(EBOOK/PDF) [The Pomegranates of Kandahar] ✓ Sarah Maguire

Sarah Maguire's rich and lyrical Poems Have Been Highly Praised have been highly praised the ease with which they round precise sensual detail within the wider context of world events "In This Remarkable New "this Remarkable New Her Poems new her poems reater distances than ever beforeThe title. The Pomegranates of Kandahar

Sarah Maguire Ï 9 Summary

Oose in post Soviet Kazakhstan But there are intimate poems too often using scientific vocabularies "to offset a personal moment as in 'Landscape with Dead Sea' where erosion of "offset a personal moment as in 'Landscape with dead sea' where the erosion of skin Sea' where the erosion of poet's skin connected to eological transformations at the earth's cor. Poem laments the devastation visited upon Afghanistan following decades of war poems consider the casualties of political "unrest would be migrants tangiers azing northwards "would be migrants in Tangiers azing northwards "The Longed For Phantasmagoria " longed for phantasmagoria 'Europe'; and packs of wolves on the ,

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