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Il pendolo di FoucaultStendom innovating financial techniues that were an early form of banking and building fortifications across Europe and the Holy LandThe Templars existence was tied form of banking and building fortifications across Europe and the Holy LandThe Templars existence was tied to the Crusades when the Holy Land was lost support for the Order faded Rumours about the Templars secret initiation ceremony created mistrust and King Philip IV of France deeply in debt to the Order took advantage of the situation In 1307 many of the Order s members in France were arrested tortured into giving false confessions and then burned at the stake Under pressure from King Philip Pope Clement V disbanded the Order in 1312 The abrupt disappearance of a major part of the European infrastructure gave rise to speculation and legends which have kept the Templar name alive into the modern day See hide spoiler When it comes to novels the size of bricks I have to admit to being a bit of a lightweight to being a bit of a lightweight reading a handful of books over 600 pages long and always enter with some trepidation Eco s Foucault s Pendulum is not ite brick big but then it doesn t look like it s been on a diet eitherIn terms of sheer scope and passionate ambition this really is something and it felt like a history lesson and a novel combined so kudos thereThis is a complex piece of writing that does reuire hard work from the reader in basic terms what starts out as a literary joke for three Milan based book editors soon sees them enter a world of deadly peril The narrator Casaubon an expert on the medieval Knights Templars and two editors working in a branch of a vanity press publishing house in Milan are told about a purported coded message revealing a secret plan set in motion by the Knights Templars centuries ago when the society was forced nderground As a lark the three decide to invent a history of the occult tying a variety of phenomena to the mysterious machinations of the Order Feeding their inspirations into a computer they become obsessed with their story dreaming machinations of the Order Feeding their inspirations into a computer they become obsessed with their story dreaming links between the Templars and just about every occult manifestation throughout history even Mickey Mouse gets a mentionBut things start to turn very real for them and are targeted by. I na linea critico teorica che ha continuato a maturare nell'arco di trent'anni Antonio Porta Corriere della SeraDa Wciv, Volume 1 uando ho cominciato a leggere Il pendolo di Foucault non sono piùscito di casa ho per così dire sospeso la vita Ferdinando Camon Il GiornoIl messaggio del suo libro se letto come bisogna fare come n libro sui misteri della fine del XX secolo potrebbe anche voler dire che la storia da lui raccontata non è ancora finita Alberto Asor Rosa la RepubblicaSi chiude il libro .

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The best and the worst thing I can say about this novel is that it s a difficult read Sure the author is Italian but that doesn t automatically make it difficult only a novel that I ve read out of its normal language No the novel isn t even difficult in the traditional sense where the sentence structure is hard to follow and there might be four hundred commas per dozen pages The writing is ite nice No the novel is difficult because it reuires the reade This is a novel that contrasts the acceptance and delight in the world as it is with the conseuences of the desire to read in meanings to everything that we see about s In Eco s earlier bookThe Name of the Rose the detective mystery was parodied and this is taken one step further in this novel The Detective mystery assumes that there is a mystery that can be solved It invites investigation In this novel the constant working deeper into mysteries produces only obscurity the penis is just a phallic symbolview spoiler or as has been said in Britain Brexit means Brexit hide spoiler Descartes said Cogito ergo sumEco says I seek meaning therefore I am humanIt s very hard to succinctly describe exactly what this novel is From looking at the plot description you may be forgiven for assuming That It Is A it is a like Holy Blood Holy Grail by Michael Baigent #Richard Leigh And Henry #Leigh and Henry or Dan Brown s The Da Vinci Code There is an overlap in the fact that all three books deal with conspiracies that revolve around the mystical and mythical order of the Knight s Templar view spoiler who were among the most wealthy and powerful of the Western Christian military orders and were among the most prominent Actors Of Christian Finance The of Christian finance The existed for nearly two centuries during the Middle AgesOfficially endorsed by the Catholic Church around 1129 the Order became a favoured charity throughout Christendom and grew rapidly in membership and power Templar knights in their distinctive white mantles with a red cross were among the most skilled fighting nits of the Crusades Non combatant members of the Order managed a large economic infrastructure throughout Chri. Uesto romanzo magico sulla magia Fit and Sexy For Life: The Hormone-Free Plan for Staying Slim, Strong, and Fabulous in Your Forties, Fifties, and Beyond uesto romanzo misterioso sul segreto e sulla creatività della finzioneesto romanzo tumultuoso در آخرین روزهای رضاشاه uesto romanzo luminoso sun mondo sotterraneo Jacues Le Goff L'Espresso come in Sanctum Angels (Shadow Havens un ricchissimo Alice nel paese delle meraviglie per adulti che hanno conservato le angosce dell'infanzia Furio Colombo La StampaSono convinto chen giudizio serio su est'opera che è comunue straordinaria anche a prima lettura può essere dato sol se tien conto della continuità
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An nknown enemy Just how much do they really knowTo say this is a densely packed novel would be an nderstatement way than half of it s content is Eco having fun as a history Professor cramming in physics philosophy historical surveymathematical puzzles religious and cultural mythology rituals Rosicrucians Jesuits Freemasons Druids on so onHitler philosophy historical surveymathematical puzzles *religious and cultural mythology rituals Rosicrucians Jesuits Freemasons Druids on so onHitler his come into the plot as *and cultural mythology rituals Rosicrucians Jesuits Freemasons Druids on so onHitler his cronies come the plot as with a ite outrageous reason for slaughtering the Jews I would best describe Foucault s Pendulum as a metaphysical meditation but also part detective story it doesn t always work there are moments of brilliance within just not enough of the time the narrative eventually becomes bogged with so much accumulated data and supposition that had me going into meltdownIt was no doubt intriguing and highly ambitious which I give him credit for and Eco s passion for history is paramount throughout Only down side is that after 641 gruelling pages the finale was not really a finale I felt a little cheated after all the effort and wished for another 50 pages or so as to reach some sort of closure But to Eco s credit at least he made Dan Brown s Da Vinci Code look like it was written by a 12 year old This book consists of predominantly two things 1 Endless dialogue by mentally Dirty Tricks (The Nancy Drew Files, unbalanced paranoid conspiracy theorists 2 Endless dialogue by scholars who study mentallynbalanced paranoid conspiracy theorists This is not a bad book but its not an easy read and not really a particularly enjoyable one My enjoyment or lack thereof was tempered by the fact that I was apparently trying to read one story but the author was trying to tell a different one Put another way I was trying to read about plot but the author was trying to write about person Conceptually this book is fascinating but the execution was wanting again this may be because Eco was trying to tell a different story than I wanted to readMany others describe this book as thrilling or a roller coaster ride but it s not It s supposed to be I think but the tension is lost in the morass of dialogue and background In the end rather than being a book about conspiracy theorists which. On la sensazione di aver compiuto Pedro and Me un'esperienza necessaria È il grande libro sul vuoto diesti anni e lo dichiara se appena Break Us (Nikki Kill uno sa leggere Ed è il duro metallico libro che insegna a vivere conesto vuoto a diventare adulti nell'unico tempo concesso Severi no Cesari Il ManifestoIl pendolo è libro superiore al Nome della rosa pur se meno organico proprio in The Soul of Money uanto vi si incontra anchen Eco che non è più ludico ma come dice Mondo 'ha messo in gioco tutto se stesso' Maria Corti L'Indic.