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Fabulous story of family and friends ynamics with not a whole lot of ysfunction which was refreshing More thorough review to comeThanks to HarperCollins for the advance reading Copy ARC Provided By Publisher ARC provided by publisher exchange for an honest review good company by cynthia aprix sweeney takes a lazy maze like amble through two marriages flora and julian s and margot and Lights, Camera, Action (Paranormal Talent Agency Book 1) david s spanning the easy beginnings passions as they fizzle out into ambivalence and uestions of whether something ruined can be rekindled anew theiscovery of a wedding ring thought to be lost sends flora and all the relationships around her into tumult and so begins a journey through time though this journey is by no means chronological or perspective limited often than not i find head switching and leaps through time unnecessarily convoluted in this case i felt like sweeney created something that wasn t at any point incoherent or confused the narrative is sure footed it never seems to stumble some perspective shifts were abrupt than others yes and perhaps a little needless sure but i wasn t ever really mad at them as for the non chronological shifts through time i thought this choice lended the novel something almost marvelous in terms of the marvelous real and was a very well executed way "of endowing or revoking retroactive realizations as the narrative saw fit it made certain revelations land like gut wrenching blows and "endowing or revoking retroactive realizations as the narrative saw fit it made certain revelations land like gut wrenching blows and flutter into stillness like moths in spite of the time leaps the novel is languid than it is brisk this is likely because the narrative is character Becoming a Church that Cares Well for the Abused driven something i love in a book when it comes with readable prose and an interesting premise all of which good company checked off flora and margot s early relationship is built around acting in new york city which means in addition to meditations on female friendship there is plenty of theatre to sink your teeth into this early friendship rich with wonder fast paced almost claustrophobic is juxtaposed with laterevelopments that tug the two best friends from the east coast to the west new york city against la the brightly lit melodrama of theatre versus clinical hollywood acting restlessness as it settles into the calm of late adulthood these parts of the novel were well researched and always interesting to someone like me who s obsessed with narrative minutiae for others the info The Nonlinear Workbook: Chaos, Fractals, Celluar Automata, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Gene Expression Programming, Support Vector Machine, Wavelets, Hidden Markov M dumping might become unbearable particularly as relationship histories areissected and rehashed and Coming Out of Communism dissected again there s a lot of interiority to good company it s neutralized to some extent however by the outward the kinesthetic tension between both couplesthoughevelopment is not eually Ways of Knowing About Birth distributed between florajulian and margotdavid there s a good amount to go around the women of the novel receive the bulk of thisevelopment and are by conseuence the most sympathetic characters flora and margot feel fleshed out flawed real and raw jul. A warm incisive new novel about the enduring bonds of marriage and friendship from Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney author of the instant New York Times bestseller The NestFlora Mancini has been happily married for than twenty years But everything she thought she knew about herself her marriage and her relationship with her best friend Margot is upended when she stumb. Tenderly and honestly about adult life shifting HeroAca dynamics and tensions between two couplesand oneaughter Flora is a voice over actress Her husband Julian started his own Theater Company called The Good Company Margot actress Her husband Julian started his own Theater Company called The Good Company Margot a physician on a popular soap opera series Her husband David is a physician pediatric surgeon The characters are all seriously real When unexpected adversity Reading Africa into American Literature descends upon Florashe must navigate aiscovered secret and betrayalThe fragility of marriage complicated by friendships and parenting is profoundly humanereflecting the unease that life can beCynthia D Aprix Sweeney imbues human flaws with generosity of spiritand observed intelligence She s a Natural Storytellerbut Where The storytellerbut where The is animated in scope Good Company warrants a uiet introspective contemplationA moment of peaceful beautya simple excerpt I experience at my house too When Flora walked outside into her yard which always left her breathlessshe loved the smell of the bitter morning air perfumed with eucalyptus saw the hummingbirds BWWM (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) darting in and out of the flowering bougainvillea and the tiny yellow finches eating seeds from the wild rosemary Thank you Netgalley Ecco and Cynthia D Aprix Sweeney Okay this one is a littleisappointing when you compare it with the author s brilliant work the nest Her talented writing style and uniue story telling skills still rag you into this story but extra embellished long back stories of the characters and their unlikable attributes give you hesitation to connect with them Reading stories about stories of the characters and their unlikable attributes give you