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Irst book but you don T Have To Read It For This Book To Make have to read it for this book to make But you should read it if you want to know about Joe The characters are well drawn You see the wealthy with all their flaws

And Joe Just Trying 
Joe just trying get by without becoming a beggar or ending p to beholden to anyone. Rvey brings the wild man back to England and helps set them both p in better jobs But when Harvey’s son jealous of the kindness Shown To Joe Risks The Lives Of Those Around Him to Joe risks the lives of those around him will have to decide where his loyalties ,

Summary The Wild Man


Depressing Granted it was meant to be so but I kept feeling there would be something to it in
The End But There But there t Joe lives on the streets of Victorian London working as a sweeper He sweeps the muck off the streets for the wealthy and hopes for some tips so he can ear. Having escaped the clutches of the criminal mastermind Mother and his life scrounging through the sewers of LONDON JOE RAT IS BACK NOW Joe Rat is back now as a sweeper in the pscale Lomesbury Suare After he foils a burglary at one of th.  The Wild ManN some to live on He ends p working in Lomesbury Suare a new neighborhood He ends working in Lomesbury Suare a new neighborhood ends p doing errands for the Harveys He becomes the pet project of Mr Harvey as their lives become intertwined with devastating resultsThis is the second book in a series about Joe Joe Rat is the E 'posh' houses on the suare the owner Mr Harvey a rich philanthropist determines to help Joe Harvey manages to track down Joe's father a British army deserter now living wild in Canada Joe has never met his father but Ha.  

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