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Franny and ZooeyWell you are stupid Mum you are one of the most stupid people I know really what were you thinking when you decided to even read this or God s sake Lights another cigarette I mean to say Rocker Babies Wear Jeans for God s sake it sull of this kind of histrionic dialogue with incessant overuse of italics and the people in it don t so much speak as hold "forth as if they were on the stage somewhere or God s sake and they just go on and on "as if they were on the stage somewhere or God s sake and they just go on and on Jesus and chakras and anahata and all this goddam mystical stuff well surely Mother you should have realised that you wouldn t really enjoy it all that much I mean it s not you is it Mysticism and religion and stuff you never did get that did you so why did you read it Sono with Visits from the Seventh for chrissakeMother also lights a cigarette Franny has one too and Zooey and Bloomberg the cat doesn t want toeel left out so has a cigar tooAlso Remarkable Creatures for God s sake you could die of secondary smoke poisoning just reading this and you know how much you hate cigarette smokeBut I m I don t know I m tired Zooey I m just exhaustedranklyYup me too Fran me too This *is in actuality two short stories combined by the enigmatic writer to orm a novel *in actuality two short stories combined by the enigmatic writer to orm a novel even together not very long at that The opening looks rather ordinary a boy waits Heroes Adrift (Hero, for his girl at a train station set in the 1950 s in an unnamed city in the eastern US as the unpleasant cold winter weatherreezes the college student s bones Lane Coutell is ambitious happy wants to make a splash in the world just the opposite of his girlfriend Franny Frances Glass of the brilliant yet troubled large Chuck and Danielle family Disillusioned by college teachers are idiots and hypocrites like their victim the students Only caring about themselves and lacking passionor their jobs going through the motions and nothing acting FRANNY HAS SEEN THE LIGHT having read a book The Way of the Pilgrim and its seuel The Pilgrim Continues his Way by an anonymous writer a poor peasant with a bad arm a seeker of truth trying to Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old find God s willrom the 19th century he wandered through massive Russia Speaking to countless people most very riendly surprisingly monks are glad to talk About Religion To The Amiable religion to the amiable Franny becomes enad obsessed a better word by these books carrying them around in her purse The much anticipated weekend crashes like a baseball striking a glass window pun intended Fainting spells arguments about teachers in their respective schools what is really important life in general an unpleasant atmosphereSecond part Zooey Zachary a good looking tv actor however not a big man at 25 Gray Bishop five years older than his little sister pretty Franny both are at their parents apartment in New York City He is trying to read somehow an old letter while taking a bath mother entersZooey calls her Bessie and theather Les ormer showbiz stars she is worried about Franny now sleeping on the couch in the living room arriving a ew days ago rom the disastrous weekend sick in heart and bodyBegs him to talk to her afraid the daughter is having a nervous breakdown the uncomfortable son agrees The siblings discuss her strange behavior she hates school riends and professors uits acting in her college play everything is stupid nothing matters but becomes a Liar fanatical reader of the poor Pilgrim s thoughts about JesusSmall book with big ideas still not loved by all in truth heavyweight or lightweight materialyou decide I myself believe it was well worth the rather confusing trip This is great it really is In many ways it s the anti Cornwell Patterson Grisham King Coben Brown Franny and Zooey isn tast paced or plot driven it isn t thrilling in the traditional sense and its concepts aren t surfaced based or easy to come by or even embraced by the mainstream populace but Salinger didn t write Noir for these people he wroteor himself and if you identified with what he wrote good Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are for you if not so be it Even so it s notlourishy or Gaffer fancy there s nothing pretentious about it There is a general disdainor snobbery running through its veins You raved and you bitched when you came home about the stupidity of audiences The goddam unskilled laughter coming Circumstantial Evidence from theifth row And that s right that s right God knows it s depressing I m not saying it isn t But that s none of your business really That s none of your business Franny An artist s only concern is to shoot Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers for some kind of perfect. The short story Franny takes place in an unnamed college town and tells the tale of an undergraduate who is becoming disenchanted with the selfishness and inauthenticity she perceives all around herThe novella Zooey is namedor Zooey Glass the second youngest member of the Glass amily As his younger sister Franny suffers a spiritual and existential breakdown in her parents' Manhattan living room leaving. D heartfelt as if he truly were Buddy himself writing the *second half and reads like a naturally talented author writing at the pinnacle of his craft The use of italics or *half and reads like a naturally talented author writing at the pinnacle of his craft The use of italics or a techniue exercised right up to the borderlines of overuse is one of the many tactics Salinger applies to his literary canvas to conceive life out

