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This is one of my favorite Spanish novels And "my precious acuisitions as editor I ve heard about this book at that time just published in Spain from "precious acuisitions as editor I ve heard about this book at that time just published in Spain from agent during Book Fair in Turin called Laguna s big boss during first cigarette break we agreed to ive an offer And by the time my plane landed in Belgrade Laguna had the rights I was so thrilled with the book that I immediately sold it to Bulgaria Croatia and Slovenia and became fairy editor for Falcones agent I ve met the author at Frankfurt Book Fair in 2007 but he doesn t speak English and my Spanish is not so ood on speaking level so we just smiled to each other and made a photo I can t find any For all those who love Ken Follett s The Pillars of the Earth TV series made upon this book is now available on Netflix I probably wouldn t have even heard of this beautiful story had it not been for a review that I saw on Trip Advisor of all places I was looking at places to

"visit for our "
for our trip to Barcelona deciding on whether or not to visit Santa Maria del Mar a cathedral in Barcelona One of the reviewers highly recommended reading this book first I m a sucker for reading travel related books and I have to say that I ve been hard pressed to find much that truly interests me when it comes to books that are set in Spain I am becoming a bit selective and no longer want to read a travel related book just because we re headed there It has to be ood also Anyway I am so Between Silences grateful to that reviewer and I wrote and told him so The story set in 14th century Barcelona is well written with some edge of the seat turns If you enjoy medieval fiction such as Pillars of the Earth you may like this one I enjoyed Pillars of the Earth but this was lovely also The story was compe Hefty historical novel set in fourteenth century Barcelona and revolving around the building of a cathedral yes there are similarities to Ken Follett s Pillars of the Earth Unlike Follett s novel this is very much woven around fact and an actual building and events and is based on a contemporary chronicle It is well plotted but there is a certain predictability about it The topics you would expect to come across are there the inuisition the plague relationships with Jews and Moors theuild system money lending serfdom and slavery nobility daily life relationships between the sexes and so on It is a saga based on the main protagonist Arnau Estanyol his parents his adopted brother Joan and his subseuent life and relationships All the boxes are ticked and this makes for the predictability The novel is informative *And As It Is Based *as it is based historical fact I did learn a Betrayals good deal about the history of fourteenth century Barcelona Some of the characterisation was a little contrived In the first part of the book there were a few characters who were clearly in the way of where the plot was clearly headed and I thought to myself How is heoing to dispose of them Along comes the plague and of course the characters in the way succumb leaving the plot to roll along The ending was also a little too cosy and predictableThis sounds like I m being rather harsh the plot does move along at a Betrayals: The Unpredictability of Human Relations good pace and there is certainly warmth to it that is endearing It isn t taxing and would make aood beach read If I was into beaches A story of treachery battle destitution sickness death love betrayal hardship all life circumst. Barcellona XIV secolo Nel cuore dell'umile uartiere della Ribera Bat Ode gli occhi curiosi del piccolo Arnau sono catturati dalle maestose mura di unarande chiesa in costruzione Un incontro decisivo poiché la storia di Santa Maria del Mar sarà il cardine delle tormentate vicende della sua esistenza Figlio di un servo fuggiasco nella capitale catalana Arnau trova rifugio e uella sospirata lib. La catedral del mar

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Uff through the pottery workshop too but after that It felt to me like the story dropped off for the sake of cramming a historical setting with stock characters to represent different aspects of life in 14th Century Barcelona There was little narrative suspense or tension and the book rapidly turned into an episodic adventure For all that "THE NOVEL IS TOUTED AS PORTRAYING A TIME AND "novel is touted as portraying a time and place it does neither And when the characters are iven a few lines of dialogue it serves only To Do The Author do the author work for him They don t talk like anyone realThere are many places that the story could be developed the community of the bastaixos the relationship of Joan and Arnau regional warfare restrictions on women The author just losses over everything The sentences are written well enough and the prose is readable enough but there s no real reason to keep reading the book It lacks substance It s like Moll Flanders Arnau just oes from place to place etting and successful but with very few insights into what he thinks or feels He s a puppet They re all puppets At least Moll Flanders makes some coy statements about her contemporary era which are interesting to read in the modern era Cathedral lacks even that authenticityI like my characters to do a little thinking and my authors to do a lot less spoonfeeding If you love Barcelona or the Santa Maria del Mar church or have a particular interest in the period you would probably like this book I think you d be better off reading a really Beyond Redemption: Race, Violence, and the American South after the Civil War good non fiction book on the topic though Maybe there aren t any yet I read the book in English and perhaps it was not thatood in translation However as a person who absolutely loved The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett I thought that this was just a poor copy of the epic novel Cathedral of the Sea is worth a read if you like historical fiction but that s pretty much about it Great book couldn t put it down I could not bring