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Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life eBecome a series because their are other interesting characters and all kinds of side stories and plots that could bexplored in this new world Earth was conuered by aliens and our heroine along with other girls are being transported to a prison planet but along the way something hit their prison ship and crashed into another plane where war is brewing There in that planet our heroine finds love with a Kozar amidst the war and hostility The fate of the humans are still unclear They have no #way of leaving the planet and two of the women were taken # of leaving the planet and two of the women were taken the Jankus What has fate in stored for themThis is the story of Gabby and Radek The first pairing Once again Ms Wells continues to hold her readers captivated Captured by the aliens who conuered Earth and killed very male human Gabby was just one of the women carted off to prison on an alien planet I love her fighting style and how well she took to fighting back at her guards but the women were out numbered and no other female tried to fight back I liked the way that Radek fought to keep Gabby safe She was not a dragon shifter but she was his mate he just had to convince her that he could keep her safe and she was the mate for him War between three aliens for that he could keep her safe and she was the only mate him War between three aliens for had left Gabby and Radek little time to get to know ach other as they had to fight two different species to be together Radek is a warrior willing to conuer the language barrier Part of what I really Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society enjoyed in this story was the fact the characters did not automatically understand the natives when they crashed on another planet Gabby goes through an interesting introduction to the leader and this culture as she grasps with assumptions that have been made and uses a very limited vocabulary to try and convey some complex issuesIn some ways the story is uite singlemindedly focused on Radek and Gabby not really hinting at wholse we might spend time with if we were to revisit this worldThis made for a fun Kindle Unlimited done in one uick read and I am curious if the author will revisit this world Nes and she's saved finding herself strangely attracted to her scarlet scaled golden yed rescuerUntil he stumbles upon the slave ship wreckage Radek had never found the one who calls to his soul His life had been consumed by the need to protect his people from the blood thirsty aggressive gryphons Now he has. A short uick story to read I njoyed reading this book gabby and radek s story this book Gabby and Radek s story suspense drama danger crash landings vil aliens dragons griffins and romance I hope there is going to be books to follow I would like to see there be peace on this planet instead of war between the groups Alien DragonsGabby went from the cruelty of an invading alien to find

herself free she 
free She being sent to a prison planet with several other women Their ship crashed on another planet and Gabby met Radek a dragon man At first glance Radek knew he had met his mate But he had to convince Gabby of that You will have to read the book to find out how he convinces her This is a short readbut a good one with a happily ver after When I get one of this author s books I know it is going "TO BE GOOD AND I CAN T WAIT TO "be good And I can t wait to it Earth is taken over and the only people left are females Her and a bunch of others are taken but Black Heart, Red Ruby end up somewherelse when their spaceship is wrecked She meets an alien alpha very hot looking male and they have problems for awhile working things out And there are four different races of aliens there I highly recommend it I received a review copy and voluntarily review it Not sure about the heroine She seemed unusually calm about verything Granted People handle trauma in different ways Though she did try do defend the other women who didn t back her up at the time You d think the pissed off chick would ve shot at something She was also sort of upset at the death of her friend The heroine immediately believed verything she was told and took sides The hero was ok He didn t try to force her despite the mating bond thing He handled his New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood enemies pretty well too Good story butnded abruptly I would have given this story five stars if it had not Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey ended as abruptly as it did It left you with many uestions The storyline was great as were the characters and as usual for this author it was well written anddited If this storyline is to be continued in other books it would have helped to at least have a small hint I hope it will. Gabby was left all on her own after her father and brothers were ruthlessly killed when alien monsters conuered Earth Now she's part of a group of captive human women being sent to an unknown prison planetWhen things take a turn for the worse and the ship crashes Gabby knows she's going to die But fate interve. ,
O follow the two women who were taken by one of the God's Pocket enemies the ones known for being logical Was a little disappointed in this book the story line seemed to rushed but stillnjoyable nonetheless Gabby Natalie Vanessa Leah Jenny Madison Mirabella and Tessa are now stranded on the planet Lihiri after they crash landed and survived because they where all taken from ЯED earth by thevil race Mukhir While trying to save themselves they are drawn into a fight between Dragons Griffons and Jankus and Jenny and Madison are killed by the Mukhir but the rest are saved by the dragons but now two are taken by the Griffons in all the confusion and Gabby try s to save Mirabella and Tessa but cannot When the battle is over the girls and herself are taken to the mountains where the dragons live and are safe for now and for some strange reason "SHE IS DRAWN TO THE DRAGON RADEK THAT CARRIED "is drawn to the dragon Radek that carried and he is just as drawn to her could she be his mate and if so how will it work out she is not a Kozarian female and is it ven allowed How does it all workout I m not really sure but maybe there is books coming we have to wait and see I voluntarily read an arc copy of this book for an honest review Something s rottenUGH I smell a serial and it stinks The author writes sloppily on and on about the vil aliens who conuered Earth and captured the heroine and other women On and on about crashing on another war torn planet On and on about the second banana alien dragon shifter jut KNOWING the heroine is his fated mate On and on about how she can #T Trust Him Can T # trust him can t her feelings feels so protected when he s near wants to jump his bones but she can t trust him wash RINSE REPEAT WHEN SHE FINALLY GIVES repeat When she finally gives it s great and then she s glad to be marooned on his planet with his distrustful chief and the constant warfare yadda yadda Nothing in this book is new It s all been written before and written better The abrupt The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs ending which leaves so much unresolved is an indicator of to come but I can t be bothered If you want me to read your books then FINISH them. A new calling thexuisite human female must be safeguarded at all costsAbby is completely at this strange alien dragon's mercy She's stuck on a new and dangerous planet doesn't speak the language and the rest of the human survivors look to her for leadership Does she have a choice xcept to stay by Radek's si. ,

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