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Ed for that reasonHighly ENTERTAINING AND RECOMMENDABLE THIS WAS NOT A WELL CONSTRUCTED and recommendable This was not a well constructed at all I usually don t try to solve mysteries while I read them But n this case the solution seemed glaringly obvious You Come to Yokum if anything confirmed by the fact that the murderer was one of the only people nobody seemed to suspect even thought was so glaringly obvious However this book was readable and humorous In some ways I enjoyed t than I expected to given my memory of Goodbye Mr Chips 12 stars A fairly good read a mystery written the author under the pen name of Glen Trevor and before he would go on and write his famous Lost Horizon and Goodbye Mr Chips To You Mr Chips Based n the aca. Chool meet with two separate accidental deaths and curious ones at that within the same schoolyear n the typical of the schoolyear In the manner of the Age whodunnit the solution s only presented ,

Demic world like Mr Chips Was It Murder begins with an alumnus Colin Revell returning his former public school n response to a uery by the headmaster There s
been a death 
a death the school and
a uery by the headmaster There s been a death at the school and s some concern that Jonathan Franzen: The Comedy of Rage it may be than an accidentRevell spends some time there and gets the lay of the land butn the end he agrees that the mystery s not really a lay of the land but n the end he agrees that the mystery Cycle Style is not really a and truly a simple accident But then the brother of the first victim turns up dead as wellA verynteresting Artscroll Children's Siddur interesting read I didn t findt that suspenseful but the characters are nteresting and the read s fun The backstory make Iron Cross it a must read I likedt Wish he d written mysteries Well written Zachary's Virgin interesting premise. N the final pages of the novel Throughout the book an amateur sleuth and a Scotland Yard detective vie with each other to solve the riddle with only one of them successfuln the en. ,

Murder at SchoolI thoroughly enjoyed this novel the famous author s only foray nto detection written originally as Glen TrevorHilton had obviously read E C Bentley written originally as Glen TrevorHilton had obviously read E C Bentley Trent s Last Case and The Poisoned Chocolates
case by anthony 
by Anthony as many of the elements of those famed tongue n cheek books are subtly guyed here It s also Torah With Ramban's Commentary Translated, Annotated, And Elucidated: Devarim/Deuteronomy (Artscroll) interesting that neither the gifted amateur nor the Scotland Yard professionals cover themselvesn glory since one gets t all wrong and the other nearly provokes a further crimeThis s not ntended to be taken as seriously as some readers seem to do It s A Piece Of Fun piece of fun although the perpetrator s very obvious to readers of GAD fiction the book s not to be dismiss. A detective novel by James Hilton Murder at School deals with the phenomenon of coincidence by posing the uestion of how likely t s that two brothers attending the same boarding

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