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I ll be honest I used to sneer at spin off books of TV showsfilms Whether they be Doctor Who or Stark Trek or Star Wars or The Dukes of Hazzard or The A Team I ve always looked at the spin off books as hack work There for some author to churn out uickly and make a uick buck while the franchise it s linked to was still popular I am realising though as I et older and wiser there are writers who are truly inspired to do reat work in the fictional universes they inherit Writers who aren t just content with churning something out but writing excellent books that just happen to be based in pre existing universes In science fiction that s doubly true as in novels there is no limit to special effects or locations any panorama is open any place is time or space is possible That s why I ve finally decided to explore the Doctor Who novels and maybe even Star Trek and Star Wars somewhere down the line It s a chance for further adventures a chance of brand new worlds I am opening my mind people Although if I m honest I ll probably still steer clear of any Dukes of Hazzard or A Team spin off novels I findIt s easy to see why Lawrence Miles s Alien Bodies is so well regarded in Doctor Who circles Clearly its influence stretches far into the new series We have The Doctor himself as a fetish object who is feared and hunted by the rest of the universe The Pandorica Opens we have the Doctor s bodily remains being a power unto themselves The Name of the Doctor we have a character falling out of a window and into the Tardis which is parked on the side of the building The Day of the Moon and in the character of Sam a irl whose timelines have been manipulated to put her in front of The Doctor we surely have Amy Pond That s before we Baghdad: City of Peace, City of Blood get to the bits about The Time Lords losing a war to a race who are similarly time active It s all in this book and even though Lawrence Miles has never written for it and indeed holds a largerudge against it Alien Bodies Imagine That! gives a much deeper understanding to Nu WhoSo howood is Alien Bodies Well it s a mix of Elena's Conquest gothic fantasy science fiction and Douglas Adams with its own pixyish charm There are characters who do blood rights whilst wearing skull masks there are spaces constructed entirely in mathematics and there are jokes that Adams would have been proud of for example the authors of the various reference books uoted It s a book which stacks ideas on top of ideas and is clearly than a little in love with its own intelligence And that for the most part isreat as the book is intelligent and I appreciate the witty little Sister of My Heart gags there just to show off its cleverness But it seems to me that Miles loses control of these ideas So many are introduced and they are piled so high that it becomes frustrating when the whole thing starts to topple over and various ideas are just left scattered on the floor And at that point the cleverness in tone of the book becomes a hindrance as clearly it s not as clever as it thinks it isThe Doctor finds himself at an auction in the South Pacific with various shady emissaries The lot they re bidding on is The Doctor s own dead body Whichever way you look at it that s a hell of aood set

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For the most it deliver on the promise of that opening and I was thrilled reading it Ultimately though as entertaining as it is the book just slips away from the author Where oh where to beginWell for one thing why was I not informed that this book is absolutely hilarious I think it was suggested that it was rather witty but I think that understates the case somewhat this is a side splittingly funny novel uite reminiscent of Douglas Adams with it s wheeler dealers in outer space and it s Raston Cybernetic Lapdancers But also reminded me of Robert Anton Wilson s Schrodinger s Cat Trilogy particularly the layers of conspiracy and the bizarre Bureaucracy of UNISYC Over all though however much it may remind me of other SF humor it is definitively a Who story A King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies glorious waltz through three decades of continuity and in jokes Not the leaden clunky ponderous mess of The Eight Doctors Nor the forced cobbled together trite of War of the Daleks but a loving commemoration of so much that hadone before If it reminded me of any particular era in the classic series then it would be the Tom Baker days it s a very Gothic esue novel if not a Gothic novel per se and the Time Lord intrigue along with the comedy definitely Rescuing Gus gave it that sort of moodOooh and that intrigue Isn t it just so intriguing hehehe This is the start of it The Second War in Heaven precursor to and in my mind the First Act of The Last Great Time War I ve cheated somewhat in that I long ago read up on The Enemy Faction Paradox and just about every plot arc this story sews the seeds of but since these forces are really rather mysterious even at there most understood I don t think I spoilt them much for myself but