[Read] (The Golden One LucasFilm's Alien Chronicles Book 1) Author Deborah Chester

With Elrabin and other alien characters this entirely human free book and series still tops my personal charts This was one of those audiobooks that I picked free book and series still tops my personal charts This was one of those audiobooks that I picked just because it was real different than what I usually read and because I love the Star Wars movies Very pleasantly surprised and a fun listen I wasn t sure about it at first as it plays off like a radio show But I got into the characters and now I want to find out what happens to the Aaroun a cat like creature called Ampris Note This was a book that I received from a member at Bookcrossingcom Loved this trilogy as a kid and it s lost none of it s charm over time This book is amazing to me it teaches courage and honor and the simplicity of oung life while on the other end of the spectrum it teaches how frail life can be but how courages one can be My second favorite series I never realize what a scifi lover I am until I start reading a good one I liked this book very much After I finished it I went looking for book 2 of the seriesIn a universe very different from ours races struggle for justice and freedom It may sound like many others but it is uite uniue from others I ve read Epic trilogy Strong female lead with no romantic interest Strong female villain too Fascinating alien cultures Classic storyline Also a good buddy story Themes of slavery servitude gladiatorial games violence friendship betrayal escape exodus survival mad science experiments and a society fallen into decadence. E where a legend is about to be bornThe ruler of the reptilian Viis has purchased a new pet for his daughter But the animal named Ampris has a important destin. ,

Inally purchased this as an audio book to share with my husband who doesn t like to read The audio production was excellent with a full cast So why do I have the paperback Simple the publisher issued volumes 1 and 2 in audio but never released volume 3 I have a few colorful words to say about that but will stick the reviewing the novel The story was so good I had to buy the paperbacks to get the conclusion This is a wonderful space opera All the racespeoples in the trilogy are aliens no humans to be found A repitilian race has enslaved many other species of sentient beings But a messiah is coming to lead them in a revolution against their oppressers And she will be raised as a companion to the princess herself Friends will become enemies and an empire hangs in the balance Highly recommended This still stands as one of the best audiobooks I ve ever listened to though I didn t listen to it this time mostly because it s impossible to get ahold of The beginning of the first book in this trilogy takes its time getting started but the characters world and story were as Amazing As I Remembered as I remembered childhood and that s not something that s held true of every beloved book I ve re read in my adult The Summer I Wasn't Me yearsI can say with confidence that Ampris is one of my favorite science fiction protagonists As usual with my favorites she s a tragic leader type the mantle is thrust at her in this book but Chester masterfully plays Ampris s acceptance of that mantle through two novels Along. Re universal for justice for freedom for peace Lucasfilm's Alien Chronicles is a sweeping adventure that will transportou to another time and to another plac. ,
I really can t formulate a coherent review for this story but it intrigued me It really did I have a strange feeling that they re trying to it intrigued me It really did I have a strange feeling that they re trying to Elberin and Anapris up and I m not really feeling any chemistry between themI m all here for her story though She seems like she ll harden into a fighter and a kick ass one at thatI own the other two books so I ll def be continuing the series to see if it gets better Rereading my favourite series from when I was Khaiye Aur Vajan Ghataiye younger I was a little worried that I wouldn t find it as good 12 or soears later but from the first chapter I ve been hooked all over again and in LOVE WITH THE AMAZING ALIEN WORLD with the amazing alien world created I can t believe this series is not popular and hope one day it gets the recognition it deserves Amazing story with great characters It will definitely be one I pass on to my kids I love this whole series I read it back when it first came out in 98 and it pulled me in I have to say as much as I love Ampris and the relationship between her and Elrabin my favorite parts to read were about Israi and the watching the Viis empire slowly crumbling around them The Golden One is the start of Ampris tale from her birth being ripped from her mother then adopted by Israi the sri Kaa of the Viis empire until she is ripped away from thatThis book will suck ou right in with its descriptions of the life of the Ampris in the palace to the life of Elrabin in the abiru ghettos Such well drawn characters and scenery I love it I orig. Here is an epic set in a far distant universe a saga of faraway planets and of races strange and fantastic than an ever seen on our world Yet their struggles .
The Golden One LucasFilm's Alien Chronicles Book 1

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