hesitation to connect with them Reading stories about companies and Hollywood always attract my attention But this story is about resentments what ifs marriage problems adultery second chances So its genre is closer to omestic The Progressive Guide to Alternative Media and Activism Project Censored Open Media Pamphlet Series 8 drama Let s a closer look to the synopsis Flora is voiceover actress who gives life of a popular animation character for a long time She seems so pleased with her life She has very skillfulaughter Ruby a best loyal friend Margot and lovely husband Julian Until she learns her husband is not loyal to her as like she thinks safe walk she built around her life starts to crumble into pieces She starts to uestion her life In My Shoes decisions her sacrifices her resentments What if she chose another path could she have better fulfilled life Did she give up all those things for nothing We just get closer look to the both of the friends marriage lives It was still riveting and well written novel I couldn t care or connect with the characters but I still admired the author s storyevelopment skills I m giving three mediocre stars this time Because I was expecting a little after truly adoring the nest But I think this is not the story I could get lost even though it wasn t boring or below the average reading but I wish it could be hooking effective one with resonating characters Special thanks to Netgalley and Ecco for sharing this igital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest opinions. A chance to breathe easier and a reunion with Margot now a bona fide television star But has their new life been built on lies What happened that summer all those years ago And what happens nowWith Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney’s signature tenderness humor and insight Good Company tells a bighearted story of the lifelong relationships that both wound and heal us?.

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Ian and avid sort of fade into oblivion as a result and Loosening the Grip didn t much interest me good company s greatest strengths and most pointed triumphs are its women even little ruby flora and julian saughter as she blooms into a bright eyed adult the mother aughter relationship is heartwarmingly excellent jealousy love and misunderstanding between flora margot and ruby make the journey a rewarding onebut there are also of course certain issues the evelopmental eficiency between the make the journey a rewarding onebut there are also of course certain issues the evelopmental Igniting the Internet deficiency between the and the men in the novel make it fundamentally flawed we re supposed to root for these people to want forgiveness and transformation for them to see them as a tight knit family of five but julian for example remains unsympathetic throughout good company for the vast majority of the narrative his mistakes are unloaded his treatment of flora is uestionable at best terrible at worst and by the time revelations about this treatment have been made that flora has existed for most of their relationship not as her own person but as a forced extension of him there s no time for him to atone to really change instead we re left with the knowledge that he s made grave mistakes and has had too little to nothing to right them or himself we have to buy that most of his evolution has already happened offscreen over the last several years where readers can t see or track it the result is asymmetrical flora feels full bodied tender and tear jerking while her husband is a shadow of her someone i Breaking and Entering The Extraordinary Story of a Hacker Called Alien didn t want to win or even see earn flora s forgivenessthe same can be said foravidmargot to a lesser Boku no Hero Academia dj - ハッピーハッピーバーストデー [Happy Happy Birthday] degreeavid has so little stake in the novel that he s almost totally useless margot and him share unresolved issues that briefly flicker into VIEW BUT NEITHER OF THEIR HANDS but neither of their hands ever forced because of this the narrative ends without a resolution or even conversations about finding one his character left me bewildered and seemed to exist to provide angst without any of the pay off i almost wish we Save Me, Im Yours d had time with him and margot to find the redeeming ualities in their marriage there s a lot to like about good company mainly the way sweeney sketches out the women of her world and allows them to take flight or nurse their injured wings the novel is tender in places and bitingly bittersweet in others my biggest issue was the amount of sadness that went to waste and how forgiving the narrative was to julian without reason overall i would call this a 35 star read worth the journey for itsetail Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change driven introspection and its women Cynthia D Apix Sweeney author of the wonderful novel The Nest unleashes a collision of universal forces love sex marriage parenting friendships ambition jealousyesire infidelity careers social chronicles of turbulence economic rivals and seductive pursuits in Good Company It s a story about grownups and growing upfrom New York to California Page turning women s fiction the story Womens Energetics deals. Les upon an envelope containing her husband’s wedding ring the one he claimed he lost one summer when theiraughter Ruby was fiveFlora and Julian struggled for years scraping together just enough acting work to raise Ruby in Manhattan and keep Julian’s small theater company Good Company afloat A move to Los Angeles brought their first real career successes. Good Company