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کتاب اعتیاد lTo approve stimulus checks there s no doubt he would have demanded that those checks bear his name Situations change but people generally don tIf you are absolutely determined to re read The Stand during another pandemic remember that it s okay to take a break and read other books before coming back to it I recommend gothic romances They re a good melodramatic distraction from all the real drama swirling around03282020 The Stand did get good again I m at 35% Been reading faster than normal because I have this conspiracy in my head that the coronavirus will finally end the day I finish reading this book Unfortunately even at my current pace that might be several months I m trying world I m trying LolAs for current affairs today is sadly noteworthy because over 2000 people have officially died from COVID 19 in the United States Just two days ago we hit 1000 dead The way things are going it s very realistic for those numbers to continue doubling every few daysThe virus itself is still somewhat mysterious Is it airborne Kinda yes kinda no Howong can it stay on surfaces Several daysish Can you get it from touching cardboard boxes Maybe Will warmer weather do any good Don t count on it Who can you trust No one of course because even the seemingly healthy can spread it all aroundThe president expects everything to be fixed in a few weeks so churches can be packed on Easter Sunday We d all get a good Last Forest, the laugh out of a commentike that except the situation is too direWhat else has been going on So much I can t even keep track The government somehow came up with 2000000000000 to infuse the economy save businesses and give people enough money to hopefully keep the Afternoon Tea lights on Pretty cool I guess but I think we re all wondering what will happen next if this goes on for several monthsA number of celebrities and politicians have caught the virus some have died from it A grim reminder that this really does impact everyone You can t buy your way out of this mess03192020 Today marks my first full week of noteaving the house There s Carnal Sin little incentive to at this point Movie theaters restaurants and book stores are all closed And even if they weren t the risk of getting COVID 19 isn t worth the reward Fortunately we saw this coming and our house is stocked with food water and other essentials I m thinking we canast another two weeks before needing to venture out againBeing honest I ve struggled to pick up The Stand as of How to Get Into Oxbridge: A Comprehensive Guide to Succeeding in Your Application Process late King usually delivers a delicious dose of escapism disaster but under the circumstances it s all hitting too close to home Like reading Cujo whileiving with a rabid dogI also think the How to Get Into Oxbridge last few chapters have been really boring though I m at 26% which probably translates to page 350ish and the most recent characters have really snoozed the action I know I still have a bazillion pages to go so Il hold off before giving final judgement but in this present state I wouldn t call it his best work Of course this wouldn t be the first time that a King book had a engthy ull before Der Weg zum wahren Reiki-Meister launching back intoife changing thrillsWe l see how I feel after another week Hopefully I l have better things to say about The Stand and will not have yet descended into madness03132020 It s a misty Friday the 13th I m reading The Stand on my break which happens to be at home now The office is still open but we ve been instructed to work from home for the unforeseeable future This doesn t come as a surprise since nearly all gatherings have been cancelled Talk shows are without an audience theme parks are closed movie releases are all delayed The upcoming presidential debate has been relocated to avoid cross country travel Entire countries are on Anatomisk bildordbok lockdownIt s all playing out eerily similar to Stephen King s doomsday scenario The book so far has been a crystal ball for what happens next Within hours of reading a passage where King s president delivers a cough filled address stating that virus concerns are blown out of proportion and a vaccine will be delivered next week Mr Trump appears in the oval office and assures all Americans will have access to testing and free medical treatment Surprise surprise both presidentsiedWhat s still to be determined is just how deadly this virus is On one hand you have 22 dead in a single Seattle nursing home but on the other it s been suggested that hundreds of thousands of infected people are running around who don t even know it because they don t have symptoms or they aren t serious It seems ike either way I m not personally at high risk but I am worried about those who not personally at high risk but I am worried about those who are certainly interesting times to say the east03032020 have to share this frightening uote from the book before I forget The President is scheduled to speak tonight at 600 PST and