse recommends a book it s got to be a great book and this is than a bloody great book this is a transformational and groundbreaking piece of work I was well informed on game before I read this book however I wasn t aware of intersocial dynamics to this extent this information is such a gem that you need to go through it multiple times to "realize how valuable it isAs a 19 year old I feel "how valuable it isAs a 19 year old I feel s an absolute pleasure to have stumbled across such information so early on it opened my eyes to a wide range of hard truths that I see occur regularly around me that represents perfectly well what Rollo describes in the bookOnce you read this book and have a ook around you realize how deprived we really are of positive masculinity as described in the book and how 90% of men are still in the matrix conforming to feminine idealizations and pedestalizing women to an unbelievable degree The most disturbing fact of all is that they are totally oblivious of their blue pill conditioning and this is exactly why it is the norm now and women are Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography loving it while men are figuring out mindlessly how to get their ex back Iost count to how many friends I have suggested this book and it s fantastic to see friends becoming aware of such invaluable information it s a chain reaction If there s any single book you must read as a man it has to be this book and while you re at it just grab the other two volumes as wellPS Many of Your Uestions And Curiosities uestions and curiosities with women and their nature will be answered after reading this book I m 53 I wish this book had been available to me as a young man starting out 30 plus years ago So many of the pitfalls of dating and relationships could have been avoided I have to warn prospective readers of one thing you will never see the world in the same way again This can be massively uncomfortable at times particularly in a marriage That being said the discomfort is well worth it On to books 2 and 3 Thanks Rollo My biggest complaint with the book that drove me nuts the entire time was the The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, lack of evidence based arguments Tomasi would state that some study showed x but then it is not referenced and the study is barely described I found maybe one or two points in the book where he actually did do this But a bookike this should have at east 50 100 sources to back up these claims He used his credentials of an undergraduate degree which is essentially useless in ieu of having to do that He also uses buzzwords to make it sound scientific but he scarified flow and clarity in doing so Really unnecessary and made him sound ike a novice writer There were also a number of spelling errors and editing issues that needed to be addressed before this saw the ight of dayI agree with the content because I ve read many other books in the domain of evolutionary biology so Tomasi isn t entirely wrong in th. The Bible of the Red Pill The Rational Male® is a rational and pragmatic approach to intersexual dynamics and the social and psychological underpinnings of intergender relations The book is the compiled ten year core writing of authorb. E content Which is good However if you want to be egitimate and make the sort of claims you are making you need to back them up with solid science And show where those references are from This was
An Attempt By A Blogger 
attempt by a blogger acked formal training in writing and research to sound egitimate Ironically this is exactly what feminists do they make claims that support some confounded idea without any evidence based arguments to back it up If you want to be better than them you need to improve on your writing and research I would recommend other books before this one or I would supplement this book with say The Red ueen "Sex And Evolution Or Mating "and Evolution or Mating This isn t terrible and could be a nice entry point for further study but further study is absolutely necessary I read this books I was becoming frustrated with the amount of pussification of mans role in the world Company Values based on BS millenial advertising Safe Places Beta Male philosophy blah blah blah I saw the reviews on and youtubeThis book is a complete eye opener into the malefemale relationship Upon reading there were sadly a ot of moments where I would stop reading and go off and relive memories from past failed relationships frustrations pains etc Then I would have the AHA momentI highly recommend any man read this who has come out of a failed relationship men who are struggling to find the right female men who are struggling to pull I have shared this book with other guys and they all have said that they are now awake red pilled Gentlemen this is a must for all men As a member of Gen X I can tell you that I grew up with the wrong teachings of interacting with women I will et you know in advance that this will shake your foundation which is reuired to change your core principles of intergender dynamics I have read this book several times not due to being a hard read but because it was needed in order to change In order to become the best version of yourself as a man this tackles the inner philosophy of why and how Without changing your foundation and just earning the practical aspect you will regress to your old self once you achieve whatever that goal may be That is why the principles of this book are needed for those changes is why the principles of this book are needed for those changes become permanent instead of being temporaryI purchased all 3 formats bookkindleaudiobook to enhance and have the flexibility of taking it anywhere I go I also purchased the other two follow up s Preventative Medicine Positive Masculinity to continue the growth Thank you Rollo I purchased this book because I had received many recommendations claiming that this book is offering invaluable often overlooked and not understood insight into relationships However this philosophy is nothing new It is the same red pill incel etc nonsense which claims to have some secret innovative genius Hannah Montana: The Movie level knowledge about the biological instincts of women despite the freuent inability of the au. Logger Rollo Tomassi from therationalmalecomRollo Tomassi is one of theeading voices in the globally growing male focused online consortium known as the ManosphereOutlined are the concepts of positive masculinity the feminine imperati.  The Rational Male