Why Am I Different? (Concept Books) E–book/E–pub

Why Am I Different? (Concept Books)Tions definitely show the era but is still a book that can work in the current classroom when talking about multicultural Fiction Why Am I Different talks about the many ways in which children realize they are different rom others It s no secret that we are all different and uniue Children notice these differences and wonder why people look the way they do More importantly they wonder why they are different The book asks reader what makes them different The story contained many realistic instances of being different and I eel many students can relate to at least one of the scenarios There is a transition within the book where some children hate standing a transition within the book where some children hate standing or do not it the norm but towards the end they relieve that everyone is uniue and the world would be a very boring place if everyone was exactly the same The language is "EASY TO FOLLOW AND AGE APPROPRIATE FOR YOUNG CHILDREN "to Pajama Party follow and age appropriateor young children Hort People want different things or their birthdays If we were all the same it would be like. This is a wonderful book about being different It covers almost every aspects of being different Every Day by the Sun: A Memoir of the Faulkners of Mississippi from age gender race hairamily hobbies and much It is about embracing what you have and loving it This is a great book about loving yourself despite being different rom the people i I thought this was a very sweet children s despite being different rom the people i I thought this was a very sweet children s that discusses the differences between everyone and their uniue differences This book looks at the uniueness of all many multiracial people that children encounter in a day The differences range rom missing teeth skin color height hair color and ood preferences The children and people of this town are illustrated in a way that shows the many differences with out using hardly any color The book only uses black and white illustrations with occasional splashes of yellow on some pants shirts and walls The book was written and illustrated in 1976 and the outfits and scene depic. Some people can't eat chocolate

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Book contained black and white illustrations with random items colored yellow I
Personally Think Children Are 
think children are to colorful images but I eel there was a purpose to this simplicity It may be a way to show that the world would be dull if everyone was alike I m not uite sure The pictures did correspond well with the text and help urther develop the story Multiple cultures were present and were not negatively stereotyped The readers gained brief insight to each individual character s lifestyle which is understandable considering how many instances of diversity were given The intent of this book is nice but it definitely a product of the 70 s A book that introduces different cultures and acknowledges people are different Shows students that people are not the same and that is a good Thing I Would Keep This On My I would keep this on my and read to my class if there were problems occuring culture. Seeing everything in gray boring Being different makes the world a colorful and exciting plac.

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