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F God s redeeming Grace A Trip To Glory return to Glory this time featuring a newcomer who aspires to publish a newspaper but gets drafted as the first sheriff the town has ever had He abruptly meets the oung woman who is Glory s closest thing to a doctor and the rest of the story is all about the attraction they both fight and an almost insurmountable conflict As heroines go I was pretty disappointed in Amelia s behavior toward the hero when the conflict reached its pinnacle given the circumstances and thought it took far too long for her to regain her intelligence and compassion afterward However Landis is certainly a writer who makes Wachten op Apollo you care about her characters and there was an intriguing subplot thatou typically do not find in historical old west fiction This story wasn t bad but I didn t think it stood up well to some of the author s other works It was very heavy handed with the lesson I recommend the author but not necessarily this particular book I liked the plot but the author was a bit too heavy on the Christian message maybe the Steeple Hill Publishers demanded that 35. Nineteen ear old brother And it's Hank's job to bring the guy inHank knows all about losing family "And He Slowly Sets "he slowly sets restoring Amelia's shaky faith But doing what's right might mean breaking her heart and his ow. .
These characters are so likable that readers are eager to meet them again In Future BooksThis Is future booksThis is low key pleasant story about 2 people who have to get over their prejudices against the other before they can enter into a serious relationship Another of the author s western romances with a Christian slant The characters in this book have appeared in two others Homecoming and Heart of Stone This is the story of Hank Larson and Amelia Hawthorne He is a writernewspaperman pressed into service as sheriff of Glory Texas in 1874 Amelia is the town s only doctor actually a healer and apothocary Conflict arises when the sheriff must doctor actually a healer and apothocary Conflict arises when the sheriff must with Amelia s outlaw brother I really enjoyed this novel Jill has a way of making the characters so real and she weaves in the faith that helps them through the tough times and the romance that adds a rich dimension to it all I thoroughly enjoyed her book Homecoming which made me seek out others she has written This was a fun book to read Had lots of funny parts and a delightful love story Nice follow up story to the author s The Homecoming A story Me to Glory to report crime in the newspaper not stop it himself But everyone thinks the Lord led him there to save the day Everyone except the town's beautiful healer Amelia Hawthorne The robber who got away was her. ,

This is a sweet Christian Historical novel by Jill Marie Landis I did not know she wrote Christian fiction All of the characters not just the main ones were carefully drawn and participated in this story The citizens and the town of Glory Texas were engagingAmelia Hawthorne is a healer who walks into the town bank just before it is robbed A stranger trips over a healer who walks into the town bank just before it is robbed A stranger trips over Hank Larson and happens to stop the robbery Immediately the citizens to name him sheriff Hank agrees reluctantlyThe citizens assure Hank that ever happens in Glory it will be an easy task until nothing ever happens in Glory it will be an easy task until else will take the role This story pulls the reader in rather uickly and keeps the reader s interestHank finds out that Amelia is a healer and a midwife before his death her father was the only doctor for miles Hank is horrified a ear before his wife and child were killed by the incompetence of a midwife and Hank still wears the scars of their lossThe author captures the bustle of a small town and peoples it with folks the reader will care about they will also enjoy the gossip tendencies of the town folk. Not five minutes in a one horse Texas town and Hank Larson foils a bank robbery No matter that one of the bandits tripped right over Hank's dusty boots Suddenly the newcomer is hailed a hero and anointed sheriff Hank ca. .

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The Accidental Lawman

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