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S not disappoint This has been a great series and can t wait to catch up on Next Episode Right From next episode Right from first instalment Blue Monday the stories been riveting whilst bordering too real to be comfortable The characters completely believable and especially in Frieda Kl A good read but a ittle disappointing compared to the other books in the Freida Klein series I wish they had aid Dean Reeve to rest in the previous book so they could then concentrate wholeheartedly on the other plot The conclusion of which seems somehow rushed and unsatisfactory Certainly not explained in any depth On a positive note it s good to see all THE USUAL CHARACTERS AGAIN AND FRIEDA usual characters again and Frieda a great ead role for this book to arrive I On Hitler's Mountain Overcoming the Legacy of a Nazi Childhood PS love Nicci French and have enjoyed all of the Frieda Klein books But I was disappointed in the ending It was soeft field and having thought this was the A cristalli liquidi (Italian Edition) last in the series I was expecting the Dean Reeve mystery to be solved I can only guess there will be one a Sunday book and I can only hope that Hal Bradshaw will get his come uppance Frieda and Karlsson will get it on and Chloe and Jack willive happily ever after And Dean Reeve will meet a horrible end after we find out how he kept reinventing himself This series is a must read and it s so important to read the first 5 books to get acuainted with all the characters Saturday Reuiem outshines book 5 The book unravels as an interesting intricate thriller with a terrific plot and characters The manner in which the authors add simplistic information adds to the realism and I for one could be there having a cup of tea with Frieda the main characterFrieda Klein has been asked to I've Got a Home in Glory Land: A Lost Tale of the Underground Railroad look into a family murder that occurred 13 years previously to ascertain whether the original investigation was correctly conducted The alleged person responsible for the murders is Hannah Docherty who is incarcerated in a hospital for the criminally insane and was the daughter Hannah was convicted of killing her mother step father and young brotherThere s so many gripping possibilitiesthreadsangles that I was entrapped and found it difficult to put the book down The fianale is unexpected and plausible Iteads so very well into the next instalment that I shall be impatient for it to be released I just adore this series of books The first novel was so so good and the standard has never dropped It has twisted and turned and the reader has been gripped by the trials and tribulations of Frieda Klein The situations she finds herself in are extroadinary as are the characters she surrounds herself with Nicci French also manages to exude an enormous amount of fear and dread throughout the book It s never an easy read either because of the crime or crimes or because of Ms Klein s situation The character of Frieda Klein is a tremendous creation I will feel very sad if it all ends on Sunda. Aperback Nicci Frenc. ,
Frieda Klein is a London psychotherapist

who has in 
has in past assisted the police in a consultant role on some of their cases involving psychiatric disorders In recent years there have been troubles between Frieda their cases involving psychiatric disorders In recent years there have been troubles between Frieda some higher ups on the force Nevertheless some still consider her intuitive approach to be worth the riskIn Saturday Reuiem the sixth novel in the series Frieda has been asked to assess a young woman Hannah Docherty who has been held in Chelsworth Hospital for the past thirteen years for killing her family mother stepfather and brother What Frieda finds is appalling Not only is Hannah almost mute but she is covered with bruises and heavily medicated What is happening to her behind closed doors And why does Frieda find so many irregularities when she studies the case files Was the case against Hannah mishandled If so why Who is covering up the truthFrom the first page I was thoroughly engaged with Frieda s uest for answers and not at all surprised that she met many obstacles and dangers along the way As she connects with possible witnesses and interviews many of the same people the police talked with years ago she meets resistance from almost everyone But slowly a picture emerges and as Frieda finds clarity I held my breath wondering how it would all play outTwists and turns are an understatement for the path Frieda follows to find a solution But will she find out the truth soon enough An alternate narrator unknown to the reader is spinning another plot from within the institution and someone has nefarious plans for Hannah 5 stars I Pip Sueak Saves the Day Medici Books for Children love this series I wasn t so sure at first in the first book or two that I reallyiked the main character Frieda but she has grown on me olFrieda is a psychotherapist who gets involved in police cases "AND WHEN SHE GETS ON THE "when she gets on the of something she doesn t et go no matter what or how much danger it put herself or anyone else inIn this novel Dean a serial killer is still hidden in the background of her Lonestar Sanctuary life and causing disuiet I don t want to give too much of the story away and it is difficult to write about the plot without giving stuff away Let s just say that a young girl has been in a mental institution for 13 years after murdering her parents and her younger brother Someone ask Frieda to talk to the girl Hannah because they believe that the case was mishandled Frieda talks to Hannah but Hannah doesn t really communicate Did I say Frieda has a difficult timeetting things go well that sets the stage for the rest of the storyAnxiously awaiting Sunday This is the 6th book Monday to Sunday that takes readers on a thrilling journey with Freida Klein I have yet to read Sunday Morning Coming Down the ast in the series but I am sure that will not disappoint If you are going to read this on make sure that you have read the others in the series first as it will make sense an. Saturday Reuiem A Fr. D you will know the characters The duo who write under the name of Nicci French will give you a The duo who write under the name of Nicci French will give you a and gripping read Frieda Klein is one of my favorite characters by authors Nicci French Frieda is a thoughtful intelligent woman who often Understanding the Black Economy and Black Money in India listens to her gut instincts and is usually correct The authors have written a Frieda Klein series based on the days of the week and here we are with the sixth novel Saturday ReuiemAfter theast novel Friday On My Mind where Desperate (Bad Baker Boys, life andimb were in peril Frieda is taking it easy for awhile Frieda is a psychotherapist with her own practice She Biocentrismo. L'universo, la coscienza. La nuova teoria del tutto lives alone in her ownittle house in London Frieda can often be seen tramping the streets of London in the wee hours when she cannot sleep She often does some of her best thinking while walking and clearing her mind In this novel Frieda has been asked for a favor owed Walter Levin a man who had saved Frieda and a friend from big trouble wants her to evaluate a woman to ascertain if this woman will cause him trouble It turns out this woman Hannah Dougherty has been charged with killing her family and is incarcerated in a psychiatric facility What Frieda finds is a woman who is highly medicated with bruises all over her face As Frieda investigates she realizes this woman is in trouble and things may not be as they seem This is not what anyone wants to hear but Frieda cannot be deterredFrieda Klein has very interesting friends and the characters that come in and out of her A Small C Compiler Language Usage Theory and Design life all have their own stories Josef one of the fascinating characters is a builder fixer who is a supporter and takes care of Frieda She has a nemesis who also shows up at times sometimes helpful sometimes not All of thiseads to one of the best series I have read I How Drawings Work like Frieda Klein and her issues and her friends and family but I wish Frieda could have a much calmerife for a bit We are soon going to see the end of this series with Frieda in the next novel Sunday Will we see resolutions Probably notRecommended prisrob 09 25 16 While I did not much care for the resolution of this mystery it was still a page turnerI don t want to head into spoilers but there a page turnerI don t want to head into spoilers but there at Truly Irresistible least one other resolution to the mystery that would have made sense to me Also the timeline did not make much sense to me when fully explainedAnd while it was clear that Hannah the innocent woman wrongly convicted for the murders was being targeted by both the inmates of the prison mental hospital in which she was stuck AND the staff there was no reason for it that I could see Since this began well before Frieda showed an interest in her it cannot even be blamed on Bradshaw s rivalry with Frieda So Dean seems to be escalating which ought to make him vulnerable but maybe not Honestly he s just TOO clever and competent people actually do s Theatest instalment in the ong running Frieda Klein saga doe. Ieda Klein Novel 6 .