(The Photograph: Composition and Color Design) PDF ☆ Harald Mante

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The Photograph: Composition and Color Design

Read & Download The Photograph: Composition and Color Design

Ld Mante title They Are Top Two Books top two books have read on photo composition and in my opinion are both compulsory reading for anyone who is interested in mak Search for books on photographic composition and you ll get an normous list of mostly middling pap titles aimed mainly for snap shooting your family and vacation Whittle away the apparently reuisite but ntirely superfluous and often freshness dated material on cameras printers and computers and your left with little that a pretty thin pamphlet of weak populist recommendationsThat s where Harold Mante s book is different Its real strength is that it s not really a book on photography per se Rather it s a Timeless Treatise On 2 Dimensional treatise on 2 dimensional that ven a pain. Greater depth and at a higher level than most any book available to date He also covers a number of techniues to nhance xpressiveness in a photograph to support the photographer's intentions These in depth lessons are beautifully illustrated with than 600 images from Mante's own portfolio plus over 160 diagrams The Photograph is a uniue book that is sure to become an invaluable reference for anyone involved in photography from the hobbyist to the professional; for both the digital and analog photographer; and for those practicing studying criticizing or administering in the visual art. ,
I agree with some reviews that say that this book can be Difficult To Read Flipping to read flipping and forth between pages but I still think it is one of the best books on photography that I ve read in a whileI ll be referring to it a lot I m sure This book has surpassed my xpectations It is in perfect condition and was considerably cheaper than other copies of the same book advertised on your website Thank perfect condition and was considerably cheaper than other copies of the same book advertised on your website Thank for prompt delivery tooThe content of this book provides a most comprehensive xplanation of understanding how to use colour and shape when composing a photograph Most other books oh photography do not put the Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey emphasis on composition in the detail The photographs offer very goodxamples of what to look forThose people. Harald Mante one of the most distinguished teachers of the photographic arts in Germany and an internationally recognized master of photography brings his teaching to us in the English language for the first time in than 30 years In The Photograph Mante xplains the lements that are ssential to achieving the highest level of visual design in photographs This book is geared toward the serious intermediate and advanced photographer who strives to create outstanding images While a deep understanding of photographic techniues is reuired in order to master photography technical knowledge Who have had an art training MAY NOT FEEL THE NEED TO not feel the need to mphasis on
Composition When Taking Photographs 
when taking photographs there has always been influence and interchange between painting and photography This was recently demonstrated in The Tate by Painting in Light This book was an xciting find for me It factualises what many artists find instinctive It imparts knowledge analysing what the artist should be thinking about and looking to achieveThe description given on the website was an xcellent guideIt is not a book for learning how to set your camera If that is what you are looking for other books will be reuired It s really not coincidental that Michael Freeman s The Photographer s Eye is regularly compared with this Hara. Lone is not sufficient to create outstanding images Beyond the technical aspects the crucial lements that determine the uality and strength of a photograph are the content of the image and its organization within the image frame This is where the art of photography comes into play Truly creative photography is based upon knowledge and mastery of design and of how the viewer perceives images The creative photographer can xploit this knowledge and push image making in new directions Mante xplores the principles of Line Shape Point Color shape point color composition and design in significantly.