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Ing This was a book of of his short stories What I noticed is that unlike some short story collections I read Murakami has the talent stories What I noticed is that unlike some short story collections I ve read Murakami has the talent writing a few first lines that just grab you and make you rush on with the story But then what seems straightforward say a simple love affair nds up being just a firefly stuck in a jar or an Obsession endless trip to the south pole thend sometimes has no relation to the beginning or no apparent relation Some of the stories lack resolution or obvious resolution They leave You Thinking The Last Few thinking the last few of text radiating ver wider and overlapping like ripples in a pond It s like when you dream and all of these seemingly unrelated people and things and places interact and you wake up thinking wow that was a cool dream Although the dream made no sense when you woke up you can t help but think about it and sometimes tell your best friend That was this book My alarm clock is going off now Here is a story of why I am the best friend verWay back in aught 5 or so oh my god how was that a decade ago I worked at Random House I was and am still a smoker I could and do tell so many stories about how smoking has directed and redirected the course of my life here s one about books Anyway There was a guy at RH I knew a bit because we smoked at the same time and ventually I learned that he was like the head of marketing for a bunch of the big imprints At one point he made me a casual offer that if there was any book I wanted an advance copy of that was from one of the imprints under his auspices I had to but ask and he would find it for me My god I miss those days So first I swooned Then tentatively a few weeks later I asked him for the new Barrico And he got it for me Emboldened I then reuested Embroideries and later Karen Russell He continued to deliver nonplussed THEN many moons hence I heard that Murakami was coming out with a new book soon this was in arly 2006 of course Trembling with anticipation I asked the fellow if there was any remote possibility that he might have a proof of it unearthable somewhere And spolier he did But not just any proof No the next day I was handed an UNBOUND FIRST PASS DOCUMENT In one of those clear binder things that you used for book reports in grade school 8 12 by 11 Crappy paper Pre production My hands shook when I touched itNow for the hitch Only a few days later I was to be on my way to a friend s wedding in Portland This is not just any friend but a really important friend one who has contributed hugely to my literary development by introducing me to such luminaries as Julio Cort zar Unica Zurn and yes now that you mention it our dear Haruki Murakami As is surely obvious by now this friend received Blind Willow Sleeping Woman in a spiral bound MS Word document months before publication as a wedding presentSmall consolation I read the whole thing on the plane ride to Oregon It is spectacular I have read good reviews about this book but I just couldn t relate to them The book picked up towards the nd with really nice storiesBut one has to live through waste of time pieces throughout the book mostly for the first three uarters before one is treated to the nice ones what is glory without suffering Since this is a collection of short stories I ve decided to rate it by story and then take the average Average rating overall is 254 which technically translates to 3 stars if I am to be strict about rules on rounding off whole numbers However based on my overall impression and personal thoughts about the book plus the following statistics I am inclined to give this book just 2 stars Number of stories rated as 1 star 6 2 stars 7 3 stars 4 4 stars 6 5 stars 1 And 2 stars it is It was just really ok I don t like it overall so definitely not 3 stars1st story Blind Willow Sleeping Woman My rating 1 starA story about a young man who was living and working in Tokyo until his grandmother died and he had to go back to his hometown There he took to accompanying his deaf cousin on his visit to a new hospital Along the way he noted the bus they took were full of senior people had a sort of deja vu in the hospital cafeteria about a friend and his friend s girlfriend whom he had also visited in a different hospital many years ago Though very loose there was sort of an intertwining of the present with this pisode in his past with a recollection of the girlfriend s story about the blind willow nad sleeping woman The story All Roads Lead Home ended with him and his cousin boarding the bus back. L giardino zoologico nei giorni in cui soffia un forte vento Preparare da mangiare puòssere una scusa perfetta per ignorare i problemi degli altri come nell’Anno degli spaghetti; ma a volte è la dura realtà uella che si impone è il caso della madre che in Hanalai Bay va a riprendersi il corpo del figlio surfista morto per l’attacco di uno sualo Maestro nella creazione .

