PDF or EPUB [Nickelodeon Nation The History Politics and Economics of America's Only TV Channel for Kids]

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Nickelodeon Nation The History Politics and Economics of America's Only TV Channel for Kids

summary ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Heather Hendershot

This is a solid collection about an important channel Each individual chapter
is strong and 
strong and number of excellent scholars are epresented However there is uite a bit of epetition between chapters as many focus on the evolution of Nickelodeon and its distinct brand strategyvoice At times this is eally interesting. Nickelodeon is of Nickelodeon and its distinct brand strategyvoice At times this is Mathruhridayam really interesting. Nickelodeon is highestated daytime channel in the country and its cultural influence has grown at an astounding pace Why are Nickelodeon shows so popular How are they developed and marketed And where do they fit in the economic picture of the children's media industry Nickelodeon Nation The First Major Study first major study the only TV channel just for children investigates these uestionsIntended for a wide ange of eaders and illustrated thorughout the essays in Nickelodeon Nation are grouped into four sections economics and marketing; the production process; programs and politics; and viewers The contrib. As you can see some AND CONTRADICTIONS IN DIFFERENT PEOPLE S contradictions in different people s but at others find yourself eading the same bit of information multiple times That being said this is a strong collection particularly for classes because there
is a strong 
a strong of historical channel narratives and ideologica. Utors who include a former employee in Nick's animation department an investigative journalist a developmental pyschologist who helped develop Blue's Clues and television and cultural studies scholors show how Nickelodeon succeeds in large part by simultaneously satisfying both children and adults For kids Nick offers gross out jokes and no holds barred goofiness while for adults it offers a violence free world ethnic and acial diversity and gender parity Nick gives kids the fun they want by gently violating adult ideas of propriety and satisfies adults by conforming to their vision of uality childr. ,
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Ltextual examinations of programming By Media Scholars And Interviews And Chapters media scholars and interviews and chapters by individuals who were themselves involved with Nickelodeon and the development of Nickelodeon programming This combination would be particular compelling for students who are interested in hearing from industry professionals. En's programmingNickelodeon Nation shows how in only twenty years Nickelodeon has transformed itself from the green vegetable network distasteful for kids but good for them according to parents into a super cool network with some of the most successful shows on the air This ground breaking collection fills a major gap in our understanding of both contemporary children's culture and the television industryContributors include Daniel R Anderson Sarah Banet Weiser Henry R Anderson Sarah Banet Weiser Henry Mark Langer Vicki Mayer Susan Murray Heather Hendershot Norma Pecora Kevin S Sandler Ellen Seiter Linda Simensky and Mimi Swart. ,