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Family drama I loved how the autho My personal star rating system1 star Could not finish the book2 star Had to force myself to finish the book did not care for the book and will not be seeking out this author in The Future3 Star Liked The Book But Will Not Necessarily future3 star Liked the book but will not necessarily seeking out this author in the future4 star Really liked the book and would read of this author but will not be re reading this particular book again5 star Loved it so much that I will re read this book in the future and the author is going onto my list for pre orders of their future titlesMy rating 45 starsI will be honest I didn t know if I was going to be able to finish this book The story is told from The Eyes Of A 7 Year Old eyes of a 7 year old and a lot of times I don t particularly care for children s points of view HOWEVER I kept pluggin through and MAN What a great story I probably would have given it 375 stars but by the ending I was sobbing Real tearsexuisite bookI would say that if you like Emma Donaghue s Room you are going to love this one This was my first Michelle Sacks book and I loved everything about it The narrator is a 7 year old girl named Dolly Rust who is taken by her father on a long and confusing adventure one day As her father s mood swings from one extreme to another Dolly grapples with accepting the reality of the situation that she s in and Re of a lifetime Dolly is thrilledThe first days on the road are incredibly exciting Every pit stop promises a new delight for Dolly and her favourite plastic horse Clemesta who she's brought along for the adventure There are milkshakes shopping sprees a theme park and all the unk food she isn't allowed to eat under her mother's watchful eye And for the first time she has her father's attention all to herself But as they travel farther south into a country Dolly no longer recognizes he.

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253 This book was an interesting somewhat difficult read SINCE IT S TOLD THROUGH THE POINT OF THROUGH THE POINT OF it s told through the point of view a 7 year old girl At the same time this gives a uniue perspective experience but the CAPS LOCK is distracting Even tho at some point I struggled to deal with the structure I ust had to finish to see how this poor Dolly worked her young brain through this situation A really sad ending too All The Lost Things begins with the best day ever for Dolly when her dad takes her on a mystery All The Lost Things begins with the best day ever for Dolly when her dad takes her on a mystery trip Dolly has her best friend and twin soul sister along with her a plastic horse named Clemesta While Dolly and her father spend the days driving and nights at different hotels Clemesta begins to get concerned and urges Dolly to remember something It becomes harder for Dolly to believe they are a fun road trip when she is asked not to tell anyone her name and the angry bear inside her father starts to come out This is a heartbreaking story There are ominous dark hints throughout but you won t know ust how sad it is until the endI was initially surprised that the story is told in the voice of a seven year old girl but I found that I got used to it and really enjoyed it This won t be for everyone but it helped me to connect with her character and for the most part it came off as realistic Though this has thriller elements it is an emotional. From a master of slow burn suspense Shelf Awareness a simmering family drama about a father and daughter who embark on a road trip through the American South but what they're leaving behind is as important as what lies ahead When we first meet seven year old Dolly she immediately grabs us with a voice that is both precocious and effervescent It has been a while since her dad has spent time with her ust the two of them and so when he scoops her up and promises to take her on the adventu. All the Lost Things
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Ll of the unpleasant feelings that accompany it The style of this is reminiscent of Ginny Moon in that the unreliable narrator in the form of a child is taken to a whole new level Sacks executes this feat flawlessly as Dolly describes what s going on in her head by her conversations with her toy horse Clemesta This has exceptional character development ust the right amount of suspense and a her toy horse Clemesta This has exceptional character development ust the right amount of suspense and a ending 5 well deserved stars Many thanks to Netgalley Little Brown and Company and Michelle Sacks for my complimentary e copy ARC in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own A Goodreads giveaway winner What a fantastic book Seven year old Dolly is taken on a road trip by her dad to have an adventure After a few days of driving all day gas station unk food and uestionable motels Dolly isn t sure this is a good adventure She relies on Clemesta her toy horse for conversation and checking her thoughts Dolly is sure they are going the wrong way after a day at Dollywood where she mentions her name and the staff gets excitedThis is a must read for this year Sacks does a phenomenal ob of getting into the mind of a seven year old and translating what she sees there to paper This author is into the mind of a seven year old and translating what she sees there to paper This author is to Go Places A Story places A story this stays with you long after you ve turned the last page the sign of a very thought provoking stor. R dad's behavior grows increasingly erratic He becomes paranoid and irresponsible even a little scary The adventure isn't fun any but home is ever further away And Dolly isn't sure if she'll ever get backA compulsively readable work of psychological suspense from the first mile to the last All the Lost Things introduces a remarkable young heroine who leaps off the page charts a life changing ourney and ultimately reveals the sometimes heartbreaking intersections of love truth and memor.

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