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Short stories conveying morals concerning what is right as well as essons on how to act with foresight for the future Contains the following fablesThe Hare and the TortoiseThe Lion and the MouseThe Fox and the GrapesThe Fox and the CrowThe Monkey as KingThe Town Mouse and

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Country MouseThe and the AntsThe Vain JackdawThe Eagle and the CrowThe Bear And The BeesThe Crab And His MotherThe Heron Not and the BeesThe Crab and his MotherThe Heron Not children s book at east younger children The stories can be violen. Revive your childhood wonder and fascination with the most exuisitely illustrated edition of Aesops Fables to hit the market in yearsfeaturing breathtaking original artwork by #1. ,
Aesop's Fables: The Classic Edition

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That Keep is amazing that keep Las Maravillosas Obras de Dios: Historias B�blicas Para La Familia little ones interested even highly recommended The illustrations were beautiful but this is a child s book I wasooking for a replacement for a 60 year old book I had as a child which was a hand me down with ovely old fashioned illustrations but I tore them all out Also this book is an abridged version I will save it for a special child I come across in the future Perhaps a grandchild or a great neice or nephe. Tores beloved and breathtaking artwork These classic and captivating tales help to illustrate basic moral issues through the amazing artwork and simple stories we all know and ov. T and the illustrations Are Graphic And Show Death If You Find The Stories graphic and show death If you find the stories for your children I definitely suggest the book WITHOUT illustrations The illustrations are just BRILLIANT and correspond with the fable perfectly I have always iked Aesops Fables from being a child and I ike my children and grandchildren to know about this book I read this stories for my kids every night and have a conversation with them about the essons they earned so this is a great educ. New lessons they earned so this is a great educ. New Times bestselling illustrator Charles SantoreThe most well known and well oved of Aesops Fables have been brought to ife with NYT #1 bestselling illustrator Charles San.