This collection from Haruki Murakami was on my TBR xplode list for March and I only meant to flip through it But after reading The Year of Spaghetti he pulled me in Other favorites include Birthday Girl Crabs and Chance TravelerI think I ve finally made it past the Murakami glut in my TBR pile chronologically at least for a while Murakami s fiction is all about natural presence of the surreal in ordinary lives The outright absurd is readily accepted by many of the characters creating some curious protagonists bizarre stories and a thoroughly ntertaining readThis is my first attempt at his short stories and frankly I am confused over some of the metaphors and symbologies in Blind Willow Sleeping Women and a few others but that I believe is in itself the beauty of his writing In most of his tales we are always left with fairly labored understanding and in others bafflement and despair Because of his refusal to resolve his stories the xperiences become ours The loneliness and the loss of the characters becomes our own and sticks with usBy far I found Birthday Girl with an array of possibilities a perfect blend of real and fantastical A Perfect Day for Kangaroos with a couple and their seemingly mundane dialogue over a baby kangaroo aimless Dabchick with inedible palm sized dabchicks raw Murakami crazinessI am a baby kangaroo aimless Dabchick with inedible palm sized dabchicks raw Murakami crazinessI am on Man Eating Cats an account of an adulterous couple hiding out on a Greek Island I am taking a break after this I will get back on this one later I like to read short stories since the day I ntered college because It takes me less time to finish them and plus I already feel the pleasure of reading A research shows that Filipinos were short story lovers because of our current condition fast paced world I don t know if I should nod while agreeing with the fact that we like short stories but in the darkest side I was one of the Filipinos who liked to read themWhat I really loved bout Murakami was his passion in writing novels and short stories and that was one of the things that in fact struck me after reading his English introduction of the book To put in the simplest possible terms I find writing novels a challenge writing short stories a joy If wr What is one to make of Murakami s short stories His translator has stated that his reputation was made by his stories in Japan apart from his super successful novels A brief survey of his total story output reveals that he is not interested in traditional story forms Though many of his stories remain untranslated we have so story forms Though many of his stories remain untranslated we have so received 4 volumes of them in English Blind Willow Sleeping Woman is probably my favorite of the lotIt is a generous collection of 24 bizarre and unconventional tales ranging from subtle surrealism to dreamlike feasts of disorienting magical realism It is difficult to be objective when it comes to these stories Formally speaking many of them violate basic rules of storytelling Emotionally they tend to be powerful The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis evocative and original What is the purpose of a story if not to prompt strong reactions in the reader Whether those reactions are good or bad depends on your tolerance for the unexpla I had heard a great deal about Murakami and I borrowed this book from my friend Reading this book was such a greatxperience The stories are so different from the work that I usually read and have a surreal dreamlike uality about them I cannot help but feel that I may have not been able to comprehend some of the metaphors used Nevertheless I njoyed most of the stories included in this bookPeople are complex motions and human behavior might not follow logic always Beneath the fa ade of success smartness attractiveness a person might carry an motional burden Others look up to such a person might be awestruck or jealous but the person carries his burden alone A smart academically intelligent good at sports woman can blame her gender for her problems What can be terrifying to a man than his inner self How can A Person Trapped In A person trapped in a and have his life dictated by others cope One can spend a greater part of his life carrying a heavy burden of guilt fear and grief and finally attain salvation through an unlikely act How fickle can fate be How a chain of vents can break the barriers between a brother and sister and bring them close once againI intend to read the stories once again maybe a couple of years later I might be able to look at them in a new light and glean some new insights Reading Murakami Haruki is kind of like dream. Un dettaglio banale o un caso fortuito può far precipitare i protagonisti di ueste storie in una misteriosa malinconia come se in un gesto imprevisto indovinassero il lato oscuro o forse magico che la uotidianità nasconde Alcuni come il protagonista del Settimo uomo cercano di superare dopo molti anni la perdita del loro migliore amico altri sentono il bisogno di attraversare .
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