rather added weight to them when introduced they are well conveyed over all although none of them fully developed yet It s fun trying touess who represents who at the auction Also there are some Funny Anurism Moments regarding the Time Lords opinion of the DaleksI actually found The Faction to be the least menacing in this story but I suspect later agents will be in their elementHomunculette was a reat character and his seuence in London was much fun all character and his seuence in London was much fun all little cutaway sections were wonderful especially Laika Pro tip picture Homunculette as a slightly exhausted Barack ObamaUNISYC were rather entertaining too with all their oddball procedures and displacer syndrome I m an old UNIT softy but their sheer uirkiness won me over even if I felt they were under used Pro tip picture Kortez as Freddie Mercury and I think that brings us to The Krotons I was sort of expecting Kroton ness from Alien Bodies it was one of the things most commented upon this was the book with which rescues them from the villain scrap heap etc But in fact they were rather late comers to the story surprise uests and when they arrived i d Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story gotten so wrapped up in this being a Time Lord story that i d forgotten it was a Kroton story Their introduction is then all the cooler for that however I was a little concerned when they proceeded to not do much of interest and be a little bit comically. On an island in the East Indies in a lost city buried deep in the heart of the rainforest agents of the most formidable powers in thealaxy are athering They have been invited there to bid for what could turn out. ,

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Alien BodiesD does rely on it to move it forward and I expected this to o down that path to establish certain things and set things up for the progressionof the range Next is Kursaal and would appreciate something light after the heavy arc set up novel but awesome book none the less which is Alien Bodies easily one of the best Doctor Who books I ve read If I could ive a book zero stars this one wouldn t even et one Actually having read comments by the author I d love to ive this book negative stars Arrogant douche But I ll try to confine this review to the book itselfOkay so this book introduces iant new plot twists to the Eighth Doctor Adventures in the form of a Time War set somewhere in Gallifrey s future from the Doctor s perspective This is an incredibly ambitious idea and in the hands of a Moonrise good author I am sure the story would be highly entertaining Lawrence Miles is not that author The actual result was a preposterous train wreck I truly never thought I would read a worse story than The Icewind Dale trilogy something I regret even admitting to have read even if I was sixteen or seventeen at the time but this one takes the cake I truly have never read a worse novel than this and I hope never to read one worse stillFirst of all forget the story The format of the book was awful I have to imagine that this idiot is a fan of the Silmarillion the way he keeps skipping to idiotic character backstories literally every other chapter He does this to create false cliffhangers and as a time travelimmick each subseuent backstory is a piece of the Relic s story only told in reverse The problem is they re stories about characters that we just don t Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi goddamn care about He literally spends an entire chapter in the current story telling us who worthless and laughable the Krotons are and seriously of all the monsters of the week he could resurrect from the original series he picked KROTONS just before launching into the Kroton backstory chapter wherein heoes into significant depth about the biology and society of the Kroton race I nearly threw the book across the room at this point So freaking terrible I can t begin to comprehend this Incidentally this is what I referred to in my review of War of the Daleks People complained about the interludes in that book but there were three times as many interludes in this book At least that book only threw one in in between major sections of the book serving to split the story up in a fashion not unlike the original series serials This book s interludes being every other chapter just served to jumble the story weakening an already weak tale But I digressAs for the story again in better hands such a concept could have been intriguing The Doctor shows up at an auction for the Relic a weapon desired by several opposing factions in the aforementioned future Time War The mystery is kind of silly since it becomes uickly apparent what that Relic is long before Miles intended reveal The mystery of the various factions is only slightly interesting but uickly becomes absurd Miles decided to delete the Celestial Intervention Agency from reality and rename them Celestis in their outside of reality but not really new home I m sorry if you shorten Celestial to Celestis then that i still Has The Sound Of A the sound of a E in my head which