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N when Simon was nsure of himself That Baz would scoff at any random old ass vampire man who sought his attention or flirted with him Because that Baz hates vampires Because that Baz only had eyes for Simon BAZ S DEFINING CHARACTER TRAIT IS THAT HE S MADLY IN LOVE WITH SIMON WHAT HAPPENEDBut right Simon and Baz aren t even speaking to each other Side note If Baz really is immortal I don t think I ll be able to take it I don t think he ll be able to take it either Now this is a crazy thought but could Rowell maybe allow for some happiness Not everything has to be the worst Especially when LGBT audiences who are desperate for representation are The Christian at Mass usually left with angsty stories and depressing endings I was hoping the Carry On series wouldn t fall into that but here we areOverall the characterization felt so empty and wrong In the first book I could clearly hear all of their voices I knew them Inderstood them even the side characters Everyone had their own way of talking and thinking and acting In Wayward Son I had to keep checking whose POV we were in because they character voices blended together They weren t nearly as strong or clear My favorite characters personalities were watered down The writing was weakTHE ROMANCEI miss them I miss Simon and Baz and their dynamic I spent the entire book missing them because this wasn t right I think we all fell in love with Carry On because of Snowbaz We fell for the desperate pining the enemies to lovers star crossed epic romance The stargazing the kiss in the forest holding hands by the fire you re wearing jeans because we match you were the sun and I was crashing into you Where was that Carry On is packed with these iconic swoon worthy Sunce je počelo da se zlati unforgettable moments between Simon and Baz Wayward Son was just forgettableI feel like Carry On was their beautiful love story and Wayward Son took a sledgehammer to itOf course Simon and Baz have their issues to work out but never in my wildest nightmares did I imagine that they wouldn t even be talking Or touching Or even fighting Instead their dynamic was awkward It was regressive It was miserable to read I would go as far as to call it toxicI get the need for conflict and tension but miscommunication is the cheapest and most cliche way to do that and it wasn t executed well It was painful Everything felt so wrong and not in the I can t wait to see how this is resolved kind of way It was like I just want this to be over Should I stop reading and pretend Carry On is a stand aloneThe other cheap way to add relationship conflict is a love triangle Thank God we didn t have to suffer through that OH WAITAgain Never In My Wildest Nightmares Did I Imagine This HappeningI can t seem to put into words everything that was wrong with Whoever The Fuck Vampire King and the Whatever The Fuck That Was Love Triangle Whether or not Baz actually had feelings for him which was bizarrely vague it was still awfulnrealistic and ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石 (ハリー・ポッターシリーズ unnecessary Not to mentionncomfortable Baz from Carry On would despise Baz from Wayward SonI wanted to scream at Simon and Baz JUST TALK TO EACH OTHER OR KISS IT OUT LIKE YOU USED TO DO SOMETHING But don t get me wrong I wasn t compelled their dynamic at all TO DO SOMETHING But don t get me wrong I wasn t compelled their dynamic at all wasn t eagerly turning pages to see how it would play out I was just sad I wanted it to be over They mean so much to me and it hurt to see them like that I couldn t even get myself to care about the plot because I just wanted Simon and Baz to love each other like they sed to To have the complicated loving chemistry filled relationship they once had How can SIMON AND BAZ not have chemistry How did the writing go that wrongI could get into the issue of LGBT suffering in media and the many problems with Rowell s representation but I won t Let s just say Simon and Baz deserved better I don t really care that things will probably be resolved in the next book This was a bad direction to take their relationship in It wasn t them it wasn t right and it was downright depressingWayward Son felt so disjointed from Carry On that I m hoping I ll downright depressingWayward Son felt so disjointed from Carry On that I m hoping I ll able to pretend nothing in the second book even happened The characters were sad less interesting versions of themselves who regressed instead of learned The plot was boring to the point where I can hardly even remember what happened before they got to Vegas and I read it yesterday LA vampire bros running a pyramid scheme Okay then Does any of this even matter now that they re going back to the UK None of the loose ends from Carry On were addressed in this novel making the whole thing feel pointlessAnd last but not least the entire story was a disservice to Simon and Baz s relationship The release date for Wayward Son was initially set for 2020 Obviously I don t know anything about the writing and editing process of this book but maybe changing it to 2019 contributed to the fact that it was rushed and an overall disappointment Then again could this book even be salvaged by time I m not sure it couldYou re not supposed to feel anxious and pset when you find out your favorite book of all time is going to be a trilogy but that s how I felt at the end of this book Maybe everything will be fixed in the next one maybe it won t but nothing will change the fact that Wayward Son was a huge let down I wish Carry On had been the end Okay I decided that my rating is actually 2 stars This book just really fell flat for me So many things that made Carry On amazing just weren t present in this GhtThat’s how Simon and Penny and Baz end p in a vintage convertible tearing across the American WestThey find trouble of course Dragons vampires skunk headed things with shotguns And they get lost They get so lost they start to wonder whether they ever knew where they were headed in the first placeWith Wayward