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He programmers must be hired the bazaar method the hackers are attracted to a problem become dedicated revisions and bugs Are Handled At Internet Speed handled at internet speed author tells of many real life business experiences companies have had adopting the open source method The middle of the book explains the hacker ethic and how the hacker community operates The reader learns the true meaning of hacker vs cracker and the true meaning of free software The author predicts that open source software will make deep in roads into the Fortune 500 companies That their investments in hardware and records may be dependent on one software company s decision to continue supporting that software revision is the problem Open source software would provide a proliferation of hacker communities willing to constantly update older software The author appears to now his stuff and progressively throughout the book the author lets it leak out that he is one of the hacker community and is a playerspokesman in this software battle I found this book a real eye opener can Microsoft s workforce continue to support software like Windows 2000 with 60 million lines of code as opposed to Linux taking advantage of a worldwide army of hackers reporting bugs writing patches and eeping hardware drivers updated Time will tell This book was enough to prompt this reader to obtain a copy of Linux just in case While the content of this book I think is worthwhile reading my rating has to take into the consideration the format as well as you re ultimately interested in what you re going to get when you buy this In particular I ve noticed some big problems1 While the content is in the right order the page ordering is messed up and not even in seuence2 The footnote links often lead to the wrong footnotes3 The bibliography and acknowledgements appear somewhere in the middle of the footnotesI hope someone will bother updating this ebook because it would definitely be worth it. He party By August 1999 when the leading Linux distributor Red Hat Software made its hugely successful public stock offering it had become clear that open source was the next big thing in the computer industryThis revolutionary book starts out with A Brief History of Hackerdom the historical roots of thing in the computer industryThis revolutionary book starts out with A Brief History of Hackerdom the historical roots of open source movement and details the events that LED TO THE RECOGNITION OF THE to the recognition of the of open source It contains the full text of The Cathedral the Bazaar updated and expanded for this book plus Mr Raymond's other ey essays on the social and economic dynamics of open source software developmentOpen source is the competitive advantage in the Internet Age The Cathedral the Bazaar is a must for anyone who cares about the computer industry or the dynamics of the information economy Already billions of dollars have been made and lost based on the ideas in this book Its conclusions will be studied debated and implemented for years to co. Fab book This was the first book that wrote down the open source credo and that presented sound arguments for an open source business model The book presents the case open source credo and that presented sound arguments for an open source business model The book presents the case in software the main costs are development and debugging and as any author nows either in general or A Software Author You Never Get It Right First Time software author you never get it right first time the biggest cost is never releasing because you are worried it is not perfect By taking an open source approach you let the community do the debugging and finish the development They can customise it as they want and the community provides the support So the costs shift and development improves This book gives examples of the real impact of open source including the rapid growth of Linux and the dominance of Apache It shows how closed source business can go open source to prevent their competitors monopolising a sector Netscape open sourcing MozillaThese are great examples but I was left wondering if the model still held up Originally this was a set of regularly updated web essays but since the 2001 edition they have been set in stone and so I wanted to now if the rules still hold For example what has so I wanted to now if the rules still hold For example what has the impact of Google on open source and how does Google fit into the open source model Social networking such as MySpace and Facebook is another case in pointFor me it is also not as easy to read as I had hoped The style lets it down and it is obvious it is written by an insider and needed some better editing to give it impact and less geekiness I am a geek myself but there are limits to how geeky readers want you to be as an author The Cathedral and the Bazaar is a collection of essays originally meant for programmers and technical managers written by Eric S Raymond on software en As advertised Great purchase Thanks Probably the earliest book on Open Source Written by one of the founders of the movement it gives us a great description of how it came about and why it worked It s hugely mo. This is how we did it Linus Torvalds creator of the Linux ernelIt all started with a series of odd statistics The leading challenger to Microsoft's stranglehold on the computer industry is an operating system called Linux the product of thousands of volunteer programmers who collaborate over the Internet The software behind a majority of all the world's web sites doesn't come from a big company either but from a loosely coordinated group of volunteer programmers called the Apache Group The Internet itself and much of its core software was developed through a process of networked collaborationThe ey to these stunning successes is a movement that has come to be called open source because it depends on the ability of programmers to freely share their program source code so that others can improve it In 1997 Eric S Raymond outlined the core principles of this movement in a manifesto called The Cathedral and the Bazaar which was publ. .

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TivatingHowever it was written aeons ago in terms of the word of software You won t find in it how the modern Open Source world works But it s still a great software You won t find in it how the modern Open Source world works But it s still a great to Open SourceI wish it could be updated for 2016 This paperback by O reilly seems to have suffered from a typographical blowout I had to visit Raymond s website to complete missingdamaged portions of the book The contents are an excellent explanation of the open source paradigm of programming en masse and the motivation for writing software that is free from vendor lock in Considering the prevalence of open source software sometimes called free or libre software every programmer and admin that deals with softwar This is a great book if you re an experienced Linux user who wasn t born during the time of it s active development or just want to reiterate it Great writing style witty remarks that eep the reader entertained I have learned a great deal from this book about open and closed source development models and the culture behind both This books starts off with a very good history of the development of the Linux operating software This open source development process started the author thinking about the two software development methods the Cathedral method where a large corporate structure hires programmers to develop software eeps the source code secret and charges large amounts to recoup it costs not from the original product development but from the expected legacy problems technical support bug fixing software updates etc On the other hand the bazaar method encourages open source software Open source Software Encourages A Programmer encourages a programmer group within the hacker community to gain ascendancy to possess and maintain and steer the software to eep it relevant The Author s point is that with most business models in the future the Cathedral method read Microsoft will not be able to compete with the Bazaar method read Linux In the Cathedral method Ished and freely redistributed over the InternetMr Raymond's thinking electrified the computer industry He argues that the development of the Linux operating system by a loose confederation of thousands of programmers without central project management or control turns on its head everything we thought we Exile and Pilgrim knew about software project management Internet enabled collaboration and free information sharing not monopolistic control is theey to innovation and product ualityThis idea was interesting to than programmers and software project leaders It suggested a whole new way of doing business and the possibility of unprecedented shifts in the power structures of the computer industryThe rush to capitalize on the idea of open source started with Netscape's decision to release its flagship Netscape Navigator product under open source licensing terms in early 1998 Before long Fortune 500 companies like Intel IBM and Oracle were joining
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The Cathedral the Bazaar: Musings on Linux and Open Source by an Accidental Revolutionary