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A guidebook to the wild world of communist minimalism in Tito s YugoslaviaSpomenik the Serbo Croat Slovenian word for monument efers to the memorials built in Tito s Republic of Yugoslavia from the s to the s marking the horror Of The Occupation And The Defeat Of Axis Forces During the occupation and the defeat of Axis forces during War II Hundreds were built across the country From Coastal Resorts To coastal esorts to mountains Through these imaginative forms of concrete and steel a classless forward looking socialist society free of eth. Nic tensions was envisaged Instead of looking to the ideologically aligned Soviet Union for artistic inspiration Tito Turned To The West And Works Of Abstract Expressionism turned to the West and works of abstract expressionism minimalism This allowed Yugoslavia to develop its own distinct identity through the monuments turning them into political "Tools Articulating Tito S "articulating Tito s vision of a new tomorrowToday following the breakup of the country and the subseuent Yugoslav Wars of the s some have been destroyed
abandoned Many hav. ,

E suffered the conseuences of "Ethnic Tensions Once Viewed "tensions once viewed symbols of hope they are now the focus of esentment and angerThis book they are now the focus of esentment and angerThis book brings the largest collection of spomeniks published to Each has been extensively photographed and esearched by the author making this book the most comprehensive survey of this obscure and fascinating architectural phenomenon The inside of the book s dust jacket opens out as a map giving the exact geographic coordinates for each monument. ,

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