Son Rainbow Rowell has written FUCKING SHIT I JUST HAD A HEART ATRACK My SPN fandom heart is extremely happy with this title 2019 Better than 2020 I know that the year is almost over already but still Simon and Baz look SO GOOD in this coverMy babies are coming back to me HOLY MOLYARE YOU AUTHORS TRYING TO KILL MEFirst there s going to be a 3rd SoC book and now THISI m having a heart attack right here I love Simon and Baz I FREAKING LOVE THEM If this is true I m going to die 333OH JEEZMy heart can t take this any Am I the only one who thinks about Kansas Carry on Wayward Son Carry on my wayward sonThere ll be peace when you are doneLay your weary head to restDon t you cry no Is this a pun Rainbow Ingenious So damn ingenious lol my sexuality being attracted to all women and 1 floral suit wearing rat sucker At this point I m tired of seeing eer and BIPOC authors being cancelled while Rainbow Rowell keeps writing racist and From Mistress to Wifey ueerphobic books White women really get away with so much while marginalised people are being harmed 92419 I FINISHED okay where s book three31519 WE HAVE A COVER AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL i made a video reacting to the coversynopsis and sharing some of my theories if you wanna watch it HOLY FORKING SHIRTBALLS THIS IS THE ONLY THING I MMA TALK ABOUT FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS AND THEN I M JUST GONNA KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT BUT LOUDER AND IN MORE DETAIL My onlyestion is what happenedThis is my first book review so bear with me I just feel like I need to write all of my thoughts out Warning in advance for spoilersCarry On is my favorite book of all time I was shockingly disappointed with the seuel Wayward Son was a lackluster filler novel that seemed to do its best to destroy all that good that came from the first book I kept wondering if I was being too harsh while reading it but I wanted to love it so badly I ve been looking forward to it for years I tried SO hard to love it but I couldn t I know this all sounds dramatic but Carry On is important to me I m heartbroken over the second book turning out like thisMy main issues are the pacing the characterization and the romance or lack ofPACINGI really think Wayward Son could have Disney Infinity: Character Encyclopedia used 100 pages Everything Happened So Fast I wanted description of the character s inner thoughts everything The few good moments were ruined by how rushed all of it was There was so much eating and driving and hotels to the point where it all blurred together None of the romance or character based moments were drawn out enoughSimon impulsively kissing Baz after the first vampire fight HELL YEAH but give me than a few lines Especially when it s been who knows how long since they ve last kissed That moment could have been huge but it was glossed over just like everything else making it forgettable in the endIn Vegas when Simon had to pretend to be enad with Baz while the vampires were watching If that had been turned into an entire scene it would have worked so much better It might ve made me hate their current dynamic less Maybe Okaynlikely It seemed like Baz and Whoever The Fuck Vampire King talked with each other than Simon and Baz even looked at each other The author does know we re all reading this book for Simon and Baz rightBasically every moment in Wayward Son could have been slowed down and drawn out Hell we found out that Simon might be a DRAGON in a sloppily written way and then it was never brought p again What Who allowed this to be published THE CHARACTERIZATIONWhat The Fresh HellI Don T Know Where don t know where Baz Simon and Penny that I fell in love with were but this didn t feel like them They drifted into situations with no plan or discussion depending on others to save them half of the time never really learning or growing I know a lot has changed in their lives since Carry On but that shouldn t warrant the characters being watered down versions of themselves That shouldn t warrant them being idiots and honestly They acted like idiotsYou seriously expect me to believe that Penelope Bunce went to America with zero plan No money No knowledge of how magic works there You re telling me they didn t even put thought into how Baz would feed And since when is Penny okay with breaking magickal law after magickal law Also how could they possibly decide to go along with Whoever The Fuck Vampire King at the end I genuinely couldn t be bothered to learn his nameListen I know people don t know as much about America as Americans think people know about America But they thought they could drive across the country in three hours PENNY HAS BEEN TO AMERICA BEFORE In all of their years at Watford they were never taught that magic doesn t work if there s no people around They were never taught that British phrases don t work outside of Britain Why is the UK so cut off from the rest of the world Why is the magickal climate in the US so barbaric and norganized Why were they surprised by this Shouldn t they have been taught about it HASN T PENNY BEEN TO AMERICA HASN T SHE BEEN TALKING
MICAH FOR YEARS The worldbuilding so messy and it made the characters look stupid Penelope Simon and Baz are not stupid To make it wore I was incredibly disinterested in everything that was going on in America because I was so thrown off by the characters not being themselvesBaz felt like a watered down weak version of Baz He wasn t the confident witty smart ruthless Baz from Carry On That Baz fought for Simon at the dance insisted that they were going to stay together eve. The story is supposed to be overSimon Snow did everything he was supposed to do He beat the villain He won the war He even fell in love Now comes the good part right Now comes the happily ever after So why can’t Simon Snow get off the couchWhat he needs according to his best friend is a change of scenery He just needs to see himself in a new li. Ook This book is just so incredibly different to Carry On The tone of Carry On is fun fluffy