With the Indians in the Rockies) [Pdf Free] Ò James Willard Schultz

An Adventurous Read Into Days Gone ByJames Willard Schultz has such a grasp of his time and the years before that any fan of history and adventure is sure to be entertained He takes the reader from hopeless happenings to fulfilling frames as he tell this engaging story of two boys one white one Indian who suffer hardship after hardship Their pioneer and Indian King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies learning reward them with theirives A great read Great bookScholz does a fine job of writing and telling the stories I wish there was a Rescuing Gus little exclamation of the individualseading up to their adventures Captivating keeps your attention Exciting 5 star all the way The entire story kept you on the edge of your seat A true story of survival Mind boggling JW Shultz painted a very vivid picture that was full of thrills to the end I was especiall. This volume was published in 1912 From the book's Preface When in the seventies I turned my back on civilization and joined the trappers and traders of the Northwest Thomas Fox became my friend We were together in the Indian camps and trading posts often for months at a time; he Class of 92: Out of Our League loved to recount his adventures in still earlier days and thus it was that Iearned the facts of his Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story life The stories that he told by the evening camp fire and before the comfortable fireplaces of our various posts onong winter days were impressed upon my memory but to make sure of them I freuently took notes of the important points As time passed I Realized And How Unusual and how unusual interesting his adventures were and I urged him ,

With the Indians in the RockiesNew american immigrants WinterIt was very informative and easy to understand what they had to do just to stay alive using their wits Great readWell worth reading It is amazing all this man did and survived The descriptions of the ife the Indian is fascinating An entertaining adventureI devoured these stories as a boy A Lifetime Later Still Manage later they still manage capture me These adventures will endure with anyone who still dreams of those remarkable times Totally worth the time You get an exciting survival story and ovely description of Plains Indian culture and religion Written over 100 years ago about experiences from the 1870 s the writing is not at #all dated Total page turnerGreat story read the entire book in two #dated Total page turnerGreat story read the entire book in two couldn t put it downFilled with many facts intresting to the outdoors over. Age; how well I have done it is for the reader to judge Brave honest old Ah ta to yi The Fox as the Blackfeet and frontiers men oved to call him We buried him on a high bluff overlooking the valley of the Two Medicine River and close up to the foothills of the Rockies the backbone of the world that he oved so well After we had filled in the grave and the others had gone Pitamakan and I sat by the new made mound until the setting sun and the increasing cold warned us also to descend into the valley The old chief was crying as we mounted our horses Although of white skin he faltered the man who ies there was my brother I doubt not that I shall soon meet him in the Sand hills Ah Pun I Lodge February 191.

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Y captivated by the uick to ove characters whose uniue personalities gave the story depth Young Thomas Fox and Pitamakan only knew of experiences of others so they had to recall each account and put their wits to the test in recreating whatever it was they were trying to do With each task both of the boys brought a different perspective which ultimately gave them the ability to survive a perilous winter in the Rocky Mountains surrounded by a hostile environment with predators Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi like bears and cougars and other Indians When I put the book down all I could do was wonder what other adventures Thomas Fox and Pitamakan went on Great ReadThis book is a page turner and provides great insight into the customs and practices and civilization of the Native American people who were swept ahead of the tsunami of the. O write an account of them He began with enthusiasm but soon tired of the unaccustomed work Later however after the buffalo had been exterminated and we were settled on a cattle ranch where theife was a #deadly monotony compared with that which we had ed I induced him to take up the narrative once Some parts #monotony compared with that which we had ed I induced him to take up the narrative once Some parts it he wrote with infinite detail; other parts consisted only of dates and a few sentences He was destined never to finish the task An old bullet wound in his ung had always kept him in poor health and when in the winter of 1885 he contracted pneumonia the end was uick His ast reuest was that I would put his notes he contracted pneumonia the end was uick His ast reuest was that I would put his notes shape for publication This I have done to the best of my ability in my own old. ,