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Alien Healer Vaxxlian Mates #2Mila didn t do it She could never kill anyone but that is what they keep saying she did They had the wrong woman but they didn t care Her life was forfeit Stax was angered by how the Defenders could kill a human He knew there was no way she was a criminal He would take her to his home world and she would be his mate But would she be safe from the crime that is still inned to herIt is a sweet story If you read the first one Alien Protector you know that the Vaxxlian are a kind race of aliens Their world is dying and humans are compatible with them They have flown everywhere to find mates and bring them home Mila had a few secrets that she didn t want to tell Stax which I thought was foolish from the beginning He already told her he would never let her go That was a trust thing with her Stax well he was the sweetest alien He cared deeply for her and would do anything Mila s secrets were major and once finally revealed honor and duty to rotector her was Stax s highest เพชรพระอุมา (ตอน 04) อาถรรพณ์นิทรานคร priority These are really sweet stories I would say feel good I look forward to the next brother s adventure This is an OK sci fi alien romance but it is just a bit too short to have enough character development There was uite a bit of background on Mila but I really needed back story on Stax It would have really helped me to enjoy the story I also thought it was a bit unlikely that Mila would have fallen for Stax as uickly as she did She would have been grateful that he saved her life but wary of his declarations that she was his mate So the romance wasretty unbelievable to me I also think that the idea of them having sex without #protection when she wasn t sure she wanted to be his mate was retty stupid Neither #when she wasn t sure she wanted to be his mate was retty stupid Neither of them would have wanted to risk a regnancy if they thought they might never see each other againOne thing that really bothers me about all the books in this series though is the idea that the Vaxxlians have that it is OK to take a woman against her will Some of the books even describe Vaxxlian men arriving home with their mates kicking and screaming That doesn t sound like a mate to me like a slave It doesn t matter how "good the woman is treated If she is there against her will "the woman is treated If she is there against her will is a slaveIf you are looking for a really uick sci fi alien romance with some steamy scenes and don t mind a lack of character development this is a good choiceMy rating system is below1 star Hated it or did not finish I usually only give this rating if some of the content is truly objectionable to me like if one of the main characters does something really awful and gets away with it2 stars Didn t like it This r This was just what I needed on a nasty cold Monday Some hot sexy happy Alien hotnessI d love a Stax lucky Mila he found her just when she needed help most Will these two be able to find some happiness or will her ast come back to bite her on the tushieI was then happy to read and find out really enjoyed this one It s OK if you haven t read much sci fi romanceThere s nothing interesting here not the story the sex or the characters It s uninspiring It s like the author was. The alien warrior found her first and he's keeping herOn the run from her controlling fiancé Mila makes a living as a transport Baby Girl (Erik Ead Trilogy, pilot in a dangerousart of space When she's accused of murder and sentenced to death on a backward lanet she believes it's truly the end That isuntil she awakens to a handsome alien with glowin. ,

On autopilot and trying to finish Brainwashing of the German Nation pages not tell a story Mila is so irritating She s boringainfully Encounters with Rauschenberg: (A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture) predictable and uakes in fear too often Worse she s TSTL Too Stupid To Live which creates a completely avoidable conflict spanning the last third of the book Too much I m bored so I m going to endanger myself and others and I ll ignore security because I know better and not enough common sense The writing ventures into turgidurple Vögeln ist schön: Die Sexrevolte von 1968 und was von ihr bleibt prose mostly from Stax It s cringy He s this overly understanding alien who is so chivalrous andolite that he isn t appealing I m not saying he needs to be an Alpha hole but he s too needy and saccharineMaybe my disappointment is artially due to mixing up the author s en names Sue Mercury is lighter and less explicit while Sue Lyndon is edgier darker and sexier I think the author s Social Media and Social Movements: The Transformation of Communication Patterns passion is in her Sue Lyndon books They re better written Try them instead AlienHuman build a new society togetherMila finds herself as the only witness to a murder on thelanet she was delivering goods to trying to gain help for the injured man she found herself being accused of the killing and then within minutes she was tried and sentenced to "deathPut to death under the Lifetaker she awakes to startling green eyes of the most handsome male she had "to death under the Lifetaker she awakes to startling green eyes of the most handsome male she had seen Stax had rescued her and had fought of those that would have taken her from his safe arms and his space ship Stax had taken her to his home lanet of New Vaxx all the surviving Vaxxlian males had built homes on the lanet and had then left in to find mates they had discovered that the only lifeform they could successfully mate with