KINDLE [Spirit Seizures: Stories]

Feel cozyMelissa is an amazing writer and this arly work was just a testament of what was to come from this writerAmazing Not my type of book but I can tell that it is very touching and filled with a lot of memorable characters It is definitely literary short stories written with a poetic flair and filled with philosophy. Dored for her form not her crude ssence Mrs Grant in With Wings Cross Water is painfully isolated from the SURFACE OF HER FAMILY'S LIFE BY of her family's life by fears of terminal illness of what lies beneath her skin And Mrs Gump surface of her family's life by her fears of terminal illness of what lies beneath her skin And Mrs Gump reverend's housekeeper prays and cleans the house furiously hoping to obliterate all traces of the worldly beauty that distracts her mployer and her artist son from the hereafterWritten with humor but often poignant when they reveal the veins of longing that run through men and women the stories in Spirit Seizures follow the lusive currents that link us to the ternal the fluid boundaries that wash between love and mourni. 375 Very good but not uite as good as some of the other Flannery O Connor Award winners I ve given 4 s to I love this collection of stories Melissa Pritchard s use of precise descriptive language opens up a visual world

for the reader 
the reader her or him in the center of ach story a witness to the unraveling of lives The In these stories by Melissa Pritchard the past brushes up against the present the voices of both the sane and the obsessed are heard and the spirits speaking unbidden through the mouths of some spurn others who desire them MOSTSOME OF THE MEN AND WOMEN of the men and women Spirit Seizures dwell contentedly on the of the men and women in Spirit Seizures dwell contentedly on the of life ven making a science or an art of what they see around them But many of the characters in these stories see sometimes calmly sometimes with agitation beneath life's surface beyond sun's light The title story tells of a psychic women pregnant with her second child who welcomes over her farmer husband's objections the visits of an. ,

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Eader is given an up close and personal view of complex and beautiful characters as they struggle with the devastation and mystery beautiful characters as they struggle with the devastation and mystery life We can see ourselves in them and the comparison licits feelings of loss sadness and yet we re left feeling hopeful too I love this collectionIt simmers in southwest imagery and makes me. Older couple desiring a séance with the spirit of their dead daughter Spirits are also summoned in Rocking on Water Floating in Glass when a woman consults the shade of Sarah Bernhardt to help her decide whether to leave her refuge in a dark antiue shop and reenter the world of the livingThe husband in Ramon; Souvenirs recalls his wife's obsession with pueblo culture and her ambitious courtship of the impotent Indian lder who she hopes will initiate her into native spiritual mysteries But the greatest desire of La Bête a spectacularly obese model painted by the French impressionists is to herself become a perfect object viewed and Spirit Seizures: Stories