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Oments between them are certainly the most interesting part of this story and I almost wish the entire play was just these two in conversation Also ue to the limitations of the play format as opposed to film I like how much simpler this play Is Than The Film The than the film The goes into flashbacks that I only felt took me out of the film and muddled the basic idea too much But here all that flashback material is told through conversation and I find the story to be stronger because of itAgain it s hard to see this as anything than a rough 120 Content Strategies for English Language Learners draft for the film though I believe McCarten must have started the screenplay before this play even premiered and McCarten even wrote a su. Congregate in the Sistine Chapel to pick his successor Their unlikely choice Francis the first non European pope in 1200 years a one time tango club bouncer a passionate soccer fan a man with the common touchWhyid Benedict walk away at the height of power knowing his successor might be someone whose views might undo his legacy How id Francis who used to ride the bus to work back in his native Buenos Aires adjust to life as leader to a billion followers If as the Church teaches the pope is infallible how can two living popes who isagree on almost ev. If as the Church teaches the pope is infallible how can two living popes who isagree on almost ev. Anthony McCarten s play The Pope which is the basis for the film The Two Popes feels very much like a rough raft for his eventual screenplay While the film and McCarten s screenplay would ultimately make this story about Pope Benedict and Pope Francis it s strange to me how much McCarten s play introduces all sorts of superfluous characters most OF WHOM ARE ALMOST NON EXISTENT IN THE ORIGINAL whom are almost non existent in the original I think after writing the play McCarten must ve realized that he could make this story simpler when it s almost entirely about those two popesI Academic Skills do admire the simplicity of this play though only two acts the latter of which focuses on just these two popes talking These From the Academy Award nominated screenwriter of The Theory of Everything and Darkest Hour comes the fascinating and revealing tale of an unprecedented transfer of power and of two veryifferent men who both happen to live in the Vatican SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE STARRING ANTHONY HOPKINS AND JONATHAN PRYCE In February 2013 the arch conservative Pope Benedict XVI made a startling announcement he would resign making him the first pope to willingly vacate his office in over 700 years Reeling from the news the College of Cardinals rushed to Rome to.

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Pplemental book further explaining the history of these two popes The Pope ends
up feeling like 
feeling like solid idea that will be fleshed out in a stronger way through further iterations 45Vatican in the news and me reading this book Such a cool coincidence Author Anthony McCarten is listed as a novelist and while this book looks like a historical account I have found a number of inconsistencies that I am not Catholic but I was swept up in the story of these two popes McCarten Does A Wonderful does a wonderful telling intermingling their histories as well as the history of the church He respe Not everyone s choice I feel but I had a personal interest and found it a worthwhile read. Erything both be right Having immersed himself in these men's lives to write the screenplay for the upcoming motion picture The Pope Anthony McCarten masterfully weaves their stories into one gripping narrative From Benedict and Francis's formative experiences in war torn Germany and Argentina to the sexual abuse scandal that continues to rock the Church to its foundations to the intrigue and the occasional comedy of life in the Vatican The Pope glitters with the Before the Door Closes darker and the lighteretails of one Of The World's Most the world's most but significant institution. ,
The Pope Francis Benedict and the Decision That Shook the World

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