were humans and he had already fallen in love with the beautiful woman he wanted to make his mateWhen they had returned to New Vaxx she had found It s such a Ouroboros pity this book could have been amazing the world was well thought out the characters good but I just hate the whole I m a male and all decisions and choices are mine you re a woman the only thing you are to do is open you legs and womb and obey A little hint herelook up authors like Anna Hackett Amanda Milo Anna Carven and yes even Ruby Dixons barbarians are respecting of women then this Those authors got it right Alpha is only sexy if it s aartnership 35 because of the CuteVaxxiness of itThere s something about these Vaxxlian Warriors that makes this silly Series very compelling reading I m totally VaxxdictedNow off to read 9 Kirn s story This is the second story in the Vaxxlian Mates a Sci Fi Alien Romance and these books just keep on giving In this amazing SciFi series each book tells its own story and can be read as a stand alone but it is enjoyable if you read the series in order since characters from the earlier book are mentioned Mila s family and friends have Hollendartida i Norge: 1550–1750 perished she is running and hiding from the man her father has chosen to be her husband She is lonely desperate and is sentenced to death on a distantlanet Enter Stax a gorgeous Alpha Vaxxlian alien seeking a human female as a mate Yes he finds Mila rescues her and heals her hysical wounds His lanet Vaxx has been destro. G green eyes watching over her The alien heals her wounds and romises to keep her safe But can she trust the stranger who insists she's coming back to his home lanet as his mateStax knows the little human has secrets but he still wants her even if she is guilty of some horrible crime He's taking her back to New Vaxx and
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Yed and the survivors now live on New Vaxx Stax has suffered the loss of family and friends but his brothers are among the survivors and are REBUILDING A LIFE ON NEW VAXX a life on New Vaxx Stax sees Mila he knows they are meant to be together and she is to be his mate They are electric together but have their own things to work through and understand Mila has roblems with trust and deciding to accept Stax who is rotective Bauern In Mexiko: Zwischen Subsistenz Und Warenproduktion possessive and loving They don t have an easyath They are adorable together and I love their interactionSue Lyndon and Sue Mercury "are very talented authors and continue to dazzle us with these stories They "very talented authors and continue to dazzle us with these stories They into the depths of our emotions and complications of our relationships The characters are well developed and has them facing their inner fears learning about themselves opening themselves to trusting and realizing that one can grow and gain understanding of the gift of love and all that it brings The story has beautiful romance suspense mystery HOT sexy scenes danger and is fast aced They show us that we can heal and be better than we ever imagined Thank you Sue Lyndon and Sue Mercury Another wonderful alien story Mila is running from a fiance who is very controlling When things go wrong she finds herself in a world of trouble and hurt Stax sees her and wants her He doesn t know what is going on but he s determined to find out He ll fight for her I loved the connection between them and can t wait to read 35 Another sweet and undemanding read with a nice addition of the warrior healer Fairly basic rose and limited lot and character development A nice uick read especially for those sci fi challengesFirst
need to reface that I read this book and the rest of the series to fulfil a challenge as the kidnapped by Aliens trope isn t really a favourite of mine and I don t read too many in the genre so I m not Forever Im Yours particularly disposed to rate books from this sub genre highThis is the second instalment from the Vaxxlian Mates series by Sue Mercury This second novella benefited from the longerage length to develop a nuanced story but still there s only so much you can do in terms of world building and character development within 102 Basilio Boullosa Stars in the Fountain of Highlandtown pagesI liked the idea of the warrior healer and I wasleased again that although the female Honey, I Wrecked the Kids: When Yelling, Screaming, Threats, Bribes, Timeouts, Sticker Charts and Removing Privileges All Don't Work protagonist is given little choice but to go with the Alien he goes out of his way to make her comfortable and court her in his own way The femalerotagonist roles over a little too easily but at least it is not in the face of force like some of the kidnapping alien trope books out there Other than the gentlemanly nature of the aliens and the warrior healer element the book treads the familiar territory in this trope rich genre but is mildly diverting nonethelessThe writing style is still very edestrian and I was able to finish the book in under an hour If you re looking for a sweet undemanding alien romance that you robably are unlikely to remember that long after you read it but will meet a challenge roll and engage you for an hour then this book and the others in the series are A Spectre Is Haunting Texas probably a good bet. Hat's final But first he has to claim her When they arrive on his homelanet he wants his scent on her to ward off all other males as human females are Tilak Kathalu precious and the only alien race compatible with his No matter what he won't risk losing the little human he's grown to love He'llrotect her and he'll fight for her Alway.