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E or violent a narrative that has overshadowed the truth of its roots In this masterfully told account preeminent Middle East expert Juan Cole takes us back to Islam s and the Prophet Muhammad s origin story Cole shows how Muhammad came of age in an era of unparalleled violence The eastern Roman Empire and the Sasanian Empire of Iran fought savagely throughout the Near East and Asia Minor Muhammad s profound distress at the carnage of his times led him to envision an alternative movement one firmly grounded in peace The religion Muhammad founded Islam spread widely during his lifetime relying on soft power instead of military might and sought armistices even when militarily Attacked Cole Sheds Light On Cole sheds light on forgotten history reminding us that in the ur an the legacy of that spiritual message endures A vibrant history that brings to life the fascinating and complex world of the Prophet Muhammad is the story of how peace is the rule and not the exception for one of the world s most practiced religio.

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Iginal message of peace articulated in the ur an was distorted by later islamic tradition an was distorted by later Islamic tradition denied bythan a thousand ears of European polemic against Islam Filled with astute observations at every turn Fred M Donner professor of near eastern history University of Chicago A groundbreaking book written in an accessible and engaging style that should be read by scholars students policymakers religious leaders and media commentators alike Cole s thoroughly original and firmly rooted scholarship challenges long established Western narratives of Islam as a religion of violence war and intolerance A brilliant reconstruction of early Islamic history John L Esposito university professor and professor of religion international affairs Walsh School of Foreign Service Georgetown UniversityIn the midst of the dramatic seventh century war between two empires Muhammad was a spiritual seeker in search of community and sanctuary Many observers stereotype Islam and its scripture as inherently extrem. .

A captivating biography of Muhammad that captures the centrality of peace in his prophetic revelation and in the faith community he established A brilliant and original book destined to challenge many Western preconceptions about Islam Eugene Rogan author of The Arabs A History Juan Cole s Muhammad comes at precisely the right time During a moment where Islam has been positioned as an enhanced threat to America and the West Cole provides a historical account that trenchantly takes down the mis narrative that the Prophet Muhammad was above all war mongering and wed to violence This isthan historical work but writing that euips readers with the knowledge to navigate our turbulent present Khaled A Beydoun Professor Of Law And Author of law and author Islamophobia Understanding the Roots and Rise of Fear Juan Cole s Muhammad draws deeply on the text of the ur an and on a vast selection of the best modern scholarship to make a convincing case for Muhammad as apostle of tolerance and peace Cole shows how this or. ,

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Muhammad: Prophet of Peace Amid the Clash of Empires

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