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Dear DurwoodSmall town with a western theme works well for this second book by Jeff Bond Plot flows at a Challenged by Love E-Boxed Set pretty evenace Characters are mostly as developed as the first book This is a modern day suspense in which the author explores his writing skills The only reason why I gave this a 4 star rating is because the author lost a bit of his really intriguing story telling along the way Good dialogue and acing the author lost a bit of his really intriguing story telling along the way Good dialogue and acing you liked the first book I m sure you ll like this follow up story Dear Durwood is the second in the Third Chance Enterprises series and I dived into it straight after finishing the first I was Robot Programming pleasantly surprised to find out this novel was a much shorter read but still filled to the brim with action and adventure It was an interesting change that this book was from theerspective of Durwood with just a few references to the other rotagonists from The First Novel So first novel so could definitely be read as a stand alone novel despite being art of the series Durwood s character and the lot that revolves around him follow the classic mold of an action acked novel so is sure to be enjoyed to all who enjoy this genre I thoroughly enjoyed this book When the description says this book stands alone it absolutely does I had no knowledge of the The Blitzkrieg Legend previous book when I started and I didn t need it to enjoy it but I am curious now that I am done This adventure follows the main character Durwood and his uest to right injustices When the mayor of a small town in Texas replies to his add asking for help Durwood with his trusty dog Sue Ann heads out to Chickasaw Texas to help right a wrong that is being committed to theeople of that town The author has done a fantastic job with Durwood He is very much a classic hero transplanted into a world with corruption and all the bad things that came with the rise of technology which is a big art of his appeal to me itleast Durwood really is in many ways The Everyman The story was well thought out with a great group of characters Amazing Book, Dear Durwood By Jeff. Crusading mayor fund babies turned CEO s the classic snake lawyer and a once Ad Astra prominent family who hit bottom are just a few i can name that make up this amazing cast This book was an absoluteleasure to read I hope Durwood stays around for many adventures Really enjoyed the book along with the characters The storyline was well done Dear Durwood is a cute mystery Retired marine and cowboy he osts an ad in a newspaper People seeking help answers the ad Now he must research and choose who to helpDurwood s next journey takes him and his faithful companion Sue Ann to Chickasaw Texas He must unravel the mystery as to why a successful business is bombarded with lawsuitsYou can just icture Durwood and hear his lingo A delightful story I do recommendThank You BookSirens And The Author For A BookSirens and the author for a copy in exchange for my honest opinion Originally Everything But The Girl published on my blog Nonstop Reader Dear Durwood is the second of a series of PImystery thrillers by Jeff Bond Due out 15th June 2020 it s a compact and uick 175ages and will be available in Sport Social Work: Promoting the Functioning and Well-Being of College and Professional Athletes paperback and ebook formats It s worth noting that the ebook format has a handy interactive table of contents as well as interactive links and references throughout I ve really become enad of ebooks with interactive formats lately For Kindle Unlimited subscribers this book is currently included in the KU subscription library to borrow and read for freeI really loved theulp cover yes even the faux distressing and was hoping for a rollicking story I wasn t disappointed The rotagonist is an altruistic son of a coal miner Don uixote type knight errant with the role of Sancho taken up by his faithful hound Sue Ann Much of the situational tension is funny and happily the book doesn t take itself overly seriously There s a lot of action some romance a fair bit of snappy dialogue some off scene sex and a satisfying denouement Although this is the second book in the series it works uite well as a standalone and in Bond This is the best favorite book. .
Act I got a LOT insight into Durwood s character And Backstory Which Was Missing From The First Book An backstory which was missing from the first book an trio of whom Durwood is one thirdAlthough set in the resent day the action and adventure hearken back to the days of the The Lost Library: The Autobiography of a Culture pulps like Creasey s Baron and Toff and Gardner s AA Fair books Donald Lam Bertha Cool with a tiny smidge of Billy Jack and a whiff of Hap Leonard thrown in for good measure much less active violence and much cleaner language than Lansdale s duo thoughI really enjoyed it Pure escapist over the top and well written The author is a capable wordsmith Bonus for this edition a sneakeek at the first chapter of the next book The Begonia Killer I was unfamiliar with the author Das Unbewusste vom Standpunkt der Physiologie und Descendenztheorie prior to reading and reviewing the first two books in the series and I m so glad I did I will definitely keep an eye out for future work Four and a half stars Disclosure I received an ARC at no cost from the authorpublisher for reviewurposes I read this book rior to the first book in the series It can be read as a stand a lone but sometimes a reference is made to his other artners who really don t lay a role in this book to his other artners who really don t lay a role in this book is an easy and fast read so it s nice when you don t want or can t invest a lot of time But don t get me wrong A lot is happening and references are made to some of the ractices in the business world that are anything but kosher White collar crimes combined with to some of the ractices in the business world that are anything but kosher White collar crimes combined with arming and murder A fun book to read Oh my goshwhat a great shoot em up swaggering character Jeff Bond has created the kind of character I love The kind we all need to read about now then Not only has he made me fall in love with Durwood he s written a story to match the character Full of suspense twists and turns injustice you name it Oh and he has a dog a dog that follows him around like a tick on a deer Oops couldn t help myself It s this story What can I sayDurwood is someone you call on when you can t handle or settle things yourself Don t get me wrong Th. With over 423 readers online here..