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WasAfter reading the epilogue I know I need to read Karla S Next BookI Voluntarily Reviewed An Advanced Readers Copy s next bookI voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy this book Maybe we can save each other I whispered I held his gaze and watched it slowly ignite and then burn so intensely that I fought not to blink simply because I didn t want to miss a second of the way he was looking at me Faked is Book 2 in the Ward family series and tells the story of Claire Ward and Bauer Davis and is an off series to Karla Sorensen s Washington Wolves where we first meet the Ward family ten years priorClaire Washington Wolves where we first meet the Ward family ten years priorClaire the uieter sister of the 4 Ward girls and twin to Lia The youngest of the siblings they got up to hijinks during their pre teen years but are both settled college girls now at the age of *21 Very Close To One Another Yet Claire Has Always *Very close to one another yet Claire has always a secret her crush on Lia s best friend FinnWhen an opportunity arises for Claire to go out to a charity function with Finn pretending to be Lia Claire cannot refuse and is so excited to be spending an evening with her crush And then fate steps in and Bauer Davis the bad boy snowboarding half brother to Finn knocks on the doorBauer has always felt out of place with his family after his mother died when he was young A remarriage for his father brought in a step mother and a little brother when Finn was born yet Bauer was always the black sheepFast forward time and readers have the pleasure of Claire and Bauer s story as they meet and get to know each other deeply Karla Sorensen has written a love story that is uite frankly beautiful breathtaking and so heartwarming The interactions between Claire and Bauer are both funny and soul searching as they slowly reveal their inner selves to one another with amazing slow burning chemistry This book made me smile shed a tear or two and it made me laugh and feel Oh boy the emotions and swooniness of this book is off the charts I loved getting to know Claire as an individual not as a twin a Ward sister or part of the Washington Wolves extended family And Bauer is so much than he is given credit for he has become my favourite male lead character that Ms Sorensen has created thus farThe writing is smooth and deep capturing the readers attention and imagination making Faked a very addictive read that I believe is Karla Sorensen s best writing yet I m a fan of the Washington Wolves series and Focused the first in this series and Molly s story and I can not get enough of the Ward family I so look forward to reading Lia s story which releases later this year5 stars for this amazing book Thank you for the early copy I received This is an honest review and all opinions are my own. N his shoulder the size of Mt Olympus The kind of bad boy that Claire has never been attracted to before Now the good girl is with the wrong brother for a night and when the conseuence is that they have to pretend to be together for an event its nothing she could have predicted But maybe ust maybe what makes Bauer so bad is exactly what Claire nee.

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This was SO GOOD It s my first time reading something by Sorensen and I might ust need to go a little one click crazy on her books something by Sorensen and I might ust need to go a little one click crazy on her books it was FLAWLESS from start to finish Twin swaps are a guilty pleasure trope of mine because they can play out in a variety of ways and there s a level of tension that All Roads Lead Home just works for me This is the kind that s executedust right so it won t hit on any of the things that might bug some readers it s definitely not a love triangle there s no uestion that these two are perfect for each other and the backstory is handled with care I was incredibly impressed by how well Sorensen structured the relationship because a story that starts out with the wrong bro I ve loved so much this story maybe it s my favorite one of this series Bauer an Claire are wonderful characters the supposed bad boy sweet and careful toward her and Claire understands him in a way his family never had And naturally the Ward family is back Love the author s style liked the storyline The story is well written and i love that there is some psychology behind the profile of the characters Once
"I Started I Couldn T "
started I couldn t it down I love the Ward family so it was great to read the next in the series This was well written with endearing likeable characters I felt so sorry for Bauer He is such a wonderful guy I kind of wish someone ie Claire had called out Adele and his dad on their behaviour Claire was a favourite of mine She was always a little overshadowed by Lia so it was great to see her coming into her own I liked the exploration of child behaviour on adults too this added depth to the story A great readCan t wait to read Lia s story next This is my first read from this author and I had seen it recommended by a few people so I dived in even though I hadn t read any others in the series It can definitely be read as a stand aloneFaked is the story of how one small decision can change your whole life direction and have you uestioning whether everything you wanted is actually everything you needed The intelligent and reserved Claire takes the place of her identical twin sister for an event in the hopes of spending some uality time with the one man that she has been pining over for years As fate would have it this didn t go to plan and she finds herself spending time with the smoking hot serious bad time with the smoking hot serious bad with a heart of gold under the chip on his shoulder Bauer the polar opposite of the man she s crushed on foreverCircumstances lead them to learning and about each other and the chemistry between them is undeniable But uncertainty about how this looks outside of the pressure cooker tension filled situat. Every action has a conseuence and Claire Ward knows it And yet even knowing that her decision to swap places with her identical twin sister Lia for a night could be disastrous she still does it Why Because it will give her an evening with the man shes been crushing on for years Lias best friend Finn Miss Straight A Student has thought through all ,
Ion they meet and get to
"Know Each Other In Reveals "
each other in reveals in their new relationship and their pasts threaten to break them even widerI really enjoyed this swoon worthy tale for a good romance and loved Claire and Bauer together I highly recommend for anyone looking to get lost in a light romance read Das Ende sollte man nicht in der ffentlichkeit lesen Es ist nicht sch n wenn andere sehen wie verheult man ist Man sollte aber definitiv das Buch lesen und es genie en Es ist richtig gut und hat Spa gemacht Faked is book 2 of the Ward Sisters Series By Karla SorensenI Love Claire And BauerThey Re So Different Karla SorensenI love Claire and BauerThey re so different that makes them perfect for each otherClaire is a smart and beautiful girl And Bauer is a tattooed good looking professional snowboarder all of this alone makes him seem hot But he is so much than his appearance and the whole Bauer package makes him super hot And all i m thinking right now is Where can i get my own Bauer don t tell my hubby While reading Focused i thought Claire would end up with Finn But Bauer is definitely the right one for her I m glad it went like thisI think they re everything the other one needs in his life They help the other one to be the best version of himself And i like that the most at their relationshipI was looking forward to the release of this book but due to my reading schedule i wasn t able to read it right away And when the time to start reading this book finally came my expectations were super High But Karla Sorensen But Karla Sorensen not disappoint I love every single thing about this bookAnd now i can t wait for Floored to release in december The little sneak peak of Lia and her mystery guy left me greedy for Really enjoyed this book This book got my emotions going I laughed and cried I would recommend it Fantastic book I like C and B story It was rather a fast read for me and now i cant wait for Lia s storyIt was good and i think the only reason why i think its a 35 is because it feels incompletemaybe we will see of them in Lia s story it ust didnt feel as finished as i would like it to beHowever it is a still amazing book to read especially if you follow the series This is only the second book I have read from Karla and once again I really enjoyed itClaire and Bauer love that name connection is because of a fake relationship hence the title of this book This is a trope I find myself drawn to over and over again I thought Karla s version was greatThese two had a fantastic chemistry right from the start I liked how Bauer was open to exploring this right from the start It was up to Claire to look past other people s perceptions and see Bauer for the man he truly. He angles and knows the risk is worth it And everything would have been fine if Finn had been the one to show up at her door But it wasnt Bauer Davis Finns half brother and his exact opposite in ust about every definable category is the one waiting for her instead A professional snowboarder Bauer is covered in ink full of attitude and has a chip ,
Faked: A bad boy sports romance (Ward Sisters Book 2)

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