(EBOOK DOWNLOAD) Kingdom of Souls AUTHOR Rena Barron

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This was one of my most anticipated reads of the year I mean look at that cover It s delicious Kingdom of Souls is the story of 16 year old Arrah Despite stemming from a highly esteemed witch doctor of a father and extremely powerful high priest of a mother Arrah herself possesses no inherited magical traits Because of this she is treated as a pariah in the magical tribal lands and devoid of love from her own incredibly influential mother Though she has the love of her father and her grandmother the Chief of Tribe Atari Arrah craves magic than anything She covets power and validation and the only way to achieve both is through magic However the price for acuiring magic is steep and unforgiving Arrah is unwilling to let herself stoop so low as to become a sharlington But when her kingdom is in turmoil and children start to go missing and the new threat of demons arise Arrah becomes willing to sacrifice anything Even if that means wrecking herself in the processes and committing the ultimate taboo of blood magic What I likedThe world building

uniue and intricate and I practically immerse myself in the tribal lands and the kingdom The creatures desert landscapes and ruins were all so whimsically described I could feel the magic of the world pulse under my skin and I loved it The west African themed backdrop was much appreciated and reminded me of Children of Blood and Bone which is a good thing Arrah was an incredibly level headed and self assured protagonist She knew what she wanted *out of life and was willing to do anything to accomplish it I totally adored Arrah s relationship with her *of life and was willing to do anything to accomplish it I totally adored Arrah s relationship with her It s rare that we see so much interaction between parents in fantasy novels and I love that her father was so inclusive in her life Great representation I also enjoyed the dynamics of the relationship between Arrah and her mother There was a strain and complexity to their relationship that was tangible and heartbreaking I felt Arrah s inferiority and anguish about not ever being good enough for her mother The religious aspect of the book was phenomen. Magic has a price if you’re willing to payBorn into a family of powerful witchdoctors Arrah yearns for magic of her own But each year she fails to call forth her ancestral powers while her ambitious mother watches. ,
Kingdom of Souls
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Per intense It s not actiony all the time but there s a LOT going on It crams a lot in to the 500pgs charactersOk Arrah was precious and I did love her so much instantly She strives so hard to be enough but is always found lacking by her mother and infamous cold and powerful woman I also loved her "FRIENDSHIP WITH RUDJEK IT HAS A BIT OF A "with Rudjek It has a bit of a x Juliet vibe since Rudjek s father is Arrah s mother s enemy And I really shipped them but ahh Stressful ship *View SpoilerI Also Really *spoilerI also really the relationship Arrah had with her demon sister I think it needed page time though I loved that Arrah wanted to save her before condemn her though And *creepy powerful kids are my faaave hide spoiler Gods demons fluid time constructs *powerful kids are my faaave hide spoiler Gods demons fluid time constructs families and collide in this epic fantasy opener that sits at the table with the titans of YA fantasyWriting World building Surprises Pacing 12Arrah is the daughter of two powerful magic users Her father s ties to the rural tribes keep her with one foot in the old world while her mother s political fist in the urban Kingdom keeps her with one foot in the new This clash of cultures magic and sen I am so impressed by this book It was a lot darker than I anticipated and the world was so rich with mythology and magic I loved that the main character was one of the only people in this world without magic She comes from a very powerful family both her parents have very strong magical lineages Instead of being the special one she was completely unspecial and had everything working against her but despite that she had ambition and hope to become something greater This also heavily featured a motherdaughter relationship that was unlike any I have read before and had so many layers Every time I thought I had figured them out something new was revealed The family dynamics in this book were very complex The reason why it s not a full 5 stars is because the pacing was a little off at times It is uite a long book and there were moments that dragged a bit But overall it was such a fantastic start to a series and I can t wait to see where it goes. To find the culpritShe uncovers something worse The long imprisoned Demon King is stirring And if he rises his hunger for souls will bring the world to its knees unless Arrah pays the price for the magic to stop him.