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I promessi sposiDide although its occasional satirical tone NEVER APPROACHES THE PUNGENCY OF VOLTAIRE approaches the pungency of Voltaire wanted to know about Gertrude the mysterious Nun of Monza one of the fascinating characters Her story should have been developed view spoiler and she should have popped p again later in the novel Her plotline needed of an arc hide spoiler An all time masterpiece of Italian literature We Italians all study it at school and of course get bored to tears by it nless we find some time to actually read and re read it for our own interest and pleasure perhaps years after graduation day That s when we can truly appreciate the wit the humour the historical and psychological insight the language it s a pity it cannot be conveyed in translations The plot is ite simple and you surely have heard of it if you watch soap operas and the like two young people want to get married but the rich and powerful yet evil ruler of their village got a crush on the girl The couple will have to overcome lots of trouble and adventure in the turmoil of XVII century Northern Italy to fulfill their dream When I began this novel I was not Sure Whether I Would Complete whether I would complete The reason I began it in the wrong time that is when I had many other responsibilities So it could never

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ser. I spiega come la fede che anima i suoi personaggi non sia n affidarsi passivamente alla pro. A marvelous read There are ite a few asides to Fill Us In On The History Of The Time The us in on the history of the time the is set Most are interesting a few go on too long for my taste but not enough to knock even half a star off my rating The book is loaded with great The Last of the High Kings (New Policeman, uotes we all know that traditionsnless someone lends them a hand never give you the full story If you can get through the first 100 pages of The Betrothed which are entirely plot extremely operatic and full of bumbling intrigues I suspect you will ltimately find it rewarding It concerns two young peasants from a village near Lake Como in 1628 Lorenzo and Lucia who are engaged But a local scoundrel the wealthy and tyrannical Don Rodrigo has taken a shine to Lucia and has his ruffians threaten the priest who is supposed to conduct the wedding so the wedding is foiled and Lucia and Lorenzo both flee in different directions for their personal safety Manzoni interrupts the plot often to give s historical background on wars political intrigues ecclesiastical happenings famine and pestilence sometimes Things Mother Used to Make uoting historians directly His tone shifts between comical and tragic some characters are clownish others entirely pure of heart some well meaning but foolish some wholly evil It reminded me somewhat of Can. Il capolavoro della letteratura italiana riproposto inna chiave che ne chiarisce i profondi contenut. ,

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Ved as a gap filler in the days Also a thick volume would entail many days in such a tight schedule I was sure entail many days in such a tight schedule I was sure be discouraged But as the book came in the package and as I began to read it I was immediately fascinated by the characters and the place described I gave it a try and now I have completed the book and my responsibilities stare at me LolThis is considered to be an Itali Want a wonderfully old fashioned lovingly human and seemingly never ending long romance full of humour pathos and endearingly living and breathing characters with swordplay n chivalry crammed cheek and jowl with free wheeling high adventure to curl p with in your free hours of discreet distancing from diseased public spacesAs carefully wrought as a Cellini centrepiece of fine crafted gold this book the Great Italian Novel follows the trials of two star crossed lovers in a vivid and highly readable tale of malice and innocence salvation and damnation in the Italian Renaissance My go to novel for Escape I m reading this VERY slowly because I never want it to endTheir spiritual advisor a man Of Substance Formerly Though substance formerly though much pon by evil circumstance who now finds solace in cloistered prayer beseeches the couple and especially the gallant hot temp. Vvidenza ma Fantasy Faerie Erotica Collection - 8 Sexy Gay Stories of Romantic Vampires, Faeries, and Other Magical Lovers un bene da conuistare anche lottando giorno per giorno con le opere e con il nostro impegn.