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When my brother recommended this book to me he warned that I might Get Bogged Down By bogged down by detailed references to train operation but the book s title is after all FDR s Funeral Train I am happy to have read the book for a number of reasons but I ll choose these three1 for having learned from it the origin of the expression cup of Joe 2 for the insight that for all

Eleanor Roosevelt didn t now her husband that she new what he would choose for his funeral even though the envelope with "His Funeral Plans Wasn T Opened Until "funeral plans wasn t opened until his burial and 3 for the sentiment expressed in the following Perhaps some thought their grief over the loss of one great man was nothing than a public magnification of thousands millions of smaller private griefs that the newspapers never covered griefs for which there were no artillery salutes and horse drawn caissons and expensive caskets hammered from copper Nearly everyone in the country had lost someone in the war or new someone who had I was as if the United States itself was like one huge funeral train its compartments full of muffled sobs its cold iron wheels rolling inexorably toward a future of unknowns This was an interesting read The author takes us on a train of sadness in a lot of waysOne President Franklin Delano Roosevelt is transported in a coffin and a new President Harry Truman prepares to take over all on a trainDuring his presidency FDR was in a wheel chair A Polio attack 24 years earlier had left him paralyzed from the waist down Hypertensive heart disease illed him and it seems he suffered with Alzheimer s in his last days His last written words were Let us move forward with strong and active faith As the coupler on the train fractured some three times reporter William Murphy joked about how difficult it was to get Rossevelt out of WashingtonTruman was aboard the Roald Amundsen eight cars back from the dining car Twenty nine cars total made up the train He and his entourage were aboard to conduct business primary activity manoevering not grieving Truman used this time preparing to take chargeWith a lack of postmorten conspiratory theories flourished Why was the coffin closed and sealed Rumors that cerebral hemorrhaging which disfigured FDR s handsome face circulated and a bad job was done by the undertakerHis wife Eleanor. The April 1945 journey of FDR's funeral train became a thousand mile odyssey fraught with heartbreak and scandal As it passed through the night few of the grieving onlookers gave thought to what might be happening behind the Pullman shades where women whispered and men tossed back highballs Inside was a Soviet spy a newly. .
Enger cars were segregated during the trip Air conditioning was made possible by ice It is moving to read of the hundreds of thousands of people who lined the route from Georgia to New York State to view the slow moving 25 mph funeral train sometimes in the middle of the night The book details the inevitable scraping between members of Roosevelt s administration and the members of the new Truman Administration As They Rode The Train Cars Northward New as they rode the train cars northward New President Truman the train trip meeting with Cabinet members and advisers as he assumed the presidency and prepared to make a speech before a joint session of Congress after the FDR funeral First lady Eleanor Roosevelt discovered something that had been ept a secret from her and the press about her husband s stay in Warm Springs that would mark the betrayal in the book s title For those wanting a vivid social and political history of the mid 1940s in the United States as World War II wound down and the Cold War was to begin I would recommend this book The well researched book would be an interesting read as well for train enthusiasts First off I ve read this book before I just wanted to put that out there This is a wrenchingly beautiful retelling of the days immediately following the death of President Franklin D Roosevelt in April of 1945 However within this book we ride alongside the passengers on the Funeral Train as it winds its way from Warm Springs Georgia to Washington DC eventually ending in Hyde Park New York at Springwood the Roosevelt family estate It is here where the President is buriedAs a child I had a deep fascination with trains I even had my own Lionel train set complete with all the trimmings and accouterments So in a sense the part of this book that dealt with the nuts and bolts and the running of the Funeral Train itself was very intriguing to me It made me feel andor wish that I could have been in one of those Pullman cars alongside the varied cast of characters of famous people from mid century American History that made up the passenger listAs an added bonus the epilogue of the book tells in detail just what happened to each of the cars that made up the Funeral Train after its April 1945 journey as well as the eventual endings for each of the main characters in the storyORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN 2010. Secret Service documents journalist and historian Robert Klara enters the private world on board that famous train He chronicles the three days during which the country grieved and despaired as never before and a new president hammered out the policies that would galvanize a country in mourning and win the Second World War. .
FDRs Funeral Train

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And children Anna Elliott now 34 years old androde in the Magellan staring out of the window at crowds of people standing in respect and sorrow Eleanor was no longer in the planning talksAs the train made its way up the banks of the Hudson River a map shown one fate had already been sealed that of postwar Eastern Europe In just a few weeks President Harry Truman would travel to Postdam to hammer out the future of a ravaged Europe with Churchill and Stalin To his credit Truman would take a hard lineover Polish independence it would be as useless as the one Roosevelt had takenThe book details the lives of the political characters involved but not much of what the two presidents did for the country Truman said that FDR fashioned ideals for this country ideals that now had to be defended Both Germany and Japan can be certain beyond a shadow OF A DOUBT THAT AMERICA WILL CONTINUE THE FIGHT a doubt that America will continue the fight freedom He ended his speech with a prayer We do not fear the futureA photo of the Presidential car with its bulletproof sheathing is shown among several other photos as an insert in the book Because my mother was a senior in high school in Philadelphia when President Franklin D Roosevelt died in Warm Springs Ga in April 1945 I thought she would be intrigued by the 2010 book FDR s Funeral Train A Betrayed Widow A Soviet be intrigued by the 2010 book FDR s Funeral Train A Betrayed Widow A Soviet and a Presidency in the Balance by Robert Klara In fact she liked the book so much that she mailed it back to me to read I m glad she did Klara examines a narrow range of history and area from FDR s death from a cerebral hemorrhage on April 12 while he was having his portrait painted to the funeral train that brought him to Washington DC and later his home in Hyde Park NY to his 17 minute funeral service and burial on April 15 This narrow focus allows Klara to impart a good many interesting details of the train ride and the events of the time For instance we tend to forget the importance of passenger trains in the 1940s in this age of air travel and driving The locomotives that pulled FDR s casket made of copper and weighing 760 pounds and guests 11 cars in all from Georgia to Washington DC used coal and steam while the ride from the capital to New York City was powered by electric locomotives Again steam locomotives provided the power for the train from NYC to Hyde Park The pass. Widowed Eleanor Roosevelt who had just discovered that her husband's mistress was in the room with him when he died all the Supreme Court justices and incoming president Harry S Truman who was scrambling to learn secrets FDR had never shared with himWeaving together information from long forgotten diaries and declassified.