makes their name utterly ridiculous soundingAlso how far are we supposed to swallow the splintering of Gallifreyan culture There s the original Gallifrey the Celestis Faction Paradox which is both silly and also originally Gallifreyan and now the Enemy an unnamed future antagonist in this future War of Miles We meet a member of the Enemy in the Celestis home at the end of the story and he s described as wearing Gallifreyan arb So basically every faction making serious bids on the Relic not counting basically every faction making serious bids on the Relic not counting know the Krotons and the still not time aware humans are all Gallifreyan and every last one of them at odds with each other The fact that the Celestis want to pretend to neutrality and the fact that Faction Paradox adopts members of all races does nothing to change that factIn short Lawrence Miles set out to write the most ambitious book in the history of Doctor Who and failed miserably And then wondered why no other authors wanted to use his plot elements sighs The sole light in this darkness is that somebody eventually did and in doing so wiped this future War nonsense out of existence Causing Lawrence Miles to pout take his toys and o home Sadly I have to suffer through Miles before I Alien Alpha get to thatlorious point but I will revel when I et to that story For get to that lorious point but I will revel when I et to that story For pretty thick book 313 pages the plot is sort of straightforward it s just you will come across sections of the book that are Flashbacks to Specific people in the story telling a bit of their history and explained why they came to ixotl s Auction I don t want immediately jump right to it as I do have something to say about the starting point So the story really started off on very emotional tone not that much but enough for this section to ently pull your Heart Strings especially if you have the Love for DogsNow to the Plot point is that Representatives of each Species have been invited by ixotl who have uite of a history with the Doctor to his Auction the Representatives are Human Time Lords and Yes Faction Paradox There is one representative but I don t want to spoil the funLong story short ixotl is selling an Item which is known simply as The Relic and everybody wants to et their hands on it as it looks upon as a perfect Weapon The Doctor soon learns the horrifying truth about itSo What I think about this story Well I can see why it s so popular It really introduces a lot of Concepts to Doctor Who But the thing that bothers me is well it seems like Biology plays a big role in this story but the fact that this is titled Alien Bodies so what to suspect I must of thought way completely different of the meaning of that titleAnyway the pacing Like I said the plot does feel straightforward but I think what throws it off are the Flashbacks To me it feels like that these Flashbacks are just exposition pure exposition I mean like I said earlier it just exploits the other Characters and explains why they came to the AuctionI say that be it I rate this Story 951. Dder is something horrifying than even the Doctor could have imagined something that could change his life foreverAnd just when it seems things can't et any worse the Doctor finds out who else is on the uest list. Clumsy was this the lorious rise of The Krotons but then we Beautiful Ghosts get inside E Kobalt s head and then weet his flashback and then they start showing off their weapons capabilities and by the end of it I m utterly endeared to this proud warrior race Also they Alexandra, Gone get an awesomely logical but clever origin storySo lastly Doctor et Sam watch diddle diddle deee for the first half we don tet much time with The Doctor and the story all feels a bit unrelated to him The chess scene pokes again at the uestion of how much he s altered in his latest incarnation which I always like exploring Then once the truth about the relic is made clear we A Year in 120 Recipes get much of him and step inside his head in a way that I don t think the EDAs have done well until here the other two attempts really being at the start of The Eight Doctors and The Bodysnatchers As for asm we don t reallyet much of her and I wonder if Miles has something against her as a character certainly when we do F. Scott Fitzgerald get some Sam plot it s in the unconventional form of him suggesting that her entire sugary sweet character has been an altered timeline and she ought in fact to be a teen drug addict living in king s cross Deduce what you will from that but I found the development to be an exiting one even if I d heard all about it beforeSo all in all Brilliant a bit thinly spread I wanted of everything but that s not much of a criticism So many elements of this story now feature heavily in NuWho especially Matts era Looking back at thatap between televised Doctor Who that listed between December 1989 and March 2005 it is sometimes hard for me to understand how it could be called the Wilderness Years There was one book after an Chess The Devil Hath Been Raised: A Documentary History of the