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T up and reading it about a month ago to get me to finally get back into it I went to the shelf And Got Her The First got her the first but she plowed through it faster than I could finish this one A day or two ater she had her bookmark farther into this volume than I did BUT I FINISHED IT FIRSTOnto volume 3 Hopefully it won t take me another 5 yearsOh yeah my review Mostly DD jokes Worth reading Funny The Order of the #Stick Over The Course #over the course the 120 strips in debut volume Dungeon Crawlin Fools proved itself in some big ways It was consistently funny it made you care about the core cast and it managed to pull itself INTO A WORKING STORY ARC AFTER a working story arc after begun as a gag strip with no true direction The second story arc then would have to prove itself even further After the climax of the first book would the story go somewhere Would the strip be able to continually flesh out its own mythology and world building Would the Order continue to grow as individuals and as a team in characterization Did Rich Burlew know what he was doing The answers collected in this second volume of the online comic are a resounding YES No Cure for the Paladin Blues improves upon Dungeon Crawlin Fools hand over fist Here the world opens up as the first volume s tightly contained dungeon crawl gives way to countryside towns forests and foreign cities as well as additional character classes This in turn opens Burlew up to new categories of Commodity Conversations loving jokes that poke fun at even aspects of DD And while the humor is still at times a bit too eager and cute as it was in the first collection there are also some punchlines and gags here thatand solidly than anything that came before them you can see Burlew honing his joke making page by pageThe same can be said for Burlew s story which broadens in the same satisfying way as a well run tabletop campaign As the party Effective Academic Writing 3: The Essay leaves the dungeon the reader gets to know about the world in which the heroes and villains operate including some of the overarching mythology upon which that world rests Burlew propels his story along theseines masterfully taking the OOTS party through a handful of familiar gaming tropes random encounters bandits in the woods a side uest for an important item to poke fun at those tropes while also using them for what they ve always been good for cementing a team together expanding the world and enriching the texture of the whole story This volume ends with a delightfully original take on the traditional Plot Dump in which a Non Player Character Charmed Particles lays out the all important exposition that will set the heroes on an epic path and if you thought Burlew was surprisingly adept at conveying meaning with cleanly drawn stick figures wait till you see how he depicts this backstory mythologyAs seuels go it s hard to beat No Cure for the Paladin Blues With exciting action solid character growthong term plot setup and a ast page cliffhanger that promises epic conflict to come the end of this volume ought to have you desperately reaching for the next. Ire webcomic in convenient book format Watch in amazement. I m in shock on how good This Can Be The Character Arcs Are can be The character arcs are and meaningful And I never know where the story is going The plot twists feel natural but unexpected Nothing seems forced and the writing is engaging and brilliant In v2 OOTS completes its transformation from RPG joke of the day to sweeping adventure epic with the fate of the world at stake To #His Credit The Author Sustains The Funny Even As He #credit the author sustains the funny even as he up the dire peril and impending doomThe pre chapter comment sections are reasonably interesting but non critical one could comfortably read the book and skip themBurlew discusses his occasional art upgrades but the only illustration feature I noticed was when he used crayon to excellent effect to unveil the Snarl s backstory Original and gorgeousPlot pointsview spoiler Burlew unpacks all his issues with the paladin class through the character of Miko Miyazaki a mighty uptight paladin who arrests and forcibly extradites the Order for blowing up Xykon s Gate in v1 Elan is kidnapped by an amorous bandit ueen Roy earns the importance of oyalty Thanks to an Abbot and Costello ish case of mistaken identity assassins try to blow Roy up at an inn Roy s moral character continues to improve when he becomes a woman for several strips Vaarsuvius is married and Durkon is terrified of trees The Order is tried for endangering the fabric of reality before senile samurai Lord Shinjo and his cat Mr Scruffy who demands poopsies Celia the fairy returns to the strip as their surprisingly effective defense attorney But wait view spoilerShinjo was faking his dementia to throw off assassins and the trial was a sham Shinjo and Roy s father s ghost were working surreptitiously to bring the Order to Azure City and enlist their aid defending the Five Gates that imprison the Snarl a being of perfect chaos trying to unravel reality hide spoiler The Order of the stick is always good for a augh even for those of us who aren t gamers ourselves I picked up my brother s copy he s the gamer of the family and oved it If you argely want gag a day strips you re going to be disappointed as the story moves into an overarching design which eventually turns into an epic But the strengths of OotS in this book move smoothly from the spoof aspects and comedy into character and a strong grasp of continuity It never forgets its roots but in this book it grows to something than it had been in the

first volume no 
volume No for the Paladin Blues is the second collection of The Order of the Stick webcomic and contains strips 122 300 plus a number of new comics and author commentariesOotS has become an epic tale and is the most consistently excellent webcomic there is As of now there are about 850 strips of the webcomic 4 print collections and another 3 print only books This being the second volume I am going to assume anyone reading this review is familiar with the basic concept of OotS If you are not I highly recommend going back and starting with the first collection Dungeon Crawling Fool. The Order of the Stick is back in action and in color in ,

S Particularly since Paladin Blues is where our story starts #Really Starts To Build While Humor Remains A Vital And #starts to build While humor remains a vital and excellent part of the comic there are ess DD jokes for the sake of DD jokes than in volume 1 and the humor is intertwined tightly with the escalating story Volume 1 was a dungeon crawl and while it had a decent progression it was in some ways a prologue We ve met the main players and now the Order 僕のヒーローアカデミア 21 leaves the dungeon and begins to face a mucharger world with much Dreamland. Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep larger threatsRoy has to find a reason to keep his party together now that they incorrectly think they ve accomplished the task he hired them for and various conseuences from volume 1 will plague our heroes Thiseads to Roy starting to earn what it really means to be a eader as well as the expected rip roaring adventures The Order and the readers The Princes Scandalous Wedding Vow learn a great deal about their world a major threat and what their next mission should beWe also see glimpses of other characters and forces putting their own plans into motion The threads and conflicts that will be woven together in future volumes begin hereFamiliarity with DD will add depth but is not necessary to read and enjoy DD parody humor is still used butess so than the first volume and the comedy grows organically out of the characters and situations from here out As always OotS s art uses fleshed out stick figures See the cover for an example This simplified art style is used to great effect and fits the comic perfectly and even with this style This simplified art style is used to great effect and fits the comic perfectly and even with this style can see the evolution and refinement of the art compared to volume 1I highly recommend Order of the Stick in general and No Cure for the Paladin Blues is an excellent follow up to Dungeon Crawling Fools that raises the stakes for our heroes considerably and gives the first glimpses of the sprawling epic it would become The story continues with humor and stick figures The humor included a joke about a druid and a tree that had me Thru Hiking Will Break Your Heart laughing so hard we had to pause while I moved into silentaughter territory This is a middle you don t actually need to have read the first book in the series to get into this one The first book is a bit sketchy in terms of plot character and the second is where they get fleshed out and the big driver for the entire series is introduced While the plot itself does not go forward much one Women's Liberation and the African Freedom Struggle learns about the characters and new conflicts come to the fore It s really a set up for the next book in which one will get payoff bigtime Many of the joke a day strips disappear in favor if a pretty epic narrative The Order of the Stick may have inadvertently weakened the entire fabric of reality and there s a self righteous Paladin that s super pissed about it Roy is kind of a dick and may be myeast favorite character Is it because he s a fighter awful good or just because he s intrinsically kind of a dick Yes it actually took me 5 and a half years to finish this book But it sat on my currently reading pile that entire time It took my daughter picking His second volume compiling the popular fantasy gaming sat. ,

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The Order of the Stick No Cure for the Paladin Blues

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