Unloved (Bay Falls High #2) (Read)

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E heat in this second book of the Bay Falls High series *With Some Of His *some of his writing to date in my opinion It is a really intense read with a cliffhanger that was so unexpected and just wrong I was left cursing Jaxson as I am now anxiously awaiting the final book in the series Untamed A great series to start reading if ou ve not tried any of Jaxson s books et You will definitely fall in love with his writing and stories Coleen UnLoved BFH 2Jaxson Kidman Releases 15th Aug bfh unloved lies secrets bayfallshigh comingsoon tbr arc arcreader amreading drama newgirl richandpowerful dirtpoorgirl badboys highschooldrama cliffhanger POVh Continuing from where UnTouched finished offTinsley finds out what the Rulz guys have planned So she plays along with them at their little game Along The Way Trying To Get As the way trying to get as information on each of the guys as she can As long as she can fake it lie adapt and to keep the truth from slipping out before it s time Or losing her heart in the process Claire is still giving out sound advice to Tinsley Watching out for her But she s keeping things from her and she wants to find out what How will she react when she finds outAgain Jaxson s twists and turns are great Really keeps ou glued The banter between Gi and Iris is still there The mentions of HCH are also there so PRISM Index you know where in the BFH story is at But don t worry ifou haven t read the Hidden Creek series You can read this separately But if ou want to why not check it outCan Tinsley keep up the actDo the Rulz find out what Tinsley is up toWhat s the secrets that Claire s keepingAnother great page turner Can t wait what s to come in book 3 UnTamed Coming 30th AugustI received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review Jaxson Kidman has absolutely done it again with Unloved a Bay Falls High book 2 The Rulz don t know that Tinsley has figured out their secret and they literally fight and do whatever it takes to win the prize her and her V card little do they know someone else has along ago claimed that prize Tinsley is smart and plays along to get back at them but as she spends time on dates with each one of the guys she begins to see softer kinder things in each But there s secrets surfacing Claire has a "car accident or does she What is she hiding and that man who drives by and "accident or does she What is she hiding and that man who drives by and Tinsley There s a deep secret that gets uncovered there Just when Tinsley thinks that she has won because she fooled the Rulz It s uncovered that they know she knows and aren t letting go Can t wait for the next book in this series. Ls High #bfh is a oung adult new adult series filled with everything ou've been asking for in a series that's wild hot fun and crazy it's recommended for mature readers because of cursing and 'certain scenes' ;In other words if that sht bothers stay away But seriously ou're already here don't stay away START READING NOW. .
Ng but I know ou will "make up for it in the next book bfh Oh my gawdyou really know how to "up for it in the next book bfh Oh my gawdyou really know how to us hanging here Just when we think we know what s going to happen it ALL changes again Tinsley has so much going on that I feel as if I m right there with her She has so many emotions running through her that if just one thing goes wrong she ll explode Then ou have The Rulz these bad ass guys who really do make our heats go pittrier pattrier It s really hot to read and watch unfold I love how ou have brought this story alive The next book is going to be so damn good Jaxson Comment Wang-F fut sauv you have truly rocked my world with this fantastic books and I hope thatou continue to give us so many I thank Petit cahier d'exercices de communication non-violente you for bring them to life This one was outstanding I give it 5 stars I voluntarily read and reviewed this book as an Advanced Reader s Copy Welcome back to BFH where the are rules and then there are the fucking Rulz More secrets truths and uestions are exposed but that is what Tinsley wantedor was it Now she has to play the game along with forming her own to survive but will she win succumb or just keep playing Jaxson pulls us back into the dark halls Bay Falls High where we learn about Pres Barr Kip and Tinsley along with the games that are being played The secrets that are kept hidden away but are they Jaxson s way of writing is almost musical with the way he pullsou into his worldhe shows Oriental Magic you the characters and his story with his words Those same words sucksou in and a few hours later he is able to leave ou slack jawed a bundle of emotions and the want for the next chapter just to see what happens next This story is no exception I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for my voluntary honest review UNLOVED Bay Falls High Book 2 By Jaxson KidmanThis is the 2nd installment of the Bay Falls High trilogy and it is as wonderfully compelling a read as the 1st one I was definitely not able to put it down after I started it and I flew through it Tinsley Pres Barr and Kip are all on a collision course She agrees to one date with each Some secrets are kept some are shared games are being played and things are not always what they seem to be Claire is being even deceptive Jaxson Kidman most certainly knows how to weave a complicated story put together an a kicking cliffhanger all while keeping the reader totally *Enthralled This Is Most Definitely *This is most definitely 5 star read I need to have Book 3 Untamed now Five star plus series I am at a loss for words to describe the awesomeness of UnlovedJaxson Kidman has really turned up th. L I end up getting too closeIt's never 'just a kiss' with one of them Or for meI feel my heart racing shaking wondering what to do nextI need to end everything And in a hurryEverything I know and have in my life is fakeAnd if that goes away I'm right back where I started With nothingExcept for a broken heartWARNING Bay Fal. Unloved (Bay Falls High #2)