myself to Blank Darkness: Africanist Discourse in French give this two stars meaning it was merely OKThe book was a best seller in Spain with proclaiming Falcones Spain s answer to Dan Brown He is not thatood and not that bad either I can see why the book was so popular for the author A Catalan wrote a historical novel of his city Barcelona This is something totally unthinkable 50 years ago when the Franco regime forbade Catalan culture and languagePerhaps another reason for he book s popularity was its language I perused the Spanish original and the style and vocabulary were simple and elementary In short it is fast food literature accessible filling but hardly nutritious Not unlike Dan Brown One could almost call it a beach book or airport book but its sheer bulk make it less than handy and therefore unlikelyMore substantively the plot seethed with hokey melodrama Spanish has a *Word For It Cursi And *for it cursi and characters two dimensional almost stereotypicalFalcones is an attorney in Barcelona and he wrote this book over a period of years an hour or so in the morning before Back to the Breast: Natural Motherhood and Breastfeeding in America going to work and an hour or so after work It is also obvious he spent time in libraries as the plot is replete with minor heroes of Catalan history from the thirteenth fourteenth century Perhaps a movie will be made of it dumbing it down even further which can only ensure an evenreater success But it would have to be done the scale of a Cecil B DeMille epicI do not feel At Stake: Monsters and the Rhetoric of Fear in Public Culture guilty leaving it unfinished. Ersonaggio di inusuale tempra e umanità Arnau non esita a dedicarsi con entusiasmo alrande progetto della cattedrale del popolo E all'ombra di uelle torri Black Nationalism: The Search for an Identity gotiche dovrà lottare contro fame ingiustizie e tradimenti ataviche barriere religioseuerre peste commerci ignobili e indomabili passioni ma soprattutto per un a che i pregiudizi del tempo vorrebbero condannare alle brume del sog. Ances in an era filled with mystery and intrigue From the moment you read the first chapter to the end you will endure the life of a peasant a baron a nobleman or noblewoman a prostitute a warrior a witch a friar an inuisitor and a king Full review on my blog I picked up this well crafted historical epic masterpiece at a charity shop and am so thrilled that I did It is passionate and beautiful inspiring uplifting and heartbreaking with a strong feel for 14th century Catalonia at the height of the InuisitionArnau Estanyol is the son of a fugitive serf who acuires freedom wealth and a high status through the help of his Jewish benefactor Hasdai Crescas and the Moorish slave he is iven to him Guillem after the rescues Hasdai s three young children a It is very important to know when you start this book that it is in fact based on the Chronica of King Pedro III Although historical fiction it closely follows true events in Catalonia during the 1300s under King Pedro s reign There is tons of history incorporated into the novel At the same time it has an engaging and fast moving plot You will learn about Barcelona the building of the cathedral Sant Maria de la Mar You will be impressed by the cathedral s history its beauty and how it engaged the life of so many in Barcelona It was built for and by the people of Barcelona All its people It was built at the site of an older church and underneath it is an ancient Roman cemetery However the book and the plot covers many many other actual events wars the bubonic plague the Inuisition uild practices treatment of women and Jews in fact all aspects of life in Barcelona during the 1300s this book is a perfect example of how historical fiction can teach in a delightful engrossing manner There is a author s note that clearly explains what is fiction and what is fact The events that have been altered are pointed out What is amazing is that what seems fiction is "fact I wish I had read it in the middle of the novel rather than at the end So "I wish I had read it in the middle of the novel rather than at the end So only three stars I know that for me to say I like the *book feels appropriate than to say I really liked it This is because I never really attached *feels appropriate than to say I really liked it This is because I never really attached self to the characters The book is concerned with the unrolling of the plot than character analysis Each character plays a significant role there are none that could have been eliminated Each character was rounded and well thought out but maybe the fact that all was so well planned that there were few bizarre elements that it simply felt a bit boring I do not mean the plot was boring that was rolling along at full speed continually In fact it felt a bit cinematicSo this book provides Boggs: A Comedy of Values great history in an engaging story but without much sparkle I am verylad I read it I learned so very very much Did you know that the Inuisition began very early in Catalonia Dis you know that people were trading and profiting from the buying and selling of in Catalonia Dis you know that people were trading and profiting from the buying and selling of currencies in the 1300s Did you know that when two serfs were married the master had the right to sleep with the woman first on the night of their marriage You will not regret reading this book I Blood Runs Green: The Murder That Transfixed Gilded Age Chicago gave up on this book at page 252 of 600 The very beginning was pretty interesting and I found the character of a young man essentially raising his baby alone with his remote wife as a successful medieval serf in pastoral Spain very compelling I liked the st. Ertà che a tutt'oggi incarna lo spirito di Barcellona all'epoca in pieno fermento i vecchi istituti feudali sono al tramonto e i mercanti e i banchieri sono in ascesa sempre più influenti nel determinare le sorti della città impegnata in aspre battaglie per il controllo dei mari Intanto l'azione dell'Inuisizione minaccia laià non facile convivenza fra cristiani musulmani ed ebrei ,