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This view spoiler these guys are NOT in an exclusive relationship by mutual decision so there is on page sex with other people not heaps see my pdates Who knows if they would have become exclusive after all the love declarations at the end I like to think so but I can also see Jack encouraging Ricky to continue having fun with people like Aaron hide spoiler OMG OMG OMG deep calming breathsThe existence of this book and the lack of it s widespread availability is patent proof of our screwed From Mistress to Wifey up world I m not being hyperbolicite frankly I should t be surprised I ve loved everything I ve read by Anah Crow *Dianne Fox These Authors Decoded *Fox These authors decoded DNA a while ago before I knew about them Now I spend my days hunting down as many of their books as I can digital or paperback and basking in the goodness of their stories The best way to describe this is as purely and simply a love story A perfect and exuisite love story The details are that Jack Corson a well known irascible and gruff writer think a modern day gay Hemingway has been semi rusticating in suburbia "After Abandoning His Past "abandoning his past And here s one of the countless little details that make this book great we find out all we need to know about Jack s past not as an info dump but rather in the normal course of conversations remembrance Here s a snippet of who Jack is and why I love him with the intensity of a thousand burning suns Because I m too old to appreciate the romance of stumbling into having sex at random and not knowing what the other person is thinking or doing I m going to take all the fun out of this Jack tapped the ash off his cigar and

a pull on it then looking thoughtful Also I like you too much to make it a game He reaches out and ran his thumb over Ricky s lips I ll tell you if I m not interested temporarily or indefinitely And trust me I ll probably tell you at some point but it ll likely be temporary I work hard People piss me off Even Disney Infinity: Character Encyclopedia unbelievab. Orson on the other hand is a suburban hermit with a tangled past Jack's a lot experienced than Ricky cantankerous and than a little anti social When annexpected one time encounter between the two of them turns into Ricky.

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Hell I finished this book and might even write a bit of a reviewI noticed Anah Crow s name and was like hell yeah Uneven Then the basket with flowers on the beheaded stock model caught my eye and my excitement ebbed away Prrrrobably not after all Pretty good Dance With The Devil upntil about 60% when it became porn *THAN STORY YEAH YEAH YOU KNOW I DON T *story Yeah yeah You know I don t mind but it was fucking oversaturated with the endearments of Ohhhhh my baby Ohhhhh my sweetheart Baby my sweetie Ugh My dirty fun times became sappy cheese overload Up Smitten until then it would ve been a steady 4 star read It was like the author got bored and just wanted to hurryp and finish the story Lots of plot holes view spoilerI was confused a "Bit With The Spattering Of Jack S Past And A "with the spattering of Jack s past and a peeved with Ricky having sex with others Though it occurred BEFORE they were technically in a relationship and Ricky realized the magnitude of his feelings for Jack I still don t like random cocks all A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel up in my story Most of it was just kinda mentioned but one time was in vivid detail No new cocks shakes fists hide spoiler 35 StarsThis book took me forever to read even skimming It says it was 278 pages but I don t think that s right 6200 locations And it was mostly sex Now I m not one tosually complain about sex in my books but there was waaaaaaaay too much here Not much plot You know the sad thing is this could have been really good Lots of plot holes though Underdeveloped story lines By the end it was pretty corny too Lots of sweethearts and baby s and mooning going on It Was Sweet In A Way sweet in a way total overkill And the sex was hot no lie But it was just too much The writing wasn t bad so I would consider other books from these authors Ones of the less porn y variety So read this one when you re in the mood for pure smut But even then just pick a chapter to satisfy you Re read September 2015 I feel like there is so much I want to say about this book compared to last time I ll start off with. Ricky Talbot fresh from his first year at niversity is looking to have a perfect summer He gets to work for the man he's had a crush on for years and spend the rest of his days in the pool training for the swim team Jack Slow Bloom Slow Bloom #1Ly pretty people like you Got that What a novel idea Adults behaving like adults Into Jack s life comes Ricky Talbot the boy from across the street all grown p Ricky is 18 and home after his first year away at college "He gets a job mowing Jack s lawn The rest is a beautiful love story perfectly paced organic and naturalJack "gets a job mowing Jack s lawn The rest is a beautiful love story perfectly paced organic and naturalJack 30 years older than Ricky and yet you never doubt the rightness of the relationship There *is no insta love Lust sure Delicious and reciprocated Ricky has had a crush on Jack since he was 14 yo *no insta love Lust sure Delicious and reciprocated Ricky has had a crush on Jack since he was 14 yo not even a thought in Jack s mind After a lawn mower mishap and a rough outing at a bar Jack and Ricky embark on a fling for the summer which naturally evolves during the course of a year at first reluctantly for Jack into so much It s beautifulI love how Jack is with Ricky patient but not weak kind giving and Night of the Werewolf (Choose Your Own Nightmare, unselfish while keeping to his outward though guy vibe He wants Ricky to succeed and thrive even if it s without him He s not jealous Not in the obvious ways He s present for Ricky in all the ways that matter And Ricky sigh a sweeter generous an open lover would be hard to find He embraces all of Jacknabashedly and wholeheartedly He s brave and adorable and yet still his age Jack Ricky both are kind to each other and try to please each other without ever being syrupy I believe in their HEA and am rooting for long healthy lifespans for both As for the other particulars there are some pretty dresses lace panties a lithe swimmer s body a silver haired bear a spanking or two and lots and lots and lots of kissing petting and licking in all the right places The summer is idyllic and the rest of the year is all that our romantic hearts can ask for My heart is still a pitter patterMy only complaint is that the alluded to seuel hasn t materialized but this works perfectly well as a whole contained story The rest of Jack and Ricky s love story we can dream p without too much difficulty I m already re reading. And Jack must see if they have what it takes for love to bloom despite all of their differences the distance between them while Ricky's away school Jack's past and Ricky's parents Can their slow blooming love come to fruiti. ,