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E it 3 stars despite This Being A WITH A being a WITH A OF MISSED POTENTIAL BUT THEN I a lot of missed potential but then I that in the next part this MM paranormal romance turns into a MMF romance with two butch men protecting a vulnerable girl snorts and it basically destroyed the one thing I liked about this short story the special bond between Den and Jake It was the whole point of the story after all that despite the prophecy Den chose Jake not a girl And instead of running with that the author used it as a stepping stone to a threesome that allowed Den to keep Jake and still fulfill the prophecy as cheap a way out as I ve ever seen I feel cheated because I actually invested myself in their special bond and the addition of a woman in the next part simply diminishes everything this story established I wish I haven t read the summary of the next book it ruined this one for me completely I enjoyed this hot little filler story from a series I ve never read I don t think it s a stand alone BUT I also don t think that detracted from anything Jake mentioning Denn s powe. Try night in the South a little heat and magick can go a long way to figuring it ,

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Hort story The other half is a scene from another book in the series but there s a good sex scene in it between these two as well Bourbon Affair is a short story part of the Pentacles of Magick series A hot short story about the night Jake and Denn hook up for a magickal experience at Denn s after a night of having drinks at Huey s Tavern A combination of their strong attraction and earth magick will have the two shuddering as they come together It s a novella or a short story which I didn t know going into it a setup for A Longer Book About Two Men longer book about these men a woman The whole thing seems rushed and hurried from the way they meet to the way they wind up in bed The characters seem interesting and I m sure they re fleshed out in the next book but I thought that s what preuels were for introducing the characters In this the reader is merely introduced to their throbbing erections and urgent need for one another which frankly didn t hold my interest MehI will not be buying in to this series its just meh Disappointed I was willing to giv. Sure what's going on between he and Jake the hot bartender at Huey's But on a sul. Perhaps if I had read the previous book in this series but Bourbon Affair which is a really short filler story just failed to grab the previous book in this series but Bourbon Affair which is a really short filler story just failed to grab There was nothing major going on here as most of the pages had sex than plot or character development This is the first book I have read by this author and I did enjoy her writing style But I had some confused moments in #the stor A short story that is part of a series that #stor A short story that is part of a series that have not read A MM encounter actually uite good I actually liked both characters I might explore the rest of the series uick read Sexy witch indeed Good little erotic short I d be curious to follow these two guys but the next book of theirs isn t on BN or Besides there s some mysterious witch involved and I dunno if I want some hussie joining in with these two hunks I ll think on it I think I would have enjoyed this if I had read the series It was fine it was stand alone mostly but it just didn t have the depth of feeling I think knowing the characters beforehand would have given it But it was still niceHalf of this book is the A between the books short from the Pentacles of Magick series Dennison Scott isn't. Bourbon Affair Pentacles of Magick #25