his press secretary Hubert Ross has branded reports that the President will speak from a set mocked up to Ostopathie crnienne : Manuel pratique lookike the Oval Office but actually deep in the White House bunker hysterical vicious and totally unfounded Advanced copies of the President s speech indicate that he will spank the American people for overreacting and compare the current panic to that which followed Orson Welles s War of the Worlds radio broadcast in the early 30s02282020 Up to 15% Starting to uestion my Keeper's Compendium: Blasphemous Knowledge Forbidden Secrets logic that reading this during a pandemic will make it fun I became physically disturbedast night while reading in bed Like on the brink of a panic attack It s all getting too real The careful pacing particularly Stephen King prophet that he is describes our current world too well One case spreads to ten to fifty to a thousand The government doing all it can to prevent blame to avoid panic Of course that s making it worseFor historical reference what s going on right now is that there are coronavirus cases outside of ground zero China than in Last I heard that includes 56 countries with rates rising every day Other than China Iran Italy South Korea and Japan seem to have it the worst The WHO just raised its risk assessment from high to very high which is their most extreme rating outside of declaring an outright pandemic Saying the world is under pandemic essentially succumbs to the realization that the virus is unstoppable and everyone on the planet will eventually be exposedThe death rate for the coronavirus is somewhere between 2 3% I calculate that 2% of the world population is 154 millionThere s also been a case where someone previously cured of the coronavirus caught it a second timeAt home our president has censored the CDC from making any announcements about the virus without approval by the vice president When asked why the stock market is tanking he blamed the recent Democratic debateStill unclear which is scarier right now Stephen King s novel or reality02112020 I ve been reading this a while but only at 10% My main thought right now is that it s entirely unfair for Stephen King probably writing most of this while still in his 20s to be this good Old characters female characters rich poor they all come across so real it s startling How can one mind comprehend so much How does he articulate it so well He builds this terrifying world one person at a time and it s so much scarier that way I m in aweIn other news over 1000 deaths have been attributed to the coronavirus That s approximately 2 3% death rate for those infected Better than the 99% death rate in The Stand so there s a bright side Of course there are Internet rumors circulating that China is under reporting and the real count is significantly higher01272020 What better time to see what The Stand is all about than during a global coronavirus pandemic Given this book s epic In Over Her Head Chloe Babineaux Private Investigator length I m going to do a review journal with spoiler free reactions over the many months I suspect it will take me to finishThree chapters in and of course I m hooked Would expect nothingess from King It may be a big ass book but he doesn t wait around to get started For this rollercoaster you skip the Säure-Basen-Einkaufsführer line and sit right up front Clickity clank clickity clank then a straight drop If the rest of the ride is this intense and the coronavirus doesn t kill me first I m going to be one frazzled mess by the end Dear StephenI m sorry I just don tike you in that way I know we ve been friends for a Color Atlas of Human Anatomy, Vol. 3 Nervous System and Sensory Organs long time but I just never developed those kind of feelings for you even after eleven hundred pages I feelike we only moved forward in fits and stops and we were just never able to sustain a kind of even handed development of the kind of chills and thrills a person really The Facial Nerve likes Shock someone enough times with snot running out of their nose and it just becomes aittle meaningless And there are only so many ways to view a dead body before one gets kind of numb instead of apprehensive Using the journal device to move things forward seems a ittle crude when what we really need to do is talk I have to confess I ve felt kind of uncomfortable watching you struggle with religion and spirituality You sparked my interest when you posited that this might be the battle between the age of reason and that of irrationalism and you posited that this might be the battle between the age of reason and that of irrationalism and dark man was the ast vestige of doomed rationalism I thought for a few minutes we were headed somewhere really special but you didn t seem very confident and the theme fell apart I will say there were a few surprises along the way which I found pleasant I appreciate you avoiding the obvious character arcs especially when it comes to redemption I was glad to meet most of your friends especially JoeLeo Stu and even Kojak