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He goes 4 for 4 in the Resurrection This is the first time I ve sat the Resurrection This is the first time I ve sat and read the gospels straight through since I was 16 Now that I ave absorbed a lot of ecclesiastical istory it make for a rather interesting read to spot the passages that sparked various. Richmond Latti poet and translator of Greek classics as translated the four Gospels and added them to is version of the Revelation of Jo. ,

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The Four Gospels and the RevelationContemporary English with no distracting Breaks For Chapter Or Verse This Is The Book For for chapter or verse this is the book for Latti was a classical scholar and expert Greek translator This translation does not get bogged down in theology but provides an acclaimed translation A good and easy rea. H the words of Matthew Mark Luke and John not as a biblical scholar but as an authority on the language in
Which They Have Come 
they ave come to us.

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Heresies For the record the Cursing Of The Fig Tree of the fig tree doesn t make any sense Revelation still reads like Nick Cave dropped a shit ton of acid just before getting possessed by William Burroughs Ghost If Burroughs ghost If would like to read the four gospels and Revelation in. Hn He as aimed to capture the style and syntax of the original texts by adhering Closely To The Simple Beauty Of The to the simple beauty of the and to approac. ,