Of A Nearly Plot 
a nearly plot introspective narrative and issuing within it a warm glow to resonate deep within the reader lifting their spirits and calming their minds It Island of the Lost Horses (Dora and Friends) feels like the point of conceptionor Wes Anderson s entire career and meant as the highest of compliments to both Anderson and Salinger and much of the style and Summer Meditations feel of the book touched many of the same literary emotions that stored DFW s Infinite Jestorever in my heartPresented as two separate yet eternally bound stories Salinger toys with the way we craft our identity in our God Said, Ha!: A Memoir formative years Theirst story concerning a dinner between Franny and her egotistical and stuffy collegiate clich of a boyfriend Lane Coutell presents Franny unctioning as an independent individual in the world a singular acet of humanity defined as Franny There is no mention of her On the Right Side of a Dream family or her past only details pertaining directly to her as the individual at hand However the second story is not one of independent identity but instead has each character represented as an individual in relation to each other as a product of aamily Franny s obsession with the book The Way of a Pilgrim and the Pilgrim Continues His Way which is initially presented direct rom the mouth of Franny in an attempt to portray herself as an independent identity discovering things on her own and orging beliefs untarnished by the influence of others as a book she took Operation Iceberg : The Invasion and Conquest of Okinawa in World War II from her college library is revealed in the latter story to be a book held in high regard by the eldest Glass children and borrowed by Frannyrom their stagnant bedroom We cannot escape our past our Arrows of the Night: Ahmad Chalabi's Long Journey to Triumph in Iraq family our choices or ourselves and any identity we attempt toorm can only become a crumbling Michelin Green Guide Normandy fa ade without this depth of acceptance and awareness We are only who we are in relation to those around us and without accepting both ourselves and the world around us can we becomeully actualized identitiesThe Catcher in the Rye a book as essential to any high school literary education as vegetables to any balanced diet gave us Holden Caulfield who put a microscope to society and exposed the bacteria of phoniness that is inherent in everyone around him Franny prescribes to this disenchanting reality as well abandoning her laundry list of pleasures upon seeing them as merely a method of stoking her own ego She views her every possible move as just another solution towards conformity and every action as attention seeking I m not afraid to compete It s just the opposite Don t you see that I m afraid I will compete that s what scares me That s why I uit the Theatre Department Just because I m so horribly conditioned to accept everybody else s values and just because I like applause and people to rave about me doesn t make it right I m ashamed of it I m sick of it I m sick of not having the courage to be an absolute nobody I m sick of myself and everybody else that wants to make some kind of a splash Compare this expression existential angst to the depictions of her boyfriend Lane s true nature is best examined in his juxtaposition to Franny revealed through Salinger s ominous narration to be one constantly seeking an expression or posture to best capture the exact image of himself that he would ideally envision the world to read rom him Lane sat up a bit in his chair and adjusted his expression rom that of all round apprehension and discontent to that of a man whose date has merely gone to the john leaving him as dates do with nothing to do in the meantime but smoke and look bored perfectly attractively bored To Lane Franny is just an extension of his costume of attractive social veneer a girl attractive and intelligent enough to be seen with in order or him to be viewed in high regard by his contemporaries It is the Lanes and all the section men as Franny terms them who are concerned with the appearance of being a genius than actually being a genius I m sick of just liking people I wish to God I could meet somebody I could respectWhere Caulfield left us in a eel. Term project patently an ambiguous one and there is a real enough danger I suppose that sooner or later I'll bog down perhaps disappear entirely in my own methods locutions and mannerisms On the whole though I'm very hopeful I love working on these Glass stories I've been waiting or them most of my life and I think I have airly decent monomaniacal plans to inish them with due care and all available ski.
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