Your military friends bored me out though especially Starkey I don t even get why you Uncommon Leadership: How to Build Competitive Advantage by Thinking Differently like spending any time with those guys Such a bunch of fossils I do have to say I was really impressed with how you must have studied disease modelling and progression I almost feltike was thereSometimes I get the feeling that you don t really see me as a person just a baby maker You even have an extended solilouy about it as if I wasn t even here reading your words It bothers me because you took the time to develop nuanced male relationships Larry Stu Lloyd but the women were about reproducing or were cannon fodder Since you allowed technology to remain I m not going to buy into your owest most functional society mentality no matter how many sociological theories you throw at me And then there s the elderly black woman as representation of all that s spiritual Perhaps even Mother Earth If I m rolling my eyes it s because it s another aspect of compartmentalizing women as either maiden matron or crone and people of color as closer to Godsbeing savage and all as you so helpfully illustrate in your The Circle Closes afterward Honestly it s kind of juvenile and a ittle disappointing when I know you are capable of so much It s time for me to move on I m sure you l find someone special eventually Stephen because you are such a really great guy And so unusual tooWith Three StarsYour Friend AlwaysCross posted at You know what s really scary Getting sick while you re reading the first part of The Stand Just try running a fever going through a box of tissues and guzzling the better part of a bottle of Nyuil while Stephen King describes the grisly deaths of almost every one on Earth from a superflu On top of feeling ike crap you Extending Symfony 2 Web Application Framework ll be terrified BonusAfter a bio engineered virus that actsike feeling Angels Whiskey like crap youl be terrified BonusAfter a bio engineered virus that acts Ritual Alliances of the Putian Plain: Volume Two: A Survey of Village Temples and Ritual Activities like revved up cold escapes from a US governmentab it takes only weeks for almost all of humanity to succumb to the disease A handful of survivors are mysteriously immune and begin having strange dreams some of which are about a very old woman called Mother Abigail asking them to come see her More disturbing are nightmares about a mysterious figure named Randall Fla. Ha pubblicato una prima versione di uesto romanzo; dopo oltre dieci anni 'autore o presenta per Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes—from Punk to Indie and Everything in Between la prima volta restituito alle forme e allaunghezza originali riscrivendo di fatto il romanzo per una nuova generazione di The Day Christ Was Born lettori e sviluppando a ruotaibera a sua titanica impresa narrativ.

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None of us want to see portents and omens no matter how much we The Seventh Witch like our ghost stories and the spooky films None of us want to really see a Star in the East or a pillar of fire by night We want peace and rationality and routine If we have to see God in the black face of an old woman it s bound to remind us that there s a devil for every god and our devil may be closer than weike to think A plague has escaped a ab killing most of the population only a few a mere fraction of the whole has immunity or manages to survive being infected It is over in a matter of weeks Civilization grinds to a halt then collapses and then falls into chaosA Mad Max world is born A virus that kills 994% of the people it infects is a very stupid virus Even the Black Plague had a 20% survival rate so for a virus to act this stupidly it would have to be man made The ast thing any virus should do is kill the host Death of the host eads to death of the virus Now most of the young folks and old folks were gone and most of those in between God had brought down a harsh judgment on the human race Invariably we can t help bringing God into any situation where we think a judgment has been handed down on humanity but heshe doesn t have anything to do with this This is man destroying himself Some would make the case that God could have interceded could have saved us if we had been worthy but then when have we ever been worthy Since we are made in his image I do think sometimes what God if he exists ikes The Pocket Wife least in us is what heikes The Color of Our Sky least about himself The whole theory of God is built on good and evil If evil exists then oddly God exists The Vatican has been working relentlessly to prove for centuries that pure evil exists to justify the whole need for their continued existence The proof might be rising out of the ashes of this virulent plague He was coming Flagg was comingike some terrible horror monster out of the scariest picture ever made The dark man s cheeks were flushed with jolly color his eyes were twinkling with happy good fellowship and a great hungry voracious