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E city at a time #RAPID ECONOMIC CHANGES DRAWING ON A # economic changes Drawing on a variety of primary sources this book SHOWS HOW THESE IMMIGRANT TRADERS USED THEIR STRONG COMMERCIAL how these immigrant traders used their strong commercial to secure a place in Venice It demonstrates how the changing balance of international commerce affected early modern Venetian societ. On with the Venetian state which was accustomed to protect its own trade The Netherlandish merchants in Venice part of an extensive international trading network were Venice part of an extensive international trading network were placed TO CONNECT MEDITERRANEAN AND ATLANTIC COMMERCE connect Mediterranean and Atlantic commerce uickly became the most important group of foreign merchants in th. ,
Trading Places is winner of triennial Historical Research AWARD OF STUDIES 2012 THIS BOOK DEALS WITH of Italy Studies 2012 This book with Netherlandish merchant community in sixteenth and century Venice It examines the merchants commercial activities their social and communal relations as well as their interacti. .
Trading Places