(E–pub/Pdf) Cold HarbourSinister House by Francis Brett Young

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Code Name: Silence pSINISTER HOUSE especially in balancing dialogue and description COLD HARBOR isrimarily the story of an arrogant rofane intellectually aggressive genius one Humphrey Furnival and an evening spent in his and his wife s company by a young couple Ronald Evelyn Wake Furnival a sharply drawn rationalist medievalist character refuses to believe his wife and s assertion that his archaic house Cold Harbor is haunted he experiences nothing out of the ordinary although house is a notorious bad lace that stands on the ruins of an ancient Roman Villa in the Black Country of industrialized England And yet the lace seems to be driving Mrs Furnival mad and may have destroyed the lives of their children The Wakes deliver their every impression of the evening to their Friends Including A Writer And Priest And including a writer and riest and ask for their opinions of the matter before revealing its resolution That resolution may strike some as anti climactic Lovecraft certainly thought so loving everything else about the book but I found it a Margery Meets the Roses powerful examination of the nature and extent of evil and thelotting really ratchets up the tension in the last few chapters as the Wakes move to revent a tragedy To say would be a crime but there are mysterious events and ghostly happenings a lenty mostly told in flashback to entertain Also are mysterious events and ghostly happenings a The Wapshot Scandal plenty mostly told in flashback to entertain Also descriptions of the countryside especially the industry blightedollution scarred site of the house are very The NIGHT. Erotischer Roman powerfulCOLD HARBOUR may be worth an extra look for those who enjoy a good gothic strongly woven tal. Winds blowing Comfortable fires andleasant food and then ghostly fingers at one’s neckEach novel is introduced by S T Joshi and features its first edition cover art We are fortunate to resent Sinister House with its four original interior illustrations as well Both novels are conveniently reprinted in one volume reminiscent of the “Ace Doubles” of a bygone era of ublishing. .
Cold HarbourSinister House

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Timate revelation of the roots of the mystery but it s hampered by a rose style that is if not tortuous aimless meandering and clumsy it always seems to focus on the least interesting aspect of the scene or direction of the dynamic coming off as stodgy uite a bit There s a nicely described initial ghostly manifestation a uite effective use of the Smith s child as a sensitive to something wrong and his incorporation of some monster folklore about the Lorelei he s been scared with and there s some nice implications in the final revelation that Die fremde Stadt: Breslau nach 1945 perhaps could not be strongly developed at the time involving religious maniaious sadism and emotional abuse ranging into masochism but these are all delivered after the fact Unfortunately the ghostly aspects of the lot seem ill thought out as when two ghosts move to strangle a woman but are detained in the nick of time because they got in each other s wayOverall the book seems to be an unfocused argument for shaking off the older ways of life in this new century where eople should drive automobiles Pierre Smith s new Ford is almost its own character and be happy to live in unaesthetic concrete boxesCOLD HARBOUR 1924 by accomplished author Francis Brett Young is another matter It has an interesting structure in 1924 by accomplished author Francis Brett Young is another matter It has an interesting structure in a tale is told in Italy by a vactioning couple just a few weeks after the events occur and told in tandem since each only experienced The Dreamer Wakes (The Story of the Stone part This dynamic creates some frission as far as revelation of character goes and overall the writing is much stronger than in. Furnival mighterhaps have coloured Lovecraft’s Rivers Last Longer portrayal of Joseph Curwen in The Case of Charles Dexter WardLeland Hall’s Sinister House 1919 is a supernatural tale of a strangely appealing uality Against the background of a typical American suburb isrojected a genuine atmosphere of horror Days of bright autumn sun and family icnics recede nights that are black with great. Very well written atmospheric ghost "Novellas Here S A Twofer " Here s a twofer books HP Lovecraft discussed in his famous long form essay Supernatural Horror in Literature Both of them are fairly well forgotten by this oint and as luck would have it understandably so in one case and undeservedly so in anotherSINISTER HOUSE written in 1919 by Leland Hall who never wrote another novel although he did write extensively on classical music is the weaker of the two Without any foreknowledge it was the slightly interesting in otentia for me as there were implications of some early commentary on the concept of suburbia which at this time eriod really means the idea of bedroom community or commuting into the big city on the train from sleepy little towns and NOT the Levittown1950 s suburban sprawl suburbia and there is but not much and not really in relation to the story itselfA young couple Pierre and Annette Smith sense an increasing strain in the marriage of their friends Eric and Julia Grier who unlike the Smith s have chosen to not live in the new concrete re fab homes in the newly created commuter town of Foresby in the Hudson Valley but instead abide in a creepy old house near the river The Smiths along with Giles Farrow Annette s blustering rude intellectual artiste cousin who is visiting gradually become aware of Smiths along with Giles Farrow Annette s blustering rude intellectual artiste cousin who is visiting gradually become aware of spiritual ower in the house that makes everyone loathe Eric Grier and which seems to be working for the destruction of his wifeThe book has effective moments and an interesting somewhat Rolling Thunder powerful concept in its ul. H P Lovecraftraised these novels in his treatise Supernatural Horror in Literature suggesting they attained a threshold of merit that justifies bringing them to the attention of the modern devotee of weird fictionIn the 1924 novel Cold Harbour by Francis Brett Young an ancient house of strange malignancy is owerfully delineated The mocking and well nigh omnipotent fiend Humphrey. ,