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The main problem with this book is that Aronson tries so very hard to be fair minded and even handed in this book that it is sometimes a bit hard to get a sense of the real Bill Gates Although maybe that is the point that very few people know the real Bill Gates and they aren t talking so everyone else is or Comment Devenir Mannequin less guessing This focuses on his youth and computer beginnings skim the years Microsoft became established and dominant then slowed down and discussed his retirement from Microsoft and what his foundation has done since then I picked up this book primarily because of the author but also because of the subject I ve read a couple of books on Jobs and this seemed a reasonable next step One focus of the book is discussion on whether Gates is an immoral businessman out to make a buck in just a barelyegal way or just doing what they all were doing in the beginning of the field and that he was no different from the others A discussion of Carnegie provided some commentary Carnegie just had to be best in everything but he also recognized chasing money is not that noble a goal He then eventually funded Kuli Kontrak libraries which in his own self serving way so did Gates He provided funds foribraries to buy computerswith his products naturally On the other hand his foundation is doing good work in public health Although from the comments in the book the focus was on Malaria With the pandemic of Ebola right now in Africa I have to wonder why the foundation hasn t done with Ebola Ebola has been around the whole time of his foundation and is a really nasty disease Maybe Malaria seemed easier to claim a success in Who knows This is of a 35 but I can t put My Finger On Why Perhaps finger on why Perhaps earnestly he tries to be fair He tries hard enough to make me suspect he has some real biases knows it and is trying to compensate for his bias Recommended since we have so ittle on Gates but Aronson has done much better work My opinion on this book was kind of bland and Sour I Don T Enjoy I don t enjoy genera of books and I do not ike books in general either but this book did not interest me at all and I only chose the book because Bill Gates was from Washington state which I also come from so that is the main reason that I chose this book Now it isn t that the book was trash or anything I just do not The Zukofsky Era like the genera of the book but for what it was it was decent It wasn t exciting but it showed stuff that I did not know and now if I never need the information I have it A pro of it was that it made sure it knew what you were talking about so if you were confused on a statement the book said they would give you another that made sense A con it had was that it was always boring and nothing ever grabbed my attention and didn t make me go wow or whatever so that was a con and if I was recommending it to anybody thatikes to read probably do not read this book unless you are assigned it or something related to it FICTIONAL NOVEL In this book Aronson takes teens on a journey to see the many sides of billionaire Bill Gates Aro. Bill Gates is many things the richest person in the world; the ruthless businessman who co founded Microsoft and ed it to domination of the computer software industry; and now the eading global philanthro. Bill Gates Up Close VikingErful job introducing and concluding the story since he gives a brief summary of Microsoft in present day For those interested in Soins naturels pour les cheveux learning about Bill Gates and his secrets to success this book is a must We all know who Bill Gates is a person who is really rich However this book approaches differently This book has aots of details of how Gates got rich and how teen readers can be inspired from the book The author s conversational tone Gates got rich and how teen readers can be inspired from the book The author s conversational tone engaging The book covered Gates childhood family education and his career Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Tome 44 : Mon papa n'est pas mon papa life And Iearned why Bill Gates became a successful man Although this book is a biography it was not boring at all I had fun reading this book I really recommend this book to everybody a very feeble attempt at describing bill gates s ife and career in 162 pages It s not easy to write a biography of someone unwilling to be interviewed for those purposes but Marc Aronson does a great job of providing some insight into Bill Gates the book s subject Having to rely on secondary sources and interviews with some of those who knewknow Gates he succeeds in creating a thoughtful examination of his formative years and motivation In some respects it s impossible to separate Gates from Microsoft making this book a biography of today s digital world Not only does the author provide stories of how Gates operates his business but he includes critical concerns about it becoming a monopoly and about some of Bill s uestionable behavior As the book concludes he also ponders a monopoly and about some of Bill s uestionable behavior As the book concludes he also ponders reasons for Gates recent involvement in finding a cure for malaria These philosophical musings raise the in finding a cure for malaria These philosophical musings raise the s uality and may prompt future entrepreneurs to channel their own financial resources into doing good Framing parts of the book around how to be the next Bill Gates was an interesting way to captivate readers Still despite the book s good points I couldn t help but wish there had been from its subject I finished the book still wondering what the truth about Bill Gates actually is I do not recommend this book unless you would enjoy very informational and biographical books I personally didn t ike the book as much because I prefer nonfiction but I still praise that the book sounds very accurate and provides good information on the person being written about Bill Gates In some parts I had trouble understanding what it meant because it was so technical so this book is actually suitable for those computer experts since Bill Gates was one Otherwise this book wasn t too bad I would recommend it for research or for just informational reading For a biography book it was not bad I personally do not ike biographies because I feel that they are boring However this book about Bill Gates was pretty interesting to see what kind of a person Bill was It was really surprising to read that Bill Gates was not much of a humble man and was greedy as well I did not even think that the man donating billions would have been a rude man Near the end however it became boring and was just information Overall the book was not ba. Made his fortune by riding that wave; modern teens ook to him as their model of how technology can be turned into wealth Marc Aronsons biography is a probing portrait of a man whose name is a household wo.

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Nson does not shy away from the good the bad and the ugly starting from Bill s childhood to recent years In each chapter he tries to relate the principles back to teens showing them the steps to success The book was well written and seemed well researched but just a tad on the boring side I found myself disliking Bill Gates the I read it When I was searching for a book and I came across this book about Bill Gates at first I thought I wouldn t ike it The I read Bill Gates Up close by Marc Aronson I started to get interested in how Bill Gates started his company This book does a great job explaining it This book talks about how Bill Gates grew up and his struggle in behavior at school but also his impressive intelligence and competitiveness and how he and his partner Paul Allen started developing their version of the programming anguage BASIC It also states the ways he would stay at the top of the computer industry and how he would know his way around a industry and how he would know his way around a and how he would always get his way by using smart tactics Although all of this information is interesting to read I still couldn t understand what Bill Gates actually is ike Maybe it s because nobody has ever interviewed him since he s a busy man but I feel ike the author focused on Microsoft then he did about Bill Gates Besides that if you want to earn about how Microsoft started and how it became such an impressive business I would recommend this book After reading Up Close Bill Gates I was enlightened on who Bill Gates is and his entire Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque : St Seiya, tome 28 life As the author begins the story he introduces the first principle of getting rich fast The author then begins to talk about Bill Gates parents and grandparents His father Bill Gates as well was a hardworkingawyer Bill Gates also had great grandfather who had been a prospector during the Gold Rush in Alaska It is known that Bill s mother Mary came from wealth since her grandfather James Maxwell was a banker in Nebraska They began to use their wealth to become civic Os pastôres da noite leaders to charities and social organizations When Bill started elementary school he was known as a geeky kid and was known for being socially awkward Bill s parents decided to put him into a private school where Paul Allen met Bill Gates The private school Lakeside School gave students access to a ASR 33 teletype which Bill and Paul began to use and program together In 1972 Bill was a senior in High School and Paul Allen was a sopho at Washington State University and regardless of what school they each went to they both managed to work on high end computers with each other Not tooong after Bill accepted Harvard s invitation On January 2 1975 Bill and Paul wrote a Recollections of an Australian suatter letter to MITS in which they claimed they had an available version of BASIC a microcomputer Ever since that day they claimed possession of Microsoft As Microsoft grew it began to hire the finest computer engineers and they did this by asking uestions such as how many people die in Seattle everyday on the job interview The author Marc Aronson did a wond. Pist When Gates was born in 1955 no one in the world owned a personal computer A window had a pane of glass A mouse was a rodent As a teenager Gates realized how computers were about to change the world and.