Salem Village Witchcraft Outbreak of March 1692; Together With a Collection of Newly Located and Gathered Witchcraft Documents games spanning decades and lifetimes an auction for a mysterious body and TARDIS models disguised as humans I loved it The Eighth Doctor s first meeting with the time travelling voodoo cult known as Faction Paradox what could you possibly ask for I read this circa 2002 and have to say that this book was the catalyst for not onlyetting me back into classic Doctor Who but also Boudica: The Life and Legends of Britain's Warrior Queen getting me hooked on the continuing adventures of the Paul McGann Doctor through the EDA range of novels So much so that I now count the Paul McGann Doctor as one of my favourites even though his screen time was limited to one outing the much maligned American TV movie It was such a shame that he wasn tiven of an opportunity to flesh out the role via a TV series but on the flipside due to the Big Finish Audios and the EDA novel range the Eighth Doctor has been iven a distinct voice that very much makes him a part of Doctor Who canonDefinitely one of my favourite EDA s and recommended to any Doctor Who fans as a ood starting point for etting on board with Paul McGann s DoctorVery much overdue for a reread of this one as well A startling reminder that before he was a ranting man on the internet Lawrence Miles wrote startlingly ood Doctor Who You can see why a man might be bitter though when he came up in the space of this one book with the Time War a human female TARDIS and a story in which the Doctor s corpse is the starting pointBut then some of the stuff he doesn t like is here too For all that he complains about Moffat s overuse of the Doctor s he complains about Moffat s overuse of the Doctor s as a weapon in itself or the tendency to upgrade the Doctor into an all round superhero this is the story of the Buddhism: Introducing the Buddhist Experience great powers of thealaxy and some less celebrated parties trying to et on to that level athering to bid on a relic of reat and unspecified powers That relic beingthe corpse of a future Doctor whose adventures in the meantime have left his biodata even valuable than it already was Who even in death can mess with events And so forth In other words this is excellent So s the new series They re clearly the same Doctor Who whatever anyone might say to the contrary Why can t people just et along Doctor Who EDA Books 6 Alien BodiesClearly the best EDA Book out of the six I ve read so far in the EDA marathon reading It ot better and better as the book progressed pages 1100 810 pages 101200 910 pages 201313 1010The plot is very simple collective powers around the universe come together for an auction We see Humans Timelords The Faction Paradox and some other interesting faces come into the scene Get a bit of Daleks Master Plan vibes of different collective powers all meeting but for a completely different reason To place a bid for the relic What the item or artifact is well that s for the reader of course ixotl is the one setting it up and him and the Doctor have an interesting historyI would say out of every single Doctor Who book I ve read this is the best put together Dr Who novel I ve read It does rely on heavy exposition to move the characters storiesintentions along but I don t see it as a bad thing at all I enjoyed hearing their parts Some complain about it I don t know why it was executed very well to bridge the cliffhanger sections Similar to War of the Daleks interludes but done SO MUCH BETTER here I was thinking Nightshade is potentially in trouble of being knocked off the thrown as my all time favourite Doctor Who novel short answer no it didn t Nightshade is still No1 But damn isn t this novel fucking amazing My favourite part I d say is when everybody found out about the Doctor s identity in the auction and everybody turned and freaked out causing complete anarchy and chaos this eventually leads into a dark but awesome confrontational moment of The Doctor and ixotl never seen or witnessed the Doctor especially the 8th incarnation so pissed off Besides The Faction Paradox and The Shift we have a very surprising villain here I think originally it was suppose to be The Daleks as referenced but perhaps War of the Daleks made the change who knows Again that s for the reader to find out I wouldn t of
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ever being in book this Alien Bodies as we all know it starts off a lot of plot strands events and arcs in the EDA range1 The Faction Paradox The Grandfather Paradox As discussed in the loose preuel Christmas on a Rational Planet2 The War in Heaven arc 3 The Celestis4 The Shift it s employers5 The Enemyand some other small stuff but that s the big juicy stuff to focus on Id ive Alien Bodies a 9510 It s exposition alore an. To be the deadliest weapon ever createdWhen the Doctor and Sam arrive in the city the Time Lord soon realises they've walked into the middle of the strangest auction in history and what's on sale to the highest bi.
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