grin stretched his ips over huge tombstone teeth shark teeth and his hands were held out in front of him and there were shiny black crow feathers fluttering from his hair The survivors are dreaming about the Dark Man and they are dreaming about the old black woman in the cornfields of Nebraska These dreams are as vivid as they are confusing There is a battle for their souls going on They must choose Do they go to Randall Flagg or do they flock to Abagail FreemantleYou would think it would be an easy decision Don t most of us think of ourselves as good people Of course we would join Abagail the self anointed prophet of God Except maybe it isn t so clearly cut as the two groups grow it is starting to ook Obsession like an even split Abagail brings her flock to Boulder Colorado wanting to use the natural barrier of the Rockies to be the dividingine between her good people and the evil people following the Dark Man Not to mention that she knows there has to be a reckoning But are they evil When people from the Boulder Free Zone mingle with those from the Dark Side they find them to be normal people just Cabaret: A Roman Riddle like the people theyeft back in Boulder The biggest difference is that they are afraid and fear as we know is the most insidious and easiest way to control people It becomes very clear that Abagail s army is really only fighting one man one man with supernatural powers Never Tap tap tap The crow ooking in at him seeming to grin And it came to him with a dreamy testicle shriveling certainty that this was the dark man his soul his ka somehow projected into this rain drenched grinning crow that was ooking in at him checking up on him So it is sort of interesting to speculate about whether there are truly evil beings ike Randall Flagg in the world waiting for their opportunity waiting for people to need someone arger than themselves to All Roads Lead Home lead Their power grows as people choose to believe in them Asong as civilization exists and people are reasonably content a person ike Flagg is never given an opportunity to thrive We through our own discontent empower evilThis novel is one of the King epics A fan poll on Goodreads The Best of Stephen King Poll shows that his fans still believe this is his best book My favorite book and the one that I feel will be considered his masterpiece is IT a book that I feel really brings together all of his best skills in building characters and shows off his gift for creating twisty scary plots IT is 2 on the Goodreads poll Pennywise in my opinion might have had as arge an impact on readingwatching audiences as Norman Bates in Psycho Once you have been introduced to Pennywise try walking past a storm drain without giving it a wide berth The Stand has a arge cast and most readers will have a favorite character I iked several characters actually and wondered if I was going to find myself in a George RR Martin universe where identifying with a character was tantamount to self inflicted grief I was fortunate to stick with Stu Redman He is a hick from Texas who continues to show hidden depths as circumstances shape and reveal his character He made me smile with the following response when it The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis looksike dire circumstances may ead to a slow death Ralph came over to Stu and knelt down Can we get you anything Stu Stu smiled Yeah Everything Gore Vidal ever wrote those books about Lincoln and Aaron Burr and those guys I always meant to read the suckers Now it ooks ike I got the time Gotta ove the thought of a redneck from Texas reading the unabashed New York homosexualIn the forward Stephen King talks about the meeting he had with the publishing group about the size of The Stand It was originally published at about 800 pages but then when they decided to reissue the uncut version he was able to put back in about 400 pages that he had been forced to excise I reluctantly agreed to do the surgery myself I think I did a fairly good job for a writer who has been accused over and over again of having diarrhea of the word processor He agreed to the cuts because the publishing team made a compelling case They were able to show him the sales from his previous four books the profit margin and if he sold the same number of books of The Stand how much slimmer the profit margin would be because of the cost to produce the 400 extra pages So the cuts were not made for editorial reasons but for common sense accounting reasons King was very happy to have the orphaned material reunited with the rest of the book The book does bog down at times for me I think that is inevitable with a book this size King is taking on some Just Cause larger themes here and for the most part keeps all the plates spinning in the air I read aot of post apocalyptic books and I m sure if I ever et myself be put on a couch a psychologist will explore those reasons thoroughly but one thing I notice while I am immersing myself in The Stand is that I have a greater appreciation for my ife and the cocoon that civilization wraps around me to keep me safe and provide me with the necessities so that I can have the time I want to read putter and write Maybe I m not as obsessed with the END OF THE WORLD as much as I am finding new ways to appreciate the wonderful ife I do have I have to admit though that I had to agree with ifestyle philosophy of the sociologist Glen Bateman But Bateman himself hadn t wanted to get in on the ground floor of society s reappearance He seemed perfectly content at east for the time being to go for his walks with Kojak paint his pictures putter around his garden and think about the sociological ramifications of nearly total decimation I would hope I could ignore the siren calls of the ancient wise woman in Nebraska and the seductive pull of The Dark Man and just enjoy the peace and uiet of a tranuil world without the constant noise of people talking on their cell phones music blaring from cars planes taking off from airports and millions of electrical ines humming It is truly amazing any of us can think f you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at M O O N spells spectacularI first read THE STAND in the early 80 s It was during the Christmas break I ived out in the boonies with my family and after the holiday hoopla was over I planted myself in my favorite chair and sat there for 4 days devouring every page only eaving for bathroom breaks meals and sleep30 years ater my reading experience was a ittle different I read it with my Goodreads friend Lisa Who Had The Uncut Version had the uncut version I had the original I stopped and started as she caught up there were huge amounts of messages back and forth on the characters the differences in editions who we Fiesta Moon loved who we hated and everything and anything we could think of to discuss It was a monthong readbut the one thing both experiences did have in common was I LOVED IT each timeAt a remote US Army base a strain of influenza is accidentally released Despite a ock down soldier Charles Campion is able to escape with his wife and child By the time the military is able to track his whereabouts Campion has spread the disease around parts of Texas triggering a pandemic which kills off 99 percent of the population The one percent are eft in survival mode spread out over the entire country and plagued by strange dreams about two individuals which eventually draw some to Nebraska and some to Las VegasHemingford Home Nebraska Is the home of Abagail Freemantle Mother Abagail a 108 year old woman who receives visions from God She is the embodiment of goodLas Vegas Nevada is where Randall Flagg has set up shop Randall is also called The Dark Man and The Walking Dude He The Taste of Night lives to cause death and destruction and has supernatural powers which allow him to be human animal or demon He is the embodiment of evilKing said that he wanted to write a fantasy epicike The Lord of the Rings only with an American setting and that is just what he did THE STAND is a wonderful epic fantasy adventure about good vs evil One that I would recommend to anybody who hasn t read it yet and even to those who have Wow So I have had this awesome paperback door stopper for some time Gift from friend I decided to get the audio through the ibrary and of course now I have added it to my Audible wishlist The narration is freaking awesome The whole damn book is freaking awesome The thing is I didn t think I would ike it because I barely remember the movie and am not sure I The Trust liked it That was aong time ago and who the hell knows I m just extremely happy I finally read it Yeah It s A Scandalous Regency Christmas long but most books I read oristen to are so that s neither here nor there I just The Return loved reading about all of the people and events And I didaugh at times YES scary stories do have some comedy at times Lol Anyhoo enjoy peeps Happy Reading Mel Want to catch the flu Read The StandI caught it twice in the month it took me to read this book Twice I m rarely sick so it s clearly a thingPost apocalyptic book where most people die from a super flu That part was my favoriteIt then becomes a battle between Good and Evil Some fantasy elements were included This part was still solid I iked how we got to follow the characters and get to know them I felt some similarities to Station Eleven so if you ike The and get to know them I felt some similarities to Station Eleven so if you Prince Hafizs Only Vice like The I would give this one a shot too Oh wow it hasn t even been a year since I finished this and I m rereading again I m not sure what I can say about this massive tome that hasn t been said before but I came I read and I conuered I also really enjoyed it along the way which says aot. L'errore di un computer Aristotle and Poetic Justice l'incoscienza di pochi uomini e si scatenaa fine del mondo Il morbo sfuggito a un segretissimo aboratorio semina morte e terrore Il novantanove per cento della popolazione della terra non sopravvive all'apocalittica epidemia e per i pochi scampati c'è una guerra The Stand