E–pub/Kindle [Stealing Midnight] Í Tracy MacNish

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E time I was very happy in the end when she stood up for herself and fought for love instead of running away to for herself and fought for love instead of running away to him and his family This book starts off well and plot is somewhat original which is saying a lot but it uickly goes downhill once MCs are back to civilization Becomes mind numbing boring in the middle then turns irritating toward the end as heroine decides to eep secrets and we all now How Well That Generally well that generally With some five pages left to go hero tells her she better get packing only to change his mind two grafs later Get it on sale or from the library if you must I LOVED the beginning of this book but the middle dragged for me so I nocked it down a starIt s still a historical romance but I recommend if you re looking for something a little different The premise of this book is SO GREAT a dude is in essence buried alive body snatched and then rescued by the daughter of the mad scientist who bought the body And it was certainly a fun read with a great heroine but the dude was Distant Echoes Finding Keys To Life After Abuse kind of a dirtbag so I don t really think he deserves her There were so many aspects of this book The resurrection men and anatomy part was much less a feature of the book than I anticipated The author s note on the topic was so interesting particularly the estimate that 8% of English people at this time were buried alive Those pockets in coffin linings for vials of poison suddenly made a lot sense The weaving in of Welsh and Irish culture was very enjoyable and sadly unusual in a Regency Grandpa makes an off hand comparison of Aidan to Cu Chulainn which turned out to be very interesting in light of Aidan s houndguard dog The dog s death as in the Cu Chulainn myth marks a transition to Aidan as Olwyn s protector There was also a fascinating parallel with Yeats play The Only Jealousy of Emer which begins with Cu Chulainn apparently dead only to be revived by his wife and lover The way they awaken him was very reminiscent of the opening scenes with Olwyn and Aidan when Olwyn explicitly makes a comparison to Sleeping Beauty One of my favorite sections all too brief was when Aidan woke up in the stone cottage and thought he had been transported to medieval times All throughout there was a bit of a uestion of magicfairy tale The line between reality and magic was somewhat blurred Downsides Missed opportunity for PadraigMira side romance or next book I was very sad there is no book for Padraig since it seemed very set up in this book I thought Mira could have been redeemed until the laced oysters incident From then on she was a very overblown villain very evil other woman I really dislike the You don tnow you re beautiful that s what makes you beautiful trope I think it s fine for women to now they are beautiful and we could have appreciated Olwyn s lack of artifice without so much reliance on Mira as a foil This was confusing but ultimately enjoyable The cover is classic Regency romance but it s so far away from what one thinks of when thinking about that genre I liked it but it was very different and not without its problems It s gothic which is not ordinarily my thing The heroine Olwyn is ept in captivity essentially by her father who is a mad anatomist obsessed with dissecting bodies to discover why people die after anatomist obsessed with dissecting bodies to discover why people die after death of his only son One of the bodies purchased from the grave robbers is the hero Aiden who isn t dead obviously otherwise the romance would ve taken a very strange turn This book purports to be set in 18061807 but it s a little without time Most. Heir way toward Aidan's home he finds himself drawn to the alluring young woman who saved him from certain death Fiery and sensual Olwyn's very touch fuels a desire in Aidan too fierce to deny But when Olwyn learns he is hiding a heartbreaking secret Aidan must face a difficult choice or risk losing forever the love he so desperately nee. ,
Stealing Midnight5 5 5 5 5 did I mention this book is a five LOL OMG stop reading this review and go find out for yourself This book has everything it s sexy romantic sad loving It s just everything now I could write and tell all but I won t trust me you want to read this and find out for yourself This book had me at the first page and never let me go I can t say it enough READ THIS BOOK You will not be sorry I m in love a re read for sure Some of this was pretty good the romance was pretty blah The characters didn t seem to Have Chemistry Though They Were chemistry though they were at talking as if they did The family intrigues were interesting I think this could have been of a saga and given the characters dimension IF YOU RE NOT A SPOILER LOVER LIKE ME PLEASE DON T GO BEYOND HEREWhat happened Initially I admired the heroine she had survived by wits alone for years and suffered cruelly at the hands of her mad man father and fought successfully the repulsive attentions of his male assistant all the while yearning desperately for freedom as you would I admired her forthrightness and her strength but then she had little to say or little he would listen to when the hero refused to let her be on her way weather not permitting and dragged her off to his lair and into a storm of censure not only from his family but from dragged her off to his lair and into a storm of censure not only from his family but from fianc too and rightfully so At this point I would have cheered for our heroine if she d found that lost backbone and left without turning into this whining woman offering herself to a man whose fianc she d just bloody met I waited and I waited for her to take a very deep breath and come to her senses the hero after all was honour bound to his fiance the woman he d compromised naturally and to realise that perhaps she just might be jumping in too uickly too soon hadn t she just swapped one cage for a gilded other Okay she was in love with the hero I get it and he did give her the choice to stay or to leave himbut how much exciting and a lot believable if he d been half the honourable man the book touted he was and he d sent her away for a few months or even yearsbut alas Rhys Gawain is a pathetic old man who is close to being insane as one can be He wants to solve the mysteries of death and thinks by experimenting on corpses from the local cemetery he will be able to find the answers he seeks He pays grave robbers to supply him these bodies He uses his daughter Olwyn as his assistant even though she is sickened by it Her father s mind is slowly deteriorating and she wants to escape her father s harsh cold estate where she ll be free from ridicule The people of Chester believe Olwyn is a witch with her long black hair that people of Chester believe Olwyn is a witch with her long black hair that streaks of white running through it And because she has no mirror to look at herself in she believes her father when he tells her she s uglyOlwyn is in for a shock when the latest body that has been uncovered is actually still breathing Rhys doesn t care and wants to operate on the unconscious man Olywn is able to stop her father run away and carry the strange man on her horse drawn cart to a secret place where no one will be able to find them Olwyn will be in for even surprises when the man wakes up and accuses her of trying to An Alien Heat kill himLord Aidan Mullin has no idea how he has found himself naked and being taken care of by a woman who looks to be from another time because of the way she dresses and speaks Aidan is grateful to Olwyn for rescuing him after she explains how he came to be in her safeeeping For some reason he finds peace with Olwyn away from all the re. Set in the English countryside this exuisite new Regency novel by MacNish reveals how one woman's courage wins her the love she had never dreamed she'd findWhile Olwyn Gawain lives as a virtual prisoner in her home her scientist father conducts chilling experiments on stolen corpses in the dungeon of their eep One night Olwyn is shocked. Sponsibilities he must endure as the son of a Duke and a betrothal to a woman he doesn t love but must marry because he ruined her He wants to be someone else for a short while and tells Olwyn his name is Lochrann a nickname his deceased father gave him and what his twin brother Padraig now calls himOlwyn is not used to being around such a virile and handsome man She will help him recover and when he is well enough she will find a ship to take her to America where she can start a new life But Lochrann wants Olwyn to stay with him and when Padraig finds him and brings him home he refuses to let his beautiful witch out of his sight She has placed a curse on him where he only wants her and no other woman will do not even his fianc who will do whatever she can to eep them apartStealing Midnight does have an interesting plot regarding grave robbers a mad scientist type father and a heroine who is very uniue in her personality and looks It also has an atmospheric gothic feel to it With these combinations you would think I would be impressed by this latest historical romance by Tracy Macnish I wasn t I had such issues with Olwyn and the way Aidan treats her that I could barely finishIt s bad enough that Olwyn s father is crazy but the reasoning behind it is pretty silly He goes off the deep end because of the death of Olwyn s brother Her mother decided that the Gawain household was one not worth staying in and disappeared leaving her daughter to the whims of her abusive father who in order to eep Olwyn in line tells her she is horrible to look at He makes sure she has no one to turn to for help because of all the gossip about her He makes sure she has no one to turn to for help because of all the gossip about her a witchI was not at all sympathetic to Aidan s problems They are so small when you compare them to what Olwyn goes through He moans and groans because he has so much responsibility on his shoulders and what he has to deal with especially in regards to Mira his fianc who may look like a angel but isn t She s a nasty piece of work And I Almost Choked On My Laughter Because At One I almost choked on my laughter because at one Mira is described as being as adorable as a ittenAidan is the worst Sonic Alchemy: Visionary Music Producers and Their Maverick Recordings kind of hero because he strings along Olwyn One moment he can t be with her and must stay away because she is not meant to be for him but then suddenly he is overcome with lust for Olwyn and only comes to her at night to sleep with because she helps him sleep He uses Olwyn as a body pillow just because it suits him I was insulted for Olwyn who really has no spine to speak of Her reactions to things make sense because of the way her father treated her but she is the type of woman who if Aidan wanted to could treat her horribly and she would allow it Along with the purple prose like descriptions of what the characters look like and the actual sex acts as well as the secondary plot with Olwyn s father wanting revenge I felt Stealing Midnight was a sad comedy if anything What should have been luscious regency romance where a woman finds her self worth in the arms of a wonderful hero fell so flat From Olwyn and Adian s traits I can t see them having any HEA and for this reader a HEA is so very important when reading a romance Stealing Midnight fails in this regard I thought this was a great book It was my first historical romance And I really liked it I met the author at a conference last year and after hearing her speak specifically about the research that went into writing this book I had to have itI thought the story was great with some good twists and turns I liked the heroinestrong most of th. To discover that her father's latest subject a breathtakingly handsome young man is still clinging to life Refusing to let him die Olwyn stops her father at gunpoint and flees determined to bring the innocent man to safetyThe son of aristocrats Aidan Mullin doesn'tnow what to make of the unusual intriguing Olwyn But as the pair make