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Surprised by ParadoxOle of existence itself I confess I m not always comfortable with paradox I like my theology neatly defined I nderstand and accept the idea of paradox but it sometimes makes me nervousAccording to Jen Pollock Michel Author Of The New Book Michel author of the new book by Paradox paradox isn t the exception in life with God it s the rule From the way Jesus life Party Politics in America unfolds from the incarnation to his public ministry and then to his crucifixion resurrection and ascent everything is full of surprise Godpends our expectations along the way which seems to insist that we must approach theology with a great deal *of mystery michel is no enemy of theological *mystery Michel is no enemy of theological Her book is crisp with theological insight I m often taken when I read her by her grasp of good theology and her ability to express it clearly and beautifully But Michel also knows that Scripture doesn t resolve every apparent paradox It leaves room for mystery We live with tension and perplexity We must worship with humility wonder and trust Put off thy shoes understanding that there s a lot we don tnderstandSurprised by Paradox traces the paradox in Scripture contained within Four Biblical Themes Incarnation Kingdom biblical themes incarnation kingdom and lament Michel takes Range of Ghosts (Eternal Sky, us through the major events of Jesus life as she also reflects on the tensions and struggles in her own lifeMichel does a good job handling these themes but that s not the only reason to read this book It s also worth reading because it s written so well I decided a while ago that I would read every book that Michel writes This one reminded me how much I enjoy her writing Michel is artful There are sentences in this book for instance Pretense in prayer is a lot like kissing with your clothes on that made me put down the book and pray that I would one day be able to write half as well Ian story is also paradox Jesus invitess to abandon the polarities of either and or in order to embrace the difficult wondrous dissonance of and The incarnation―the paradox of God made human―teaches s to look for God in the and of body and spirit heaven and earth In the kingdom God often hides in plain sight and announces his triumph on the back of a donkey In the paradox of grace we receive life eternal by actively participating in death And lament with its clear eyed appraisal of suf. Jen once again produced an excellent text for much reflection in Surprised by Paradox I was expecting this book to be a pleasurable read I wish I could write like her What surprised me was just how riveting it was I couldn t put it down I m already looking forward Simple and profound writing a paradox in itself I ve loved Jen s writing ever since her first book and she s only getting better succinct practical Post modernists and millennials will warm to the concept of paradox Fundamentalists might "Be Disturbed By It Because It Allows "disturbed by it because it allows *truth beyond propositions To my strong tendencies to extremes and all or nothing *beyond propositions To my strong tendencies to extremes and all or nothing of living Jen offers a gentle invitation to consider another way of looking at life people and God It s freeing beautiful and true Wild extremes live on the bandwidth that comprises Christian faith At one end of the scale are those who believe scarcely a thing at all but even this is not as frightening to me as those on the end of the spectrum who have God all figured out With algebraic precision they are able to reduce God to his component parts Their certainty factors out mystery and puts nyielding parentheses around an orthodoxy with no room for Shattered Pillars (Eternal Sky, uestions and no surprisesIn Surprised by Paradox The Promise of And in an Either Or World Jen Pollock Michel asserts that biblical faith abides complexity rather than resists it 4 She wonders aloud about doubt and certainty humility and h Jonathan Edwards the great American theologian believed in paradox He believed that in God we see many traits that don t seem to belong together infinite greatness and infinite care infinite justice and infinite mercy and infinite majesty displaying itself as stunning meekness So did GK Chesterton who said An element of paradox runs through the wh. What if certainty isn't the goal In a world filled with ambiguity many ofs long for a belief system that provides straightforward answers to complex estions and clarity in the face of confusion We want faith to act like an orderly set of truth claims designed to solve the problems and pain that life throws at s With signature candor and depth Jen Pollock Michel helps readers imagine a Christian faith open to mystery While there are certainties in Christian faith at the heart of the Christ.

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S she canBut here s the main reason I *RECOMMEND READING THIS BOOK BECAUSE THE OLDER YOU GET *reading this book because the older you get you WILL RECOGNIZE THE REALITY OF PARADOX recognize the reality of paradox book began in a counselor s office she starts and that s enough to get me interested Michel does not write in the abstract She writes as someone who has suffered someone who has estions and as someone who can relate to you and to meI think you ve probably guessed by now I loved this book As soon as we think we and to meI think you ve probably guessed by now I loved this book As soon as we think we God figured out we will have ceased to worship him as he is she writes Well I want to worship God as he is and to nderstand life as it is and that means living with paradox This book helps Read it enjoy it and allow it to help you embrace both the certainties and paradoxes of Scripture and life For non fiction Christian books I often turn to the endnotes to determine whether or not I will read the book Anyone who The Last of the High Kings (New Policeman, uotes Fleming Rutledge and Ta Nehisi Coates in the same chapter will get moved to the top of my to read list and I was not disappointed with Jen Pollock Michel s new book Divided into four sections Incarnation Kingdom Grace Lament that come with reflectionestions this book led with The Gi War Against Japan uestions than answers It was refreshing to consider the great mysteries of the faith and be invited into the wondering as she writes Mystery is inherent to the nature of the gospel whose wisdom confounds than assists The section on lament resonated with me most deeply and I would appreciate an entire book on lament hope and suffering from the author There are no easy pat answers given only the opportunity to see that lament leadss back to God Lament isn t the road back to normal It s the road back to faith Thanks to NetGalley for the Advanced Readers Copy in exchange for my review All opinions are my ow. Fering alongside its commitment to finding audience with God is a paradoxical practice of faith Each of these themes give Things Mother Used to Make us certainty about God while also leadings into greater curiosity about his nature and activity in the world As Michel writes As soon as we think we have God figured out we will have ceased to worship him as he is With personal stories and reflection on Scripture literature and culture Michel takes s deeper into mystery and into worship of the One who is Mystery and Lov. .