and it doesn t take itself too seriously whereas in Wayward Son the tone completely shifts to a serious tone with the characters going through their own struggles I appreciated what it was going for but Smitten unfortunately it just didn t work for me and what I personally wanted out of the seuel I feel like it s hard for me to articulate my thoughts and feelings on this book but basically Carry On was everything and Wayward Son was jarring and lacklustre I m really sad about it So many mixed feelings ah I will try to write a review once I feel like I can better articulate my thoughts I have 99 problems and the fact that this book already has multiple GORGEOUS covers is all of themOn a slightlynrelated but eually important note Baz s floral Gucci suit look is 100% inspired by Harry Styles you can t look me in the eyes and say otherwise I loved every bit of this I went in a little skeptical but it was such a fun adventure It was nice to see the characters after everything they d been through in CARRY ON I liked seeing how everyone was developing and still dealing with things that happened in the first book It weirdly felt like a contemporary book at times but I wasn t mad at that I know this might be an A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel unpopular opinion but I liked this one than CARRY ON OOP xD Can I he asksCan you what Simon Kiss me Kill me Break my heart So I m not entirely sure why I am disappointed but I amI m also not necessarilypset with how this book played out But all regards aside if Tyrannus Basilton Grimm Pitch does not write his boyfriend a list of reasons why he both loves and hates him for their wedding day I m going to safely assume we all died in 2012 and this is a simulation Idiots to Still Idiots to Lovers I m almost certain I actually kinda enjoyed this I did This is very different to Carry On Which I would like to primarily say isn t the main reason I m giving it 3 stars because I think the book deserved to have a new and slightly dire atmosphere Rainbow was giving 1898 us the story after the story and thatsually isn t light Wayward Son hurt me it physically ached my heart to turn the pages I felt like I was chasing something during the entire book but as soon as I finished I didn t reach what I was chasing for I wasn t left with the hope that I felt when I reached the last page of Carry On All my gay heart really wanted was a little biscuit of LGBT boldness and courage but it fell flat That being said Rainbow Rowell knows how to write boys and girls I don t think I have ever felt the crushing feeling of mundanity written so perfectly That s what hurts the most about this book the entire thing focuses on what it s like to be human It was tragic to say the least I d give him all that I amI d give him all that I wasI d open Night of the Werewolf (Choose Your Own Nightmare, up a vein Baz and Simon hold such aniue place in my heart and seeing them nderstand what it means to love in this book was almost too precious It felt intimate and it stung like a mf at the book was almost too precious It felt intimate and it stung like a mf at the of times Yet everything felt too rushed I wanted so much from their personal monologues and character development The personalities of each character in this book was something entirely too different from Carry On There was no transition or movement into the people we meet in Wayward Son and often many plot arcs hit like whiplash I struggled trying to nderstand Baz through this Entire Book Because I Felt book because I felt we were handed a completley different version of him My main theory on why I m so disappointed with Wayward Son was because this has been one of my biggest anticipated reads of the year For those who know how long I ve been waiting for a Simon and Baz seuel I can honestly say too fucking long I expected the biggest bang but this hit too close to second book syndrome and the plot felt like it was filling in for something rather than being a story in itself It almost felt rushed but slow at the same time Some events seemed to have no significance but were drawn out and the important scenes that I would have loved to keep reading about lasted a couple of pages There were so many scenes that were glossed over and I didn t know if it was intentional or somehow we were supposed to just forget those scenes happened I love road trip plots so when I found out that Wayward Son was going to be the gang s trip to America I probably got way too excited So I guess the moral of all this is don t let Alex get too excited about a book I d tie our hearts together chamber by chamber Another thing I realized was I was very dissatisfied with the ending It felt like no knots were Vérité (Love at Center Court, untied and the book ended very abruptedly There was little to no resolution no communication and no overpowering feeling that made me want to turn back to page 1 and experience the story all over again It almost felt like a novella that an author would gift their readers for signingp to their monthly newsletter That being said am I going to read the third book HELL YES Wayward Son wasn t a win for me but it wasn t a loss either I have so much hope for my two soft bois that it wasn t a loss either I have so much hope for my two soft bois that would read 10 books on them if Rainbow so blessed Beyond the Qumran Community us Even though there were a lot of conflicts I had with this there were moments that redeemed the story for meite Daniels Pet unsurprisingly those moments occurred when I felt like learning about our characters rather than drifting away from them I m not givingp yet nor do I plan to anytime soon. Book for everyone who ever wondered what happened to the Chosen One after he saved the day And a book for everyone who was ever curious about the second kiss than the first It’s another helping of sour cherry scones with an absolutely decadent amount of butterCome on Simon Snow Your hero’s journey might be over – but your life has just beg.

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