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Ugly FishLoved the ictures good moral entertaining story The Kids Laughed A Times And kids laughed a few times and the anticipation of discovering what lesson Ugly Fish was going to learn enjoyed that this was a book aimed at bullies instead of a book aimed at those who are bullied Bullying reuires a victim and an aggressor and it s a roblem that needs to be addressed from both angles This book takes a look at the aggressive side of the euation in a way that is engaging robably subtle for many kids and in a way that opens the door for adults to discuss this issue with kids in a natural conversation I thought this was a well done entertaining book And I loved the way Ugly Fish the fish was drawn He was so ugly he was cute Great illustrations and a cautionary tale everyone sometimes needs to be reminded of regardless of their age If you act like a jerk someone is going to settle your hash sooner or later Now rest assured Ms Lareau does not use. Ugly Fish is ugly and big and mean and he won't share his driftwood tunnel or his special briny flakes with anyone And that means the wimpy little fish who keep. .

Language like jerk anywhere in this book Instead it is about retty but greedy fish is about a retty but greedy fish did not want to share home despite repeated attempts to Dangerously Placed provide him with friends When he finally comes around to the idea that it might be nice to have some company his next friend isn t much interested in him Sheresents the tale in a way that both surprises and horrifies through in many repeated Just Destiny presentations at story time kids love this story and understand it they aren t scared or horrified Parents and other adults sometimes react in surprise and horror because the outcome is not saccharine as This is a humorous book about bullying and karma interesting uote Ugly Fish chased Teensy Fish around the tank And then he ate himp 9 10 unpaged Six and four year old love this one though to be honest I think the fact that they own a fish tank made them the think the moral of the story was Of COURSE you don t ut fish with big mouths. Showing up in his tank have got to go But then one day someone bigger and uglier and maybe even meaner arrives and suddenly Ugly Fish isn't feeling uite so con. ,
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Into the same tank as littler fish rather than an "anti bullyingyou get what s coming to you message that was obviously intended great illustrations and a fun read aloud "bullyingyou get what s coming to you message that was obviously intended great illustrations and a fun read aloud make different voices for each fish The eponymous Ugly Fish enjoys having his tank to himself in this darkly amusing icture book from author Kara LaReau and illustrator Scott Magoon Each new fish that is added to the tank is eaten by our ugly iscine hero until loneliness rompts him to try a new tack Unfortunately for him the new addition to the tank Shiny Fish Is Just Like Him Only just like him only ending of Ugly Fish is sure to raise some eyebrows amongst those who expect icture book fare to be sweet and LIGHT WITH EDIFYING MORALS FOR THOSE with edifying morals For those enjoy Jon Klassen style tales with a dark ointed sense of humor however it will robably be just the ticket Parents and librarians be warned the ending here view spoilerUgly Fish is eaten by Shiny Fish hide spoile. Fident any From Kara LaReau author of the Rocko and Spanky series here is an irreverent and terrifically funny book about a bully who at last gets his comeuppan. ,

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