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Mountain Wild

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I thoroughly enjoyed this latest addition to the Wild series By An Author Who Has an author who has impressed me in the historical western omance genre I can heartily say that Garret grew up to be a wonderful man Not only is he devastatingly gorgeous he is strong intelligent and independent but despite having a divorce under his belt when it comes divorce under his belt when it comes to it he s not afraid to give his heartIt s clear that growing up with an unusual and strong sister like Skylar Zwanzig Männer sind genug really had an effect on him for he can easily admire the strength and the uniue appeal of a woman like Maggie Even when he sees her at her worst smelling from her bear coat with tangled hair about to kill a man he still steps in to protect her His generosity isewarded because his life is later saved by her and he finds the love of his lifeThis book was Dying Light rather like Beauty and the Beast with the genderseversed In this case Mad Mag as she is called is the Beast In Yaşayan Kur'an Meal-Tefsir reality she is a beautiful woman who has been forced by circumstances to live her life in the mountains away from most humans due to a nefarious brother who tries to kill her at the age of thirteen When mountain man Ira Dawkins steps in to buy her for six beaver pelts she gets the opportunity to survive that she takes full advantage ofMaggie is just as admirable as Garret She has hereasons for hating most people After all her brother tried to kill her for her inheritance and any time she ventures out of her mountains she is idiculed and poorly treated by the townsfolk Despite that she still takes in Garret when he is left for Dead During A BlizzardThat Is during a blizzardThat is the Beauty and the Beast allegory comes in Garret spends days snowbound with Mad Mag only she is incredibly beautiful and sweet smelling At first he doesn t even know it s her Poor Garret falls head over heels despite his spoiled wife having cut out on him after eight months of marriage and still having a wary heart from that I eally appreciated how willing Garret was to love Maggie despite the obstacles in their way He looks past what her The Frankenstein Teacher (Corgi Pups) reputation is to the sweet kind woman she is Maggie is survivor and is used to having no one stand up for her so possessing Garret s devotion is a wondrous thing She doesn t know uite what to make of itIn addition to having Maggie be the mountain woman instead of the hero being the mountain man Ms Kayne also did things a little differently in that Maggie is the skittish one in this story She has no faith in human nature probably for goodeason The only person who was ever nice to her was Ira and at the sam. Fourteen years ago a terrified young Maggie Grace fled into the wilderness of the Wyoming mountains where she has lived alone fighting for survival ever since Until she find. .
E time he kept her at arm s length as well She s lived in the mountains so long she just wants to escape back although Garret is an almost irresistible allure She is attracted to him physically and emotionally and eally surprised that he could want her as well Garret tries very hard not to pressure his Magpie so SHE WON T RUN AWAY BACK TO THE MOUNTAINS won t un away back to the mountains he is brutally assaulted again he gets the opportunity to woo her as she nurses him back to healthI eally do appreciate Ms Kayne s writing Each book in this series has been different it s hard to say which is my s hard to say which is my because they are all so good But it s easy to
Say That Garret Is My 
that Garret is my hero in this series He s neither alpha nor beta but a divine mix of the two He s fearless in giving his heart despite having had it broken He s also fearless in protecting the woman he s come to love but at the same time very gentle kind and understanding with herAgain Ms Kayne eally hits pay dirt with the excellent mix of omance and western action Pick this one up if you want to ead a An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles really good western Ieally liked this series Nice characters As soon as I finised Maverick Wild I jumped on Mountain Wild DI loved Jamie in the previous books and was anxious to Echoes from the Past read his story And I was very very happyJamie is awesome He s hot gentle tender Mmmmmm Wonderful Maggie was great too She was tough capable I felt sorry for her too how awful to have a brother who hate her so much to want to kill her Poor girl I would have loved to know Ira s story Why did he helped Maggie Who was he I liked him and was sad that he was not developed in the storyAnyhow the love story is great There s no doubt that Maggie a Jamie are perfect for each other Magie doesn t fight her attraction and enjoys Jamies adavances fully but she sightly convinced that her awful brother will do everything to kill her even if it means killing Jamie to get to her So she tries to protect him not very successfully Here s her TSTL moment view spoilershe goes to her brother s The Master Strategist: Power, Purpose and Principle in Action ranch alone Why did she thought she ll be able to kill him without anyone else being present Then she talks to him instead of shooting him Obviously she s caught And Jamie coming in herescue is involved hide spoiler This is eally 3 12 ead for me it s the first of this author that I ve ead and I will look into of her booksMaggie aka Mad Meg h is on the un and in hiding ever since her brother tried to kill her at age 13 when he sold her to trapper who happened along The Oathbreaker's Shadow rather than beating her to death Fast forward several years she s now. S cowboy Garret Daines lying unconscious in a blizzardSnowbound in Maggie's cabin sharing the only bed with this beautiful wild woman brings Garret's body and guarded heart. 27 living on her own after the trapper had died and staying hidden in the mountains On theare occasions that she does have to go into town she goes in disguise She makes sure she is dirty smelly and looking old and the towns people call her Mad Meg They also leave her alone which is just the way she wants itOne day while she s in town she has a chance encounter with her brother he thought she was dead and when he cornered her in an alley a blond cowboy came to her LEGO Kingdoms: Defend the Castle rescue A few days later sheuns across this same blond cowboy injured freezing and a breath away from death She couldn t t just leave him there to die but bringing him back to her little hidden home would mean opening up a whole can of wormsshe would just have to move again once he was better and out of her hairlast thing he In Berlin Vielleicht remembers is looking for his friend when he nevereturned to the The Six-Cornered Snowflake and Other Poems ranch now he s waking up in a cave with a very skiddish young woman taking care of him He s as weak as a newborn but as soon as he secovered he has to continue looking for his friend and check on his The Making of Matt ranch Bad things have been happening to theanchers in this area and he needs to keep a look out and try and figure out who s behind all of this so he doesn t t become the next victimI Evermore really did like the story of these two but one thingeally bothered me and kept me from grading this higher SMALL SPOILERS just before the H and Maggie have sex she Curious Myths of the Middle Ages: The Sangreal, Pope Joan, The Wandering Jew, and Others remembers back on her life with Ira the trapper who bought her Sheemembers asking him to give her a baby after spending so much time with the Indians and seeing the Indian women with their the Indians and seeing the Indian women with their she wanted one of her own love the author explains how Ira had gotten mad and left saying she didn t know what she was asking of him and had gotten mad and left saying she didn t know what she was asking of him and as he lay dying she apologises to her saying she would have made a great mother She had no other contact with any other people yet when she sleeps with for the first time there is no mention of her being a virgin nothing In fact the love scenes Usagi Yojimbo, Vol. 24: Return of the Black Soul read as though they are both very experienced in sex This made no sense to me at all Other than that though the story was pretty good Iead this on Saving Grace recommendation of lists I liked iteally well The story was very well told with a clear and cohesive plot I liked the younger man I need to go back and Daughter of Witches (Lyra, read theest of the series now Author did use the word okay a lot and that would throw me out of the story every time as I had to stop and wonder if the word was in common use then and what she could have used instead Still a pretty good western fee. Pulsing back to lifeGarret is the only man ever to show Maggie any kindness and the walls around her heart begin to crumble But this wildcat won't let herself be easily tame.

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