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Iously boring writing style makes C Er Show What Er show what is covered and how individual topics interrelate Topics intended for beginners and advanced readers are clearly marked and the book includes indexes of C# versions 20 30 and 40 which make it easy for readers to reference topics specific to a given release of C# Following an introduction to C# readers learn aboutBest practices for object oriented programming in C#C# primitive data types value and reference types implicitly variables anonymous types plus dynamic typing in C# and parameters including extension methods partial meth ods and C# 40's optional and named parametersGenerics concurrent collections and. S much fun as watching cement harden. Custom collections with iteratorsDelegates and lambda expressionsCollection interfaces and standard uery operatorsuery expressions and the expressions uery operatorsuery expressions and the tree expressions which LIN providers are basedReflection attributes and dynamic programmingParallel uery Processing with PLINMultithreaded programming with the Task Parallel LibraryPlatform interoperability and unsafe Common Language Infrastructure that underlies C# you're ust starting out are an experienced developer moving to C# or are a seasoned C# programmer seeking to master C# 40's most valuable enhancements Essential C# 40 will help you write high uality highly effective co.

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Essential C# 40

download Essential C# 40

Cumbersome code examples and a ted. Essential C# 40 is a well organizedno fluff guide to all versions of C# for programmers at all levels of C# experience This fully updated edition shows how to make the most of C# 40's new features and programming patterns to write code that is simple yet powerful This edition contains two new chapters on parallel programming multi threading and concurrency as well edition contains two new chapters on parallel programming multi threading and concurrency as well extensive coverage of new 40 features dynamic typing variance optionalnamed parameters and many other new topics Mark Michaelis covers the C# in depth illustrating key constructs with succinct downloadable code examples Graphical mind maps at the beginning of each chapt.

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