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I will read this again because the psychological menace leaves a lot open to interpretation Bunker Man is a very isturbing book But I would argue that it is underrated possibly it s been pushed into THE SHADOWS BY IRVINE WELSH S POPULARITY BUT ONE shadows by Irvine Welsh s popularity But one I can tell you for certain Irvine Welsh fans will appreciate McLean A highly transgressive bleak and most of challenging novel that will leave you numb and stay with you for a long time This novel is brilliant A tale of madness that is absolutely authentic This is McLean s masterpiece His earlier stories and plays and his first novel Blackden never hinted at this Nothing he has written since can touch itA lot of people will hate this book A lot of people will read it and be The Mystery of Risk disturbed I m certain that men can relate to Rob Catto than will admit to that fact As I wrote elsewhere I tend to group this book with Irvine Welsh s Filth and Iain Banks s Complicity for a certain similarity in not particularly uplifting tone and for the graphicescriptions of sex and violence Whether the inclusion of that explicit content is literarily useful or merely prurient is a matter for the reader to ecide Of the three books I couldn t help feeling that Bunker Man went to the greatest extremes in explicit content without making it clear to me how that content contributed to the story s impact apart from shock value It is an interesting fictional study on one man S Descent Into Madness descent into madness much the same vein as Filth which I enjoyed reading. But his interest in the Bunker Man gradually tilts from apprehension into vigilantism then obsessed epravity. ,
Bunker ManThis really idn t live up to the hype or cover blurb Sex And Violence But and violence but supposedly as literature It s a fine line Luck to escape two stars this took me a week to read i just updated yesterday this is not the most isturbing book i have ever read but its up there This creepy and sometimes scary book is the story of a custodian s The Life of Kitty Storm descent into madness Disturbing but worth reading An excellent and often timesisturbing portrait of a man faced with a somber reality and the imaginative maddening realm of his own psyche I wanted to like this but Aliens Bride Book didn tat all Pointlessly transgressive for its own sake Terrible terrible At first I thought the book would be kind of a lark or a Magnus Mills styleark comedy Nope As the main character spirals out of control a school girl is violently raped a homeless man is murdered lives are shattered and absolutely no point is made Well Child molestation rampant misogyny rapeit wasn t even just isturbing it was brutal with no literary merit to redeem it I mean okay the writing in terms of portraying a person s escent into severe mental to redeem it I mean okay the writing in terms of portraying a person s Connecting in College descent into severe mental was interesting I juston t know how you can put so much fucked up shit here and never really address any of it I wasn t expecting a happy ending but not this senselessness either The uote on the cover of this edition could not be any misleading I wonder if this person actually read Bunker Man Duncan McLean is Scotland s answer to Roddy Doyle I ve never read such a ridiculous comparison. Rob is a newly married janitor on Scotland's north east coast A hooded figure who holes up in a concrete pill. That s like comparing JK Rowling TO THE MARUIS DE SADE RODDY the Maruis e Sade Roddy writes comedy This is far from comedy This is absolute psychological turmoil it s very graphic it s bleak it s ultimately a traumatic read A relentless psychological thriller that had me gripped from the very first page up until the A relentless psychological thriller that had me gripped from the very first page up until the last Rob Catto is a thirty year old janitor at a secondary school on the north east coast of Scotland He has a very good loving relationship with his wife Karen It comes to Catto s attention from the school principle that a man has been spotted in the woods next to the school in a parka jacket with the hood up watching the kids Catto tries to track him own and what begins as natural vigilance soon turns into obsessive vigilantism and eventually when he catches up with the culprit a mentally ill man living in a wartime bunker out man living in a wartime bunker out the coast Catto s uest to hunt own the perverts he perceives to be all around him takes a toll on his own mental health and ultimately he begins to turn into the one thing that he is setting out to eradicateThis is one of the most gripping things that I ve ever read McLean s writing is superb his ialogue harsh and realistic at times The Passport That Does Not Pass Ports darkly humorous Catto sescend into madness was well written it was impossible to pin point exactly when it begins to happen and I think that is because in spite of everything that happens in spite of the The Arcav Princes Captive (Arcav Alien Invasion, depravity he succumbs to part of us still empathises with him The ending is as bleak as they come I know that. Box on the beach has been seen lurking near the school Our man takes it upon himself to confront the pervert.