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Mummy Told Me Not to TellChildren Cathy welcomed Reece into her home despite knowing virtually nothing about his family history Little by little Reece began to warm to Cathy and her family and learned to trust those around him But his total refusal to discuss anything to do with his home life suggested there was to his behaviour than social services knew or understood When Cathy was finally allowed to read his files she discovered the truth was far shocking then she could ver have imaginedMy ReviewI was totally pulled into the story of seven year old Reece right from the beginning and have never felt so deeply sorry for a young child in my life as I did Reece The abuse he suffered at the hands of his own family is utterly appalling to say the leastCathy Glass with her many years of xperience of caring for children such a Reece was able to provide him with the love guidance support discipline morals and values he needed to grow into a healthy productive member of society Without her advocacy of Reece who knows what would have happened to this poor child Thank goodness there

Are People Like Cathy 
people like Cathy who are willing out of the goodness of their hearts to take these children in and give them some semblance of a normal lif. Anything As the social worker prepares for the final hearing he finds five different files on Reece's family and is incredulous that he had not been removed from them as finds five different files on Reece's family and is incredulous that he had not been removed from them as baby When the darkest of family secrets is revealed to Cathy Reece's behavior suddenly starts to make sense and together they can begin to rebuild his lif. ,

Review Mummy Told Me Not to Tell

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I normally really njoy books by Cathy Glass but this one I couldn t really get into hence it took me a month to read There was something that I didn t like about the child that was the main character Not sure whether it was his behaviour or whether I just didn t like the way Glass portrayed whether it was his behaviour or whether I just didn t like the way Glass portrayed character Towards the Black Heart, Red Ruby end you find out very sad news whichxplains partially why he has such problems and then I felt really bad for him But The News Is Also news is also disturbing and horrifying so I had my jaw dropped a lot when I was reading what could have contributed to his issues I also did not like how the social worker assigned to the case was so lax about how he dealt with things uite often he was undermis informed he rarely met with the children that were under his charge and he had a not caring attitude towards his job He was always making xcuses for why his actions weren t on time tc and the main New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood excuse was that he had just gone through a divorce Then you find out that he did get anxtended leave so he should have been able to collect himself and put his heart and soul into his work upon his return So yes I found this book a bit off when compared to the other Cathy Glass books but they all can t When Reece arrives at Cathy's door at 7 years books but they all can t When Reece arrives at Cathy's door at 7 years he has already passed through the hands of four different carers in four weeks As the details of his short life merge it becomes clear that to help him Cathy will face her biggest challenge yet Reece is the last of six siblings to be fostered Having been in care for four mon. .
E winners I guess I will read her books again but I may take a break from them for A WHILE THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING I JUST COULDNT while This book was AMAZING I just couldnt it down I loved that it felt as though you knew Cathy and Reece it was nice to know that good things came to him at the nd Really sad in parts but thats what drew you in really
Felt As Though You 
as though you part of the story 2020 still amazes me that the mother was allowed to keep her children time after time before they finally got taken away from her Also amazes me how we have to pander to ach of the complaints the mum made2011 Another book which you wish wasn t based on real life How can anyone treat a child that way I am so impressed at how the carer managed to bring the best out of the child Cathy Glass constant stream of shock value child abuse stories get old really fast Child abuse and neglect is wrong no doubt but these books are full of filler and aren t very original at all Story DescriptionSeven year old Reece was the last of six siblings to be taken into foster care By the time he arrived at Cathy s his disruptive behaviour had seen him go through four carers in little over a month But as an xperienced foster carer with a reputation for handling difficult. Ths his aggressive and disruptive behavior has seen him passed from carer to carer Although only 7 he has been ЯED excluded from school and bites people so often that his mother calls him Sharky Cathy wants to find the answers for Reece's distressing behavior but he has been sworn to secrecy by his mother and will not tell them.

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