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Ueen mostly pointing out how brilliant she is and how hard she works Little or no details about the ueen I also found it amazing that one woman ueen or not needs an xpensive new outfit for nearly vent she attends Then it goes back into the closet most likely never to be worn It s just obscenely wasteful and I LOVE the closet most likely never to be worn again It s just obscenely wasteful and I LOVE the in general but not when it comes to her one wear outfits why ven keep them after she s worn them once And the author just goes on and on about how clever and talented she is Really a bore to Read I M On Page 21 The I m on page 21 The of this book astounds me I ha. Nior Dresser and then latterly as Her Majesty's Personal Advisor Curator Wardrobe and In house Designer As the first person in history to hold this title she shares a uniuely close working relationship with The ueen In The Other Side of the Coin The ueen has personally given Angela her blessing to share their xtraordinary bond with the world Whether it's preparing for a formal occasion or brightening Her Majesty's day with a playful joke Angela's priority is to serve and support Sharing never before seen photographs many from Angela's own private collection and charming anecdotes of their time spent together this revealing book provides memorable insights into what it's like to work closely wit. ,
If you are half interested in fabrics or friendship this is a can t miss It is beautiful to look at and to read and might be my all time favorite book for that reason The only thing missing is being able to touch the gloriously described bolts and baubles Thank you for a lovely treat of a book about the ueen and the woman who helps her adjust her crown I received this book today and spent my day reading it The pages are filled with sweet memories and fantastic photos I highly recommend it I don t understand the other reviews It s very repetitive with the author dresser

And Designer For The. 
designer for the. 'Full Of Gems Angela Kelly Is A Jewel gems Angela Kelly is a jewel the crown' Daily Telegraph 'Entertaining and beautifully illustrated' The Sunday Times 'For real intel The Crown can't come close to The Other Side of the Coin by Angela Kelly' The New York Times 'Fascinating book' HELLO 'The book is a trove of warm and insightful anecdotes' Daily Mail 'Angela Kelly shares fascinating and charming anecdotes' Good Housekeeping First print run features a specially designed cut down dust jacket When Angela Kelly and The ueen are together laughter choes through the corridors of Buckingham Palace Angela has worked with The ueen and walked the corridors of the Royal Household for twenty five years initially as Her Majesty's Se. Rdly have words personable respectful grateful loyal fun an amazing gift to the world from two amazing gift to the world from two This was written to a fourth grade reading level It doesn t contain what I xpected which was the details of how they go about choosing and making clothes for the ueen It has many tributes to Ms Kelly who I am sure is a nice person but if she wants us to read what others have written about her all complimentary and ually as fluffy as her text and certainly given on reuest she should ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe either pay us to read it or give it away for free She tells what outfits were chosen for certainvents but. H The ueen to curate her wardrobe and to discover a true and lasting connection along the way 'The book documents the uniue working relationship between Her Majesty The ueen and the woman who has been her Personal Assistant and Senior Dresser forthan two decades Angela Kelly It gives a rare insight into the demands of the job of supporting the Monarch and we gain privileged insight into a successful working relationship characterised by humour creativity hard work and a mutual commitment a successful working relationship characterised by humour creativity hard work and a mutual commitment service and duty Angela is a talented and inspiring woman who has captured the highlights of her long career with The ueen for us all to share' Samantha Cohen Assistant Private Secretary to The ueen 2011 2018.

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The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe
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