Lion's Pride: The Turbulent History of New Japan Pro Wrestling E–book/E–pub

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Lion's Pride: The Turbulent History of New Japan Pro Wrestling

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A great introduction to the history of NJPW This book *is ideal eading for western wrestling fans that are currently sinking their into The new golden age of NJPW *ideal No Beast So Fierce: The Terrifying True Story of the Champawat Tiger, the Deadliest Animal in History reading for western wrestling fans that currently sinking their teeth into The new golden age of NJPW literally hundreds of books on the US wrestling scene there s finally a great history of New Japan Bringing terrific insight as well as detailed history and what must have been exhaustiveesearch the author has captured perfectly the essence of what made NJPW so great in its first couple of decades before the slump in the early 2000s With Japan again on the ascendant let s hope the author can turn his hand and bring us eually good books on All Japan and his hand and bring us eually good books on All Japan and dominant women s era of the 90s Terrific highly Close to the Land: The Way We Lived in North Carolina, 1820-1870 recommended and a great purchase This was a very educational book Talks about all of New Japan s history with every other chapter in between talking about a different aspect of the Japanese business I became a fan after watching the G1 in 2013 and it was great to get a background on the company It covers from the starting of the company up to just before the 2015 G1 so it goes into good detail on the company sise fall and Berlayar di Pamor Badik rise againHowever the book has some problems It tends to go off on tangents jumping forward years and then coming back An example of this is when Naito s name is brought up in a chapter on the early 2000 s it then proceeds to detail Naito s career his 2013 G1 win and heel turn then goes back to the original subject Then when the actual chapter on 2013 happens it talks about Naito s whole thing again There s a lot of stuff like. Japan has long been the mostespected territory in the field of professional wrestling and the most appreciated by hardcore fans worldwide New Japan Pro Wrestling is the country's most L. Munatius Plancus recognisable brand It attracts scores of fans to annual Tokyo Dome shows has made household names of its most prominent talent and is increasingly in demand by aabid international audienceYet NJPW's 40 year history has been a ocky one The comp. ,
That in the bookI think the book needed proofreading to get id of the epetition there Are Also Uite A Few also uite a few and grammar mishaps as well as a completely unneeded part talking about wrestling videogames for many pagesThe book has some photos interspersed throughout Reading this on kindle midway through some of the photos obscure the text which is unfortunate though I m sure the physical copy does not have this formatting issueOverall despite my complaints I loved this book I m so glad a book like this was able to be made and I
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was able to be made and I hope like this will written in the future Considering the overall history of pro wrestling in the last 34 years the WWE has the majority of the history but if New Japan is 2nd it isn t by much It s a must ead to understand not only the promotion itself but the culture of pro wrestling and Japan i have gotten back into wrestling but seeing how wwe has bad than good i wanted to learn about other promotions This is a great The Pink Pearl read and insight for one of Japan a biggest promotion After havingecently started following NJPW I was Migrant Resistance in Contemporary Europe really interested in finding out some of the history of the company that I might ve missed This book does a great great job of providing details for a lot of points in the NJPW history and getting an idea how the course that the company went throughUnexpectedly though this book has become a terrific supplementalesource for the NJPW World streaming service It has The Violinist and The Son of Redhead: Two Plays by Leonard Melfi really helped me get the most out of the subscription and giving context to older wrestlers and matches that. Any has endured strong competition scandals andiots and for a time it seemed like poor decision making would sink what was once a national institutionFor the first time in English Lion's Pride The Turbulent History of New Japan Pro Wrestling explores NJPW's triumphs and tribulations Starting with the origins of pro wrestling in post war Japan Lion's Pride covers the company's inception in 1972 through its boom in the early 198. Were a part of Lion s Pride is the story of New Japan Pro WrestlingAs with a lot of guys my age were wrestling fans during the 1980s and a lot of guys my age who wrestling fans during the 1980s and Japanese wrestling always held some mystiue I didn t see a single Japanese wrestling match until the dawn of the internet made it much easier to get tapes and such Lion s Pride lifts the veil and eveals the inner workings of one of Japan s biggest wrestling organizationsAs with all talk of Japanese wrestling the book starts with Rikidozan and the Japanese Wrestling Association From there it follows the career of Antonio Inoki and his formation of New Japan The many exoduses of talent are covered and New Japans ups and downs are many Antonio Inoki like many owner wrestlers booked himself over the Galaxies in the Universe: An Introduction rest of the talent time and time again It s a wonder New Japan survived long enough for him toetireThe book talked a lot of the creation of stars like Tatsumi Fujinami and Riki Choshu in the 1980s Keiji Muto Masa Chono and Shinya Hashimoto in the 1990s and Tanahashi and others for the new millennium The book concludes in 2015 with the Dying to Be Ill: True Stories of Medical Deception rise of Bullet Club and the launch of New Japan s streaming serviceLion s Pride waseally informative highlighting some backstage stuff I wasn t privy to and expanding on a lot of things I d only Octavio's Journey read about on Wikipedia The writing was pretty good for a book of this type I did think the organization was a little weird deviating from the main narrative to talk about completely unrelated things For the most part however the book did what it set out to 0s its influence on the medium at large in the '90s and its downturn and subseuentevival in the last two decades Alongside a detailed and informative history are essays detailing the intricacies of Japanese wrestling psychology how NJPW's key players shaped the company and muchbesidesA crucial Philosophy in Social Work reference guide for any wrestling fan Lion's Pride offers an entertaining and insightful glance behind the